Jeep Liberty Flat Tow: Can You Flat Tow a Jeep Liberty 4×4?

Many newbies often see RVers flat towing a Jeep vehicle. The newbies may not be up to speed on what vehicles can or can’t be flat towed. Making sure they have the right answer is one way to build the RV community

In our research, all Jeep Liberties can be flat towed. However, the manner in which they can be flat towed is not the same. Some need to be kept in park and transfer case in neutral, while other models may not have to do that at all.

To find out more on this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can safely flat-tow this vehicle. Take a few minutes to see what you need to do.

Can You Flat Tow a Jeep Liberty?


Yes, you can and there are two different methods to use depending on if you own a 2WD or a 4WD and if you have an automatic or manual transmission. For the 2WD you do need to disconnect or remove the driveshaft.

However, for the 4WD you just need to put the automatic transmission in park and the transfer case in neutral. As you know, the former is a lot of work both in disconnecting/removing and re-connecting or re-installing.

Flat towing is far cheaper and more convenient than using a dolly or a trailer to get your vehicle to your next destination.

Can I Flat Tow a 2012 Jeep Liberty?

Yes, it can and you will find the specific instructions in the owner’s manual if you still have it. But to save you the time, the instructions for this year of Liberty are the same as the instructions we just gave you.

One owner thought he knew better than the manual and put his Liberty in neutral instead of park. Cost him $6000+ to fix his transmission and transfer case. Follow the instructions given in the manual to protect yourself from expensive repairs.

For the 2WD there may be some parts you need to buy to help make flat towing easier for you.

Can You Flat Tow a 2005 Jeep Liberty?


Yes, and we briefly referred to the parts you may need to buy before you attempt this. Those parts are: a base plate kit, a tow bar, safety cables, a lighting solution, and a supplemental braking system.

If you are driving a 4WD option, the instructions are the same for this model as they are for all other Liberty models. Keep the regular transmission in park, and put the transfer case in Neutral.

Then if you are driving a manual, it has to be in a forward gear while the automatic has to be in park. Doesn’t matter which forward gear you use.

Can You Flat Tow a Jeep Liberty 4x4?

Unless specifically stated that you can’t in the manual, there should be no problem flat towing any 4 x 4 Liberty. Just make sure to follow the manual’s instructions exactly so you do not ruin your transmission or transfer case.

As reported earlier, those parts are very expensive to fix or replace. Then take into account the cost of those extra parts if you are driving an automatic 4 x 4. Those parts are needed but they can be expensive.

Check the manual for any additional information before you hook up and start traveling. The manual will know best in this case.

Can a 2008 Jeep Liberty 4x4 Be Flat Towed?


Yes, it can and the instructions are the same for this model year as it is for every model year. One word of caution though, sometimes manufacturers can throw owners a curve ball and make a change somewhere.

There are flat towing packages on sale to help you do this. They may be a bit expensive but buying the package is worth it and cheaper than making any car repairs.

Those packages include the following parts--

Base Plates

Tow Bar

Safety Cables

Tow Bar Wiring

Supplemental Braking System

Additional Components

These may be model-specific so double-check to see if they are compatible with your specific Liberty model.

What Year Model Jeep Liberty Can Be Flat Towed?

Just about all of them. But we must warn you that sometimes Jeep makes alterations to newer models. This means that you should get your owner’s manual out and look in the towing section for specific instructions.

Your more recent 2WD may not be flat towable. Some people have reported the transmission burns up if you have the 2 rear wheels on the ground. The best way to know the answer to this question is by reading that section in your manual.

Front-wheel drives may not be flat towed but you have to check your manual to make sure.

Towing a Jeep Liberty Behind an RV


This would be like towing a trailer. You need the right equipment, the right electrical hook-up to make sure the brakes and lights work on the Jeep as it is being towed, and so on.

While it is convenient and cheaper to flat tow, there are still things you must do to make this work. Part of that is getting the right equipment and hooking it up correctly.

Other than that, it is just like towing a trailer and you need to be careful when backing up. You may want to disconnect the vehicle before backing up to make that task safer and easier as well.

Some Final Words

This is one of those vehicles that seem to be able to be flat towed no matter the year it was made. But since automakers do make subtle changes from year to year, make sure to read the manual to be sure.

2WD is not the same as 4WD when it comes to towing. Don’t forget to buy the right equipment either.

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