2005 F250 Towing Capacity: How Much Can a 2005 F250 Tow

When you have a good thing, you make a lot of them. In 2005, Ford made about 20 different trim models to meet every driver’s needs. It is a lot of vehicles to keep track of and many have the same towing and weight capacity specs

The XL 4 x 2 regular cab 137-inch wheelbase can tow up to 9000 pounds. This truck has a curb weight of 5648 pounds and a GVWR of 8800 pounds. Its payload capacity is 3152 pounds.

To learn more about the different towing capacities of different F250 trims, just continue to read our article. It provides as many of the 20+ trims that are possible to place here.

How Much Can a 2005 F-250 6.0 Powerstroke Tow?


This engine is placed in a variety of trim models. This engine did have some issues that made it an underperforming motor except when it came to towing. Then this engine really stood out and held up its end of the bargain.

For the SRW model, you are looking at being able to tow 12,500 pounds using your bumper. The 5th wheel capacity was rated at 15,800 pounds. For the Dually options, the bumper pull was rated at 15,000 pounds and the 5th wheel capacity was rated at 19,200.

These figures are approximations as towing capacity does change from year to year and from model to model. Your specific towing capacity should be listed in your owner’s manual.

Some 2005 models may only get 12,000 and 15,000 pound towing capacities. Give or take a few hundred pounds. We have seen different unofficial figures during our research.

How Much Can a 2005 F250 Super Duty Tow?


This will depend on the wheelbase length and the trim model of this vehicle. One source states that the XL 4 x 2 super cab can only tow 8700 pounds. But another source stated that the 4wd option could tow up to 12,500 pounds.

Then there were different towing capacities for manual and automatic transmissions. The manual transmission options ranged between 8500 and 12,500 pounds while the automatics ranged between 9500 to 11,500 pounds.

These ratings were different depending on the type of engine under the hood. The 5.4 Liter V8 got the lowest ratings, while the 6.8 Liter V10 got the highest. Then the axle rating was fairly evenly divided with the 3.73 getting 8500, 9500 & 12,500-pound ratings and the 4.10 received a 10,500, 11,500, & 12,500 tow rating. The type of towing you can do will depend on these specs and if you have a tow package installed or not.

The 4WD drive options got 300 pounds less rating for the lower weights but remained the same at 12,500 with the 6.8 Liter V10 and the 6.0 Liter V8 TD motors.

2005 Ford F250 6.0 Towing Capacity Chart

Truck model Towing capacity GVWR Curb weight Payload weight
XLT 4 x 4 SD crew cab 8000 lbs. 9600 lbs. 6682 lbs. 2918 lbs.
Lariat 4 x 2 SD Crew cab 8500 lbs. 9400 lbs. 6210 lbs. 3190 lbs.
XLT 4 x 2 SD Crew Cab 8500 lbs. 9400 lbs. 6210 lbs. 3190 lbs.
XL 4 x 2 SD Regular Cab 9000 lbs. 8800 lbs. 5648 lbs. 3152 lbs.
XLT 4 x 2 SD Regular Cab 9000 lbs. 8800 lbs. 5648 lbs. 3152 lbs.
XLT 4 x 2 SD Super Cab 8700 lbs. 9000 lbs. 5841 lbs. 3159 lbs.
XLT 4 x 4 SD Super Cab 8200 lbs. 9200 lbs. 6299 lbs. 2901 lbs.

** Data is taken from this website https://towingcap.com/ford/f-250/2005/ and you can find more trims at that location with a lot more details.

Towing Capacity 2005 F250 Diesel


According to the Ford chart, which we will link to in a moment, it seems that the F250 and the F350 have the same tow ratings. This could be for the reason that they both have the same engine options.

For the 6.0 Liter V* diesel engine you are looking at being able to tow up to and between15,800 and 16,700 pounds. That rating is for the regular cab. For the Super Cab models, you are looking at towing up to and between 15,600 to 16, 300 pounds.

Finally, the Crew Cab design is a lot lighter as you can only tow up to and between 15,400 to 16,100 pounds. These figures come from the very detailed chart located on this website. The information is on page 17.

These may be ideal tow weights and you should talk to different owners to see what they can do in reality.

2005 Ford F250 GVWR


As you can see from the chart above, the GVWR rating is not too far apart. You have about an 800-pound difference between the trims mentioned in that chart. If you go to the link posted under the chart then you will find that almost all trim models fit within those parameters.

Ford does not seem to like variety as many of these truck models have the same towing and weight specs. When they calculate the GVWR Ford includes the following items-- engine, chassis, fluids, passengers, cargo, load, and more.

Keep in mind that when you tow a 5th wheel, the most important weight limit will be the payload one. It is not a high figure so you have to be careful of the kingpin weight of the 5th wheel you want to tow.

Some Final Words

Towing with a 2005 F250 is not going to be too difficult. As long as you remain under the weight limits you should be fine. You should also be able to tow any trailer you want as long as it meets those restrictions.

Make sure you buy a model with the tow package already installed. That move will save you money and help you tow heavier loads. Check all weight limits out so you are safe.

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