Electrical Forest River RV Wiring Diagrams (Schematics)

If you expect the RV industry to be like every other industry, then you may be fooling yourself. The RV industry is more like the old wild west where every town, city, and county did its own thing. It is a strange world to be involved with.

When it comes to electrical schematics and other diagrams, a Forest River representative said all those drawings are kept at the engineering level and not released to the public. This is done for liability purposes which is an understandable position for the company to take.

To learn more about this issue, just continue to read our article. It will be filled with the best information possible concerning this topic. If the above is correct, we may not be able to furnish everything you need.

Electrical Forest River RV Wiring Diagrams

Everything that we provide in this and the following sections will be the best information we could find. Do not assume that because it is labeled that it belongs to a Forest River RV

The other problem is that we cannot possibly provide all the wiring diagrams for all Forest River-related RVs. The word is that every model is wired a bit differently and that Forest River does not release its wiring or plumbing diagrams.

You may have to contact Forest River directly to get the information you need. One owner did that but their attempt was not successful. What we can do is direct you to the information on this website and let you search its content to see if the information you need is there.

The wiring diagram below is a generic one that is labeled to be for a Forest River RV. We do not guarantee that every diagram is for a Forest River product due to the nature of people and how they run their websites. You can see it and other information at this link.


Forest River Travel Trailer Wiring Diagram

We know that ‘wiring diagrams’ are placed under the image section of the search engine results page but with Forest River there is no guarantee that those are actual Forest River wiring diagrams.

We checked a Forest River discussion forum and in 2015 the word was that there are no wiring diagrams released for this RV brand. We mention this because the answer is the same in 2020 and 2021 discussion forum threads.

We hope this diagram works for you but we make no warranties it will help everyone:


Forest River Salem Wiring Diagram

We will quote someone from a Forest River discussion forum and it provides information for this dilemma:

I've been told that there is no "official" wiring diagram to these trailers. Each installer has their own ideas about where the wiring for their particular component should run. You will likely have to trace the wiring hand over hand to find what you are looking for.” (2018)

In the first link above, there is a section called component electrical or something similar. That would provide support for that statement. Here is the best we can offer:


Forest River Wildwood Wiring Diagram

Here is another problem. If the model of RV has been around for several years , then one wiring diagram will not cover all models for all model years. If the electrician has a lot of freedom to place the wires, then even in the same model year no two models may have the same wiring scheme.

This is the best we can do for this Forest River model:


Cargo Trailer Wiring Diagram

The same first link above will also take you to the cargo trailer manuals produced by Forest River. You just have to scroll down a little ways to get to them. There are 6 brands to choose from to find the wiring diagram or at least the owner’s manual for those brands.

In the 2 models of the one brand we investigated, their electrical sections only discussed the 4-way plug. For the Cargo Mate brand, this was the best we could do:


Forest River Fifth Wheel Wiring Diagram

Even in 2009 the story was the same- “Yep....I've talked with the reps at Forest River. There is no such thing as a wiring diagram (or any other diagram for that matter) on these things. Every unit is made differently, even units built right beside each other from what I was told.” (2009)

The best we could do given the circumstances. This is for a Rockwood 5th wheel trailer:


Forest River Wildcat Wiring Diagram

Given the information above, this is the best we could do. There are diagrams or images labeled as Wildwood but those only include the floor plan not the wiring diagrams:


Forest River Sunseeker Wiring Diagram

This diagram is labeled for Sunseeker so hopefully it is correct. Again we make no warranties as to the legitimacy of the labels or the diagrams. These are the best diagrams we were able to find:


The word is, if you read the different discussion forums, that you should be making your own wiring diagram. As the one owner stated, no two models of RVs have the same wiring.

That means that even Forest River will not have any wiring diagrams to send to you even if you ask nicely. The best thing to do is start at either the outlets and work backward or start from your breaker box and work forward.

But ask an electrician first before you get started on this project. Or hire him to do the job for you.

Some Additional Words

Actually, we cannot add too much more to what has already been said. Forest River does things its own way and that helps contribute to the wild west idea associated with the RV industry.

When you buy an RV, you are getting a unique model as its components are wired differently almost every time. Maybe that is why Forest River gets so many complaints made against it.

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