Bumper Pull To Gooseneck Conversion (How To Convert Guide)

Some people who own travel trailers often give thought to convert their trailer to a gooseneck style for better control, etc. They also have considered putting their travel trailer, sans wheels, on an already built gooseneck trailer.

It is more than a thought as there is a company that specializes in making this type of conversion. One of the keys to this work is to add a gooseneck hitch to the bed of your truck. That can add to the cost significantly.

To learn more about this topic just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this is a viable project for you. The conversion does provide more stability when towing.

Can You Convert The Bumper Pull To a Gooseneck?


Some experts do not think it is possible because of all the fabrication work involved. That may be why there are not that many websites explaining how this conversion can be done.

The hardest part will be the welding. There was a special on Spike TV and the continuing message throughout the program was that the project was not for novice welders. Everything had to be done exactly to spec or you would have trouble.

That is going to be the toughest portion as you have to get all the metal just right for the trailer to pull straight, as well as support the weight of the trailer. Before you take this project on, you need to be ready to sacrifice the bed of your truck.

Are you ready to lose that cargo area? Adding a gooseneck hitch is a big step and adds a lot of weight to your truck’s bed. Will your truck’s suspension be strong enough to handle all the weight? Plus, do you have the payload room to do this conversion?

These are the questions you need to answer before you start buying materials.

Cost To Convert Bumper Pull To Gooseneck


The cost will depend on the type of trailer you want to convert. If it is a travel trailer, then you are looking at some big bucks labor wise. It takes a while to weld everything into place and make sure everything is lined up correctly.

The materials may cost you between $500 and $1500 depending on where you buy them or if you get some from a friend or motivated seller. Then the new hitch is going to set you back between another $500 to $1500 approx.

It can be a big project and a complicated one if you want to convert a travel trailer. It has been done but the money was there to do it. If you are talking about converting a utility trailer, then the average cost ranges between $400 and $1000 approx.

There is no fixed cost as each trailer is going to be different and have different expenses and needs. The size and weight of the trailer will play a role in some of your costs as well.

Many people just say to sell the old trailer and buy a gooseneck option. That will save you money, time, frustration, and so on. It is a thought as you would save on a lot of work and may be cheaper in the long run.

How To Convert Bumper Pull To Gooseneck Hitch


BP Conversions is one company that we were able to find that made a career out of doing these conversions. To them, it is an art and they seem to do a very good job. According to their website, they do not make permanent alterations to the bumper pull design.

What they do is bolt on mounting brackets, pin the conversion in place, push up to lock the 2 15/16 ball into place in the receiver hitch, and plug in the wiring harness.

For them, there is no welding and no modifications to the existing trailer frame. They have a picture of one of their travel trailer conversions on the same landing page. To see what they have done and to explore their website just click here.

There may be other companies that offer this conversion for you and do it in their own way with welding. But sadly, very few came up in any of our searches. What does come up a lot are RV discussion forums asking the question if they can convert or not.

The cost of this conversion is roughly $3500 and it only adds 350 pounds to your weight limit plus the weight of the hitch.

Bumper Pull To Gooseneck Conversion Kit


One of the difficulties in researching this topic is the discussion forums. There are people asking this question but the most recent time was 11 years ago. Others were 13, 16, and more years ago. There does not seem to be any modern discussion on this topic.

The only conversion we have come across commercially done is the above company. When we searched for conversion kits, the only item that popped up on our screen was this news story from 18 years ago. Click here to read it.

The reason for this lack is that it is possible that most people saw the futility of doing this conversion. It is expensive, time-consuming, and risky. Not to mention you need top welding professionals to handle the welding work. It is not a DIY project, it is going to take very skilled labor to get the job done right.

Or they may opt for buying a gooseneck trailer and simply moving their bumper pull to that trailer bed. All they have to do is some plumbing work and that is a DIY project. It is also less expensive and not as time-consuming.

When people have asked this question, this is one of the more popular responses they get. It is a more practical one than converting a bumper pull to a gooseneck trailer.

Gooseneck Adapter For Bumper Pull Trailer


There may not be any kits but there are adaptor hitches you can buy. This company, Folkman, Inc., sells one and it should be able to handle a trailer weighing roughly 10,000 pounds. It also needs no welding.

The company provides a flyer on its website you can look at. But they do not list a cost so you do have to contact them to find out what you need to pay to get this hitch.

This company and the one above seem to be the only two that are doing a lot of advertising for this adaption. There may be more but this may not be a popular product so they are not reaching the first page of results.

There is more gooseneck to bumper pulls or gooseneck to 5th wheel adapters than there are bumper pulls to gooseneck adapters. This is not something most people think about when they buy a travel trailer.

The additional expense may be one reason why they do not pursue this option and make it more in demand. It is possible to find these adapters, you just may not find them as easily as you would say a normal hitch for a bumper pull travel trailer

Tips For Converting Bumper Pull To Gooseneck


The best tip we can provide will be to find a company that makes top-quality bumper pull to gooseneck adapters and goes with that product. These adapters cut out the welding, the need to remain strictly to the specs, and reduces any risks involved with the conversion.

The second tip we would give is to echo what other owners have already said. Either sell your trailer and buy a gooseneck model or remove your bumper pull hitch and wheels and place your trailer on a gooseneck trailer.

These three options are the best ones to consider. If you want to build your own and do your own conversion then you need to be a master welder and know how to meet the specs correctly.

There is just too much work and too much risk of doing it this way. You may save some money but you may always be wondering if you got the welding right or if you met those specs or not.

Get the peace of mind you want and go with an adapter if you are set on making this conversion. It is the safest option out of them all and requires no re-plumbing or welding work to be done.

Some Final Words

It may sound like a better towing situation but the work involved may be too daunting for most travel trailer owners. There is a lot of welding involved and it is not for beginners to do.

If you can afford it, the adapters are the way to go. It is quick, easy to install, and has met all the specs. As well as comes with all the correct welding done for you. Think about it and see which is the best way for you to proceed.

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