How to Make a Swivel Wheel Trailer (Plans, Kits, Assembly)

Adding a swivel wheel trailer is not always adding a second trailer. In some states that do not allow double tows, they classify these additions as extensions. This classification makes them street legal in many states and it allows you to bring your toys along on your vacation.

The best place we saw any plans for a swivel wheel trailer was Pinterest. The trailer Parts Outlet has lots of plans and blueprints but none were for this model of extension. You may need to contact the companies that make these extensions to see if they have plans available.

To learn more about swivel wheel trailers just continue to read our article. It explores this topic so you can make your own or find a good shop that builds quality extensions. They are not classified as trailers in some states and the term extension may facilitate your search.

What is a Swivel Wheel Trailer?


While the word trailer is used in their labeling, these items do not attach to your 5th wheel in the traditional trailer method. There is no real ball and hitch to connect. Instead, there is an attachment mechanism that goes on the rear bumper of your 5th wheel to secure the trailer to that 5th wheel.

The swivel wheel trailer is called an extension in some states and that is basically what it is. The device adds a little more room so you can put your toys on them and bring them on vacation with you.

The wheels are not fixed but turn in the direction you need to go in, making backing up a snap. They follow the 5th wheel directly and do not turn in the opposite direction. This makes sure you can get your trailer in the right spot easily.

To make a long explanation short, these swivel wheel trailers are mini toy haulers with a limited weight capacity. You can get them in single-wheel models or dual-wheel models.

Which one you get will depend on your budget and the type of toy you are hauling. It will also depend on the design you want. Some come with fencing while others come with tie-down points to secure your items.

How do You Make a Swivel Hitch?

If you have welding and some engineering experience, then this should not be a difficult project. The key is to make the plates round so that they will slide easier when you tilt your motorcycle.

Inside the attachment, you place a bolt and two nuts that do not tighten or loosen when you make your turns. They simply secure the trailer in place and allow it to rotate as you move.

There is some welding involved plus you will need to drill some bolts into the assembly to attach it to your traditional hitch, minus the ball. You can make the rotating switch adjustable if you want to.

There is a lot of freedom in this design to add your own tweaks to make it fit your situation. To cut your costs, you should look for scrap metal to use. Some inventors used aluminum to help keep the weight off.

There is also a way to attach this device to a traditional hitch. It uses the same nut and bolt assembly that allows for rotation without loosening or tightening. The plates for this option should be round as well and well lubricated.

Swivel Wheel Trailer Plans


This may be something that is not easy to find. We checked a couple of websites that offer plans for their different trailer models but none of them had any plans for a swivel wheel trailer.

We even tried using the word extension but there was no success there either. Most companies that make swivel wheel trailers may not want their plans advertised or sold to the general public. If they were, they would lose money because people would build their own.

You can always ask the different companies if they do sell plans but none of the websites we checked made that offer. These extensions are not hard to do and you may be able to draw up your own plans if you are a skilled builder.

The key would be to get the right details in those plans and make sure the extension meets all regulations, etc. Using steel would be the best construction material and it would be the strongest material.

The best suggestion that can be made is to look over any advertised swivel wheel trailers and see what they did to construct their model. Unless you are a top-notch welder, you may not be able to do this project on your own.

Swivel Wheel Trailer Kit

This search was a little more successful as one company we found did offer kits that you can assemble yourself. They did not include the decking in their kits simply because they wanted to leave you with the freedom to choose your own style and material.

This link will take you to their PDF website that has all the details for you. They offer 5 models for you to choose from and each has its own weight limit. There are a lot of companies that make these trailers and all it will take is for you to contact them directly to see if they do sell kits.

There are some limitations to these trailers. Some will not work with bumper pull trailers and must be attached to 5th wheel models only. Or they need to attach directly to your tow vehicle.

Before you buy the kit, make sure to check the specs and the limitations. This will ensure that you get the right swivel wheel trailer for your situation.

Where To Buy Swivel Wheel Trailer Parts


If you like shopping over the internet, Amazon and other marketplaces have some parts for you to look at. All you need to do is go to their website and put swivel wheel trailer parts in their search box and see what comes up in the results. Make sure to read the reviews to see if those parts are adequate.

The USA Trailer Store has parts available including the rotating hitch if you need it. There will be similar parts stores that should carry these items. Swivel wheels are carried almost everywhere. The trick is to find those in the right size that will handle the stress and strain as well as the weight of the trailer and the toy you place on it.

Those wheels will also range in price depending on the model and store selling it. Redneck trailer company sells different parts including those that go with the swivel wheel trailer.

In a quick search on the internet, you should be able to find a lot of these stores selling the parts you may need. The last place to contact or look would be the manufacturers themselves. They may sell parts to their own products, and if they don’t they may tell you which dealers they do sell to.

The trick to this objective is to find the parts outlet or dealer that is near your location. We did not see many companies making these trailers so it may be hard to visit them when you need a part.

Trailer Swivel Wheel Assembly

The assembly design is made in such a way that it will always track the vehicle or 5th wheel it is attached to. You do not have to worry about the extension or trailer heading off in the wrong direction.

The actual mechanical assembly is simple and straight-forward. The moving parts will be inside the spring on some swivel wheels allowing you to go over some bumps without worry.

The tires may cost you over $100 when you need to replace the old one. The actual cost will be determined by the size of the tire, its load class, and so on. The key in picking an assembly is to make sure it is approved for highway use.

But the drawback to using a swivel wheel trailer is that not all 50 states classify them as extensions. They are classified as actual trailers and many states disallow a double tow.

Check the regulations for the states you want to drive in to make sure. E-mail the different DOTs to see what laws are in force in their state. This is not an area you want to make assumptions in as the consequences can be steep.

Swivel Wheel Trailer Suspension


These items are meant to keep the trailer tracking your every move. They are well built and have the springs needed when you go over rough roads. Some will not come with an axle compatibility feature. They are designed to run independently so you get better movement and protection for your cargo.

The metal used for their construction is usually powdered coated to make sure that rust and corrosion do not take their toll on the mechanism. In some cases, there is only one suspension system in place due to the fact only one wheel is used to move the trailer.

These models often attach directly to the bumper of your 5th wheel trailer and piggyback on that trailer’s suspension system. if you are not sure about the suspension, make sure to ask your questions when you contact these companies.

Of course, if you are building your own, you are free to attach the best suspension system you want. The key is to buy that suspension system from a reputable builder so you do not have future problems.

Swivel Wheel Trailer Manufacturers List

One of the more well-known manufacturers is Crusier Lift and they can be found at this URL Fast MasterProducts Inc. is another maker of these trailers and their link to their website was given earlier. The latter is associated with the former.

Discount Ramps is the next manufacturer on the list and their URL is Then another maker is Smart trailer and you can see what they have to offer at this URL

There is not a lot of these companies around and you may need to talk to regular trailer companies in your area to see if they make these extensions/ trailers. You can also contact some customizing or fabricating shops to see if this is within their capability to make.

These trailer options have been around for some time now and some of the companies may not advertise over the internet. Check your local listings to see if there is a company near you that makes these trailers.

Swivel Trailer Pros And Cons


  • they are handy to have to carry extra cargo
  • they attach easily to your 5th wheel or tow vehicle
  • they come in single or dual wheel designs
  • a variety of designs for the deck are available
  • you can make your own with the right tools and skills
  • hould be able to buy tires at most tire shops
  • they track your vehicle perfectly for easy backing up


  • not always legal in every state
  • may have lower weight limits than you need
  • not all come with a fence and you will need to devise your own secure system
  • can break on you or be damaged if you are not careful

Some Final Words

These swivel wheel trailers seem like a good idea when you want to bring your toys with you on vacation. However, you do need to check the different states you are going to drive in to see if they are street legal or not. Some states call them extensions which makes it easier to tow them in those states.

They are handy to have when you need extra cargo room and backing up is not going to be a problem. Just make sure the trailer is securely attached to your 5th wheel to avoid any problems.

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