2010-2014 Mazda 5 Towing Capacity (Helpful Guide and Tips)

SUVs are not minivans. That is why you will not see any ratings or content related to the CX-5. Many people may confuse the two, but they are different vehicles with different tow ratings. The towing capacity may be as consistent as the Toyota Sienna.

The figure that some dealers give is that this vehicle can tow up to 2000 pounds. However, there have been some observations stating that you cannot get a hitch to go below the rear bumper.

To find out more about the towing capacity of the Mazda 5, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know if you do not want to rent a vehicle to tow your trailers.

Can a Mazda 5 Tow?

We have checked several sources and the information at each one is confusing. The META descriptions say the car can tow up to 2000 pounds, yet when you go to the website, any towing information is missing.

All they give is the curb weight. One source said that you cannot tow with the Mazda 5, which explains why the towing capacity is missing from owner’s manuals, etc. We have looked at different specs, and none provide the towing capacity at all.

They have a category called weight and towing, and the only information listed is the almost 3500-pound curb weight.

How Much Can a Mazda 5 Tow?


If the dealers are correct, you should only be able to pull about 2000 pounds. But that is not written in stone as other dealers or pieces of information make the claim you can pull up to 3000 pounds.

The Mazda website was of no help either, and if you can actually put a hitch on the rear of your car, do not go beyond the 2000 pound mark. It is better to be safe than sorry. We did read one manual that said do not tow with your Mazda 5, but that was for earlier years than the boundaries placed on this article.

2007 Mazda 5 Towing Capacity

This subject is full of confusing information as the owner’s manual for one model for this year says not to tow with the vehicle. Another website is selling a hitch for the 2007 model and claims it will haul up to 2000 pounds.

However, if you look at the manuals and specs for Mazda 5 cars exported to the UK, the maximum amount of weight you can tow is just over 1200 pounds. That is without trailer brakes. With trailer brakes, the weight total goes up significantly.

The difference in weight goes from 1300 pounds to over 3000. So it is possible to tow with a Mazda 5. The question is how much weight, and possibly you will not find any guidance with information targeting the US.

2009 Mazda 5 Towing Capacity


The story is the same with this model. There is no real information on towing capacities for US-bound Mazdas. The authoritative websites all say the same thing-- curb weight only and no mention of towing weight.

The best we could come up with is that the 2009 Mazda 5 is not rated for towing. Even though companies offer trailer hitches that can handle 2000 pounds for this model year, you may be taking a risk.

We suggest that you talk to a qualified Mazda mechanic to get the best information on this issue.

Mazda 5 Towing Capacity 2010

In checking with car and driver’s website, the 2010 is not rated for towing either. The website simply listed a bunch of N/A next to each towing category. Again, this may just be for the American models.

We checked another site, and there was no listing of towing capacity either, just the curb weight. Keep in mind the minivan was not designed for towing. It was designed to carry up to 6 people very comfortably, so this is not a surprise.

If you want to go on a nice vacation towing a trailer, then you will have to trade cars with friends or family or rent one that is designed for towing.

2012 Mazda 5 Towing Capacity


The same story applies to this model as well. There is no rating for the 2012 Mazda 5. We checked different vehicle models to make sure—nothing but N/As next to each towing category.

Yet, this lack of rating does not stop different companies from offering trailer hitches for the Mazda 5. It will be up to your judgment if you tow with this model or not. The key would be to watch the trailer's weight and make sure you are not too heavy if you try.

2014 Mazda 5 Towing Capacity

The car or minivan looks really good on the road, but the story is the same. There is no tow rating for this model year either. The same options apply here as they do for the other model years we have already talked about.

You may get some different information, so it will be up to your judgment if you tow or not. In this and all models of the Mazda 5 series, you may get great gas mileage but no towing capability.

What Can a Mazda 5 Tow?


The best we can say is that it depends. You may be able to tow light trailers and cargo like a small fishing boat, but beyond that, it is not a good idea. With no tow rating to guide you, it would be like playing Russian Roulette with your car.

Then it also depends on the country you are in as the UK models seem to have a tow rating to guide you and you can tow up to 3500 pounds approx. If you have the right equipment and model.

One European test website gave it only 3 stars and called it an okay towing car with severe towing limitations.

Can a Mazda 5 Tow a Pop-Up Camper?

We are not going to recommend you do this or guarantee that you will have no problems. From our research, there is a possibility that you may be able to tow a pop-up trailer. However, it should be a small and light one if you try.

There are companies selling tow hitches for these vehicles, but they only reach about 2000 pounds, and even then, you may be pressing your luck. Even the cars sent to the UK have a limit of 1200 pounds approx. when the trailer has no brakes.

The only thing we can suggest is that you talk to your trusted auto mechanic and see what they say. Sometimes cars with no ratings can still tow, but the weight has to be really low.

Mazda 5 Trailer Hitch


When you decide to tow with your Mazda 5 that there are many different companies that sell trailer hitches for this model. One of the websites warned its customers that the hitches they have available are designed for specific Mazda 5 models. The one for the Sport may not fit the Touring model and so on.

There is even one with a basket attached to it for extra equipment. The ratings we saw were for 2000 pounds only. The key is not to confuse the Mazda 5 with the Mazda CX-5. The trailer hitches for the latter vehicle should not fit on the former vehicle.

Do some comparison shopping to see if you can lower the price, but so far, we have not seen any hitches that will tow above 2000 pounds. Again, we will not guarantee any results when you tow with this vehicle.

Mazda 5 Front Tow Hook

Mazda states that the front tow eyelet hitch should be used only in an emergency and that there should be no sideways towing or pressure placed on the eyelet. But you may have trouble finding one in a quick search.

There are stores out there that carry these devices, but they do not always mention they have them for the Mazda 5. We have seen them for the CX-5, The MX-5, and the Mazda 3.

You may have to contact your local parts store to see what they have on hand. Or check eBay or your local classifieds to see what can be found. Mazda parts may have them as well. You can contact the company directly and see what they can offer you.

Some Final Words

While it is convenient to hook up your trailer to your good-looking Mazda 5, it may not be the most prudent decision you can make. They are not rated for towing, making towing more difficult than it should be.

Do not take the UK capabilities as a sign you can tow with your American car. Things are different between the two countries.

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