Jayco Power Converter Not Working (Location, Wiring, Replace)

The power converter has a simple task. All it does is take your 110-volt power and change it into 12-volt power so you can run lights, etc. It is not a hard job to do but when something goes wrong, you can lose your power, lights, and more.

One source for not getting any power would be that your converter is going bad. You may see flickering lights, the fridge not running, or other signs. Check to make sure the device is not failing on you before searching for other problems.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the information you need to diagnose potential sources for having no power. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

Jayco Jay Flight Power Converter Not Working


There are many sources for this problem. One would be that you may have tinkered with the interior and wired a part in the wrong way. Many owners do not like to admit to that mistake but it does happen from time to time.

When it does, you either have to rewire the part or replace it with a new one. Then, there is the simple matter of the fuses and the breaker. Make sure they have not blown or tripped. The breaker is the easier fix as if it keeps on tripping, you know there is a short in the system somewhere.

The fuses are also easy to fix and you just remove the broken ones and replace them with new ones. Then make sure you have power coming to the converter and leaving it.

On the one side, your meter should read 110 AC volts approx., and on the other side, it should have an 11 to 13 DC volt reading. If you have no DC volt reading then you have a faulty converter.

Other parts that may go bad on you will be different internal components. But these can be riveted so that handymen cannot fix or toy with them. Next would be the converter fan. If it breaks down, then your converter will overheat and fail to work.

Finally, the temperature and load sensors can go bad on you. Check them out and if they have, they will need to be replaced.

Jayco Converter Location


It is always a game of hide and seek with RV makers. They hide the parts and you have to spend time looking for them. Many people may not realize that they even have a converter as it is very well hidden.

In most cases, you will find the converter under a seat or hidden in a cabinet. But that will depend on the model of your Rv or trailer. For example, one owner thought his was next to the power distribution center. His may have been but that is not for everyone.

Another owner found his on the other side of the back wall of the power center but to get to it, he had to go through the outside storage compartment next to the power center, then look behind a false plywood wall.

For older models, the converter was under the rear bunk on the back wall. You just never know where they will put that device. Make sure to check your owner’s manual to see if there is a parts diagram with all the locations of major parts on it.

Finding a Jayco Converter Replacement


There is a business in Mesa, Arizona called World Wide RV and they are an authorized Jayco parts dealer. They have factory direct parts. You can call them if you want but their landing page is a form you should fill out.

That form will help the company find the right part. You can submit a photo with your details if you want. Just click here to get to that website. Then Jayco has its own parts department and its landing page has the same set up as the World Wide RV outlet has.

You need to provide information before you get any help. Just click here to begin your search for a new converter. If you are in Texas, VOGT RV has Jayco parts they can sell you. Click here to get to their website.

Then if you want access to a Jayco parts catalog or other Jayco parts information just read our article Jayco Camper Parts List and Catalog. It has more information on similar topics.

A good internet search should provide you with parts and accessories outlets near your location.

Jayco Converter Wiring Diagram


Unfortunately, not all Jayco models will have the same wiring diagram. The one we are about to post is for a 2011 Jayco model. We have seen different wiring diagrams for different years.

The best thing to do is to look in your owner’s manual and see that diagram. It will match your specific Jayco model. If you don’t have an owner’s manual they are easy to find online or through your Jayco dealer.


Or you can go to the Jayco owner's forum and look up the different threads on wiring diagrams. Many owners post images of these diagrams to let their fellow owners get the same information they have access to.

Going to these forums and becoming a member can be very helpful. That is when our website has not addressed a topic yet. Make sure to search our website to get vital information for your RV or trailer.

Some Final Words

Converters have a simple task, They do it well. But when they fail or a part goes bad, finding the converter may not be such a simple task. After you find it, make sure to do some tests with a multi-meter first before buying a new converter.

The failed part may be easy and cheaper to fix than replacing the entire converter. Good luck with tracking your converter down, it may be anywhere in your RV or trailer.

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