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Max Tongue Weight Silverado 1500: How Much Hitch Weight?

When it comes to tongue weight, the manufacturer always has something important to say. In this case, when you have a greater tongue weight than 770 or 800 pounds you need to switch from a weight-carrying hitch to a weight-distribution hitch.

The maximum tongue weight your Silverado should carry is between 10 and 15% of the total trailer weight. As an example, a 2000-pound trailer with a 1000-pound cargo means your tongue weight should be between 300 and 450 pounds.

To learn more about this topic just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about even if you do not highlight your Silverado’s model year. Take a few minutes to see how this information will help you.

How Much Hitch Weight Can a Silverado 1500 Handle?


Keep in mind that hitch weight and tongue weight are the same and are interchangeable. When someone is talking about hitch weight, they are talking about tongue weight and vice versa.

The answer to this question all depends. In looking at just the 2022 model year for this vehicle, there will be different tongue weight capacities for each trim. It will also depend on the type of motor inside the hood.

For example, the 2022 crew cab with short bed and NHT does not have a tow rating with the Turbo 2.7L I4 L3B & the6.2L V8 L87 but it does have one with the 5.3L V8 L84 & the Turbo-Diesel 3.0L I6 LM2. (source)

If you get the maximum trailer weight, you just need to divide by 10 or 15% to get the tongue weight. So you only need the one weight rating to know what your tongue or hitch weight needs to be at.

2009 Silverado 1500 Max Tongue Weight


There is a lot involved before you know the maximum tongue weight for this vehicle. The 2009 1500 came in 4 trim models- WT, LT, LS, LTZ and 3 different can sizes- Regular, Extended Cab, and Crew Cab.

Then there is a tow package that you can get which will post the amount of weight the vehicle can tow. There were 4 different engines available as well- 4.3 L Ecotec3 V6, 5.3 L Ecotec3 V8, 6.0 L Ecotec V8, & the 6.2 L Ecotec3 V8.

Depending on the trim and cab size, along with the engine model the 2009 Silverado 1500 can to between 4,400 – 9,700 lbs. That means the minimum tongue weight you should have is between 440 and 970 pounds.

The maximum tongue weight will be between 660 to 1455 pounds. Your owner’s manual for your specific model of the 1500 should give you the exact tongue weight capacity.

2015 Silverado 1500 Max Tongue Weight


This truck model came with 7 different trim options and only 3 cab size options. It also came with 3 different engines to do the heavy work. The criteria for knowing your tongue weight for your specific model is to know the following items:

- engine type

- bed size

- cab size

- drivetrain

- axle ratio

Those factors are for the maximum tow weight. But once you get that, it is a matter of simple math to figure out the maximum tongue weight. ZNow, if you do not like doing any math, there should be a sticker on the inside passenger’s door that provides all of this information

It is called the trailering information sticker. It will tell you the maximum towing and tongue weight for your specific vehicle. This applies to all models of the Silverado 1500.

To give you a ballpark figure the 2015 1500 can have a tow weight between 5,500 – 9,500 lbs. That means the minimum tongue weight will be between 550 to 950 pounds and a maximum of 825 to 1025 pounds.

2019 Silverado 1500 Crew Cab Max Tongue Weight


For this model year, GM did not add any new cab sizes but they did boost the trim number to 8. This gives you a wide range of tow and tongue weight ratings.

As for any model of Silverado 1500, you should check your owner’s manual for your specific model, engine size, cab size, and so on to get the most accurate figure.

The trailering information sticker will be on the inside of the passenger door like it is for all other models if you have lost or misplaced your owner’s manual.

The maximum towing weight for these models ranges between 6,700 and 10,100 pounds. Also like all the other models, if you get the tow package, you can boost those ratings up another 2,100 for this model year only.

That means you are looking at a minimum tongue weight rating of 670 to 1001 pounds or a maximum of 1005 to 1501 pounds approx. All figures are approximations.

2022 Silverado 1500 Max Tongue Weight


All the other information applies here except for some reason GM went down to 4 trim models with several limited-edition options for trim packages. For some reason, GM also went down in its tow rating for this model year.

With the Tow package installed, you are only looking at being able to tow between 8900 to 9900 pounds. This means your minimum tongue weight rating will be between 890 to 990 pounds.

The maximum tongue rating will reach between 1345 and 1485 pounds approx. This is with the tow package only. You will have far fewer pounds to play with without it.

Some Final Words

Getting the right tongue weight is important. Too little weight on the tongue and you could experience swaying. Too much tongue weight could possibly overload your tires and have the trailer push the rear end around.

These two factors are why it is vital to know your tongue weight and get it between 10 and 15% of the total trailer weight. That total trailer weight includes cargo weight as well. Meeting the weight capacities is the difference between a safe and a risky towing experience.

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