RV Fuse Box Location: Jayco, Keystone, Forest River, Keystone

It is all a game. At least some RV owners think so as they have to continually play hide and seek. Because of the lack of space RV makers have to be creative and not every component that goes into an RV can be displayed out in the open. This is a fact of RV life.

The fuse box location will be in different places. Even in all the models made by the same company. The floor plans will have some say in where the company places its fuse box. Sometimes owners just can’t find it no matter how hard they look.

To find out more on this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you have an easier time locating your fuse box when you need to access it. This component will not always be easy to find.

Where is The RV Fuse Box Usually Located?


There seems to be a variety of places where RV makers can place a fuse box. One owner found his under the rear bunk near his entry door. That would fit with one of the general locations RV makers use.

The first place to look will be low to the floor. However, exactly where in the RV is another matter. It could be placed anywhere but low to the floor. Another place RV makers can use is any one of the electrical storage compartments.

Then for self-drive RVs, the fuse box may be inside the dashboard or in a black box in the engine compartment. Other places to look will be in a cabinet, under the bathroom sink, or at the end of your bed.

It may take thinking like the RV maker to find the best spots they could hide the fuse box.

Jayco Fuse Box Location


As we stated earlier, even if made by the same company, different models have different locations for their fuse boxes. One model had it placed under their master bed.

Others have reported it being under a bunk, beneath the bathroom sink, and on it goes. One owner stated that you have to look for the most inconvenient spot possible to find it.

The fuse box should be made of plastic and comes in brown. Just push the button and the door should open up. Finding your fuse box may be only part of your problem.

Sometimes Jayco does not fill in the fuse sheet next to the fuses so you have to guess which one is which.

Fleetwood Motorhome Fuse Box Location


This brand of RV seems to have several fuse box locations. Not all fuses are in each box and even if you check them all, you may find that you can’t account for all the fuses in the RV These fuse boxes are for different systems.

Here is a list of possible locations for the Discovery model:

- Under the driver's side right footwell.

- Under the driver's bay door outside.

- In the bath and half next to the Electrical breakers.

- In the electrical hookup bay. Also, the bundle of wires in this bay had fuses in them.

- In the battery box on the driver's side; the last bay door.

We cannot speak for every Fleetwood model and you may have to use the wiring diagram in the manual to find them all.

Keystone RV Fuse Panel Location


For the 2007 Keystone Outback, you may have to look in your kitchen. The fuse box is supposed to be low to the floor. You should be looking for a dark brown, plastic box that is about 18 inches in size.

Or you can look in the 12-volt distribution panel to find the fuses. If the fuse is bad, you will have to replace it. Just like you would with any other fuse. Again, you may need your manual to help you find it.

It is not sure if Keystone is like Fleetwood and places several fuse boxes throughout its RVs and trailers. Check the wiring diagram to see if there is more than one or contact your dealer for help.

Forest River RV Fuse Box Location


For the 2016 Sunseeker, you should look at the end of your bed just above the floor. It may be a gray-colored box and you need to push the latch to open it. Or if you are driving the 2007 Georgetown it should be on the firewall in the engine compartment.

That may just be one fuse box as it does not seem to contain very many fuses in it and they are all large. The best thing to do is to do a lot of seeking and look for gray or brown boxes that are roughly 10+ inches in size.

For some electrical problems, the source may be an inline fuse underneath the trailer and not in the fuse box. That is the way it was for the XLR Nitro 31 FQSL model.

Winnebago Fuse Box Location


For the 2002 Brave, it is under the dash near the driver's side of the RV or it may be under the flip dash. There will be at least two fuse boxes if you own a self-drive Winnebago. One for the engine and one for the coach.

The one for the engine will be close to or inside the engine compartment and the one for the coach may be anywhere.

Some Final Words

We can only be generic in the locations as RV makers make a variety of models and the fuse box location will not be the same for all models. You have to do a little searching or ask a question on your brand’s RV discussion forum for your specific model.

An owner with your exact model can help you with this question. There are just too many models to place in all locations here. Before you ask though, start with the locations we have listed above so you can rule them out when you do ask a fellow owner.

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