Forest River RV Power Converter Location (Fleetwood and More)

It is a treasure hunt. RV makers like to hide different components, and the same brand may not have the converter in the same location. The actual location can vary depending on how the company wires the RV and what the floor plan lets them do.

In one case, the converter may be next to the fuse panel in the same compartment or very near that compartment. Another location is behind the power center, making it difficult to access. These two locations involve two Rockwood RVs.

To learn more about the many locations of your power converter, just continue to read our article. It explores this topic to make sure you have a good idea of where your power converter is located. The problem is we cannot guarantee it will always be in these locations.

Where is The Converter in My RV?


Your guess is as good as anyone’s. The converter’s location will depend on the make, model, year, and floor plan of your RV or trailer. In other words, it may or may not be in the same place twice.

The most common location, though, would be near the control panel that houses your breakers and fuses. If it is not inside that compartment, it may be close by in another compartment.

However, RV makers can get clever and innovative and find all sorts of unique and odd locations to place the power converter. The only consistent aspect of the converter’s location is that it could be anywhere inside your RV.

One of the most suggested places for you to look is your owner’s manual. If it has locations of different devices in it, then you should be able to find your converter reading that booklet.

Travel Trailer Converter Location

Besides using the manual to find your power converter, there are other places you can look. The control center will be one of those places to try first. If it is not there, look in the compartments next to the control center.

But those are the obvious locations. There are some very odd places you should look. If you do not see the converter in those compartments, then look for a vent in a door.

The RV maker usually places a fan or a vent next to the converter to make sure that it stays nice and cool. Failing that, look near your battery or batteries. There may be a compartment next to those devices which houses your converter. But we are not done yet, as you can look at your shore power connection.

The converter can be placed very near where the shore power connection enters your RV or trailer. If it is not there or nearby, then the following odd locations may hold the converter:

- underneath the dinette seats

- under the kitchen counter

- Under The Bathroom Sink

- Under the 12V fridge

- Beneath the bed or couch

- Near a vent or fan

- In the Pantry cupboard

- On a lamp table

- Or you may need to take the drawers out and look underneath

Those are just the places you can start looking. It may be under the lamp table also.

Where is The Converter on My 5th Wheel?


Everything we said for the above locations will apply here. For the 2022 Keystone Cougar High Country 5th wheel model, the converter is placed under the stove behind a black power panel.

The easiest way to reach this location is for you to remove the stove. This requires a helping hand to make sure you do not drop the stove and damage it. Different brands and models may not be that easy to find or hard to access. They may be worse.

One of the things you can do to avoid this problem is when your RV or trailer does not come with a converter, you can buy your own. Then you can put it anywhere you want. Hopefully, you will select an easy access and very convenient location.

Forest River RV Power Converter Location

The list we gave above came from Forest River information. If you do not find it near the fuse or breaker box or even the command center, then be prepared to go on a treasure hunt.

The odd locations the RV maker has to use are many, and they can put the converter just about anywhere that is convenient for them but not for you. If you still cannot find the converter with the above information, then there is one more thing you can do.

Turn off all electrical devices and listen. The converter will make some noise, and all you have to do is follow the sound to its location. You may hear the cooling fan, which makes enough noise for you to track.

Or you may hear the battery charging sound the converter makes while doing that duty. Either way, this is a good way to find your converter.

Where is The Converter on a Keystone RV?


We will not guarantee that the following specific locations will work for your trailer, but they are a good place to start your search. The most common location will be behind the rear basement wall.

If it is not there, then try looking around the breaker panel. This is a good location when the converter is a stand-alone model. You will need to remove the breaker box cover and box to find it.

One owner had a 08 Raptor 38 ft. toy hauler with 50 amp service, and he could not find his converter no matter where he looked. After hearing the above locations, he found it by pulling the breaker panel out and following the power cord to the converter.

This device was hanging above the panel in a well-hidden spot. Following the power cord will be a nice trick to apply when you can’t find your converter.

Heartland Big Horn Power Converter Location

If you have a 2011 Heartland Bighorn 3670rl fifth wheel, then look in the WFCO compartment for your converter. This model may or may not have this compartment.

We checked the manual for all Heartland 5th wheels, travel trailers, and toy haulers and found that only one small paragraph out of 92 pages is dedicated to the converter. That paragraph did not mention its location.

In general, and for all Heartland models, the converter is supposed to be in the basement of the trailer. The specific location in some trailers will be- back behind the basement wall, near the backside of the stairs that led up to the bedroom. It happened to be near the backside of the fuse panel.

You can always talk to a Heartland dealer or mechanic to get to other locations. This example was for a 2011 GS-32RE 5th-wheel Greystone

Fleetwood Prowler Power Converter Location


The location will depend on the type of contents in your power center. For the 2004 Prowler, if you have 120-volt breakers and 12-volt fuses in the same panel, then the converter is supposed to be in the same compartment.

But if the power center only has 120-volt breakers in it, then the converter can be just about anywhere. Some locations include- under the dinette seat, under a washer/dryer, tucked behind covers in a closet, etc.

If you cannot find the converter in those locations, trace the cables from your battery back to the converter. There will be wires connecting the two for the converter to charge the battery.

Finally, look for your WFCO panel if your RV has one. It should be behind there if it is found nowhere else.

Gulfstream RV Power Converter Location

What will throw a wrench into your search is the fact that some RVs have an inverter that has an integrated battery charger installed. If your Gulfstream has this device, you won’t have a converter.

If it doesn’t have this inverter model, then you can trace the cables from the battery or look for a power cord that may lead to your converter. Also, check the manual to see if it mentions the converter’s location.

If it is not inside a power center or command center compartment, it may be well hidden, and the cables and cords will be your only chance to find it. Many lost hours have been spent hunting for this elusive advice.

When in doubt, go to the RV discussion forum for your brand of RV and ask the members there. There will be different threads already providing the above information.

Some Additional Words

Due to a lack of space and design restrictions, RV makers may not be able to place the converter in the most practical or sensible spot. They may have to get creative and find whatever space is available to use for this device.

What that means is that you may spend hours on a fruitless treasure hunt. Many owners have done this already, so don’t feel like you are the only one or feel embarrassed that you can’t find it.

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