How Much Can a Mercedes Metris Tow? (Metris Towing Capacity)

Mercedes is known for building top-quality cars full of luxurious features and options. yet the company has not forgotten that people in all classes have needs. Their fine automobile line also comes with a practical side that you may not have realized.

How much can a Mercedes Metris tow? You may be surprised to find out that this Mercedes model can tow up to 5000 pounds with ease. It is a surprising fact as this company is known for luxury not practicality. One important piece of information you should know about, that towing capacity is for trailers with brakes.

To learn more about towing with a Mercedes Benz Metris, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about before you start hitching up your travel trailer. Take a few minutes to see what Mercedes can do for you when you need to tow a heavy load.

Mercedes Metris Towing Capacity

There is a difference between braked and non-braked trailers. With the former, you can tow your toys and travel trailer as long as the combined load weight does not exceed 5000 pounds.

However, when it comes to the latter situation, your towing capacity goes way down. it goes down so low you probably do not want to know the number. From 2017 to 2021, the towing capacity for this model of Mercedes has remained the same. It is the 5000-pound limit we just spoke about.

The 2016 model is the only weird one as it cannot tow that much weight. But again, those are braked trailers and not non-braked trailers. Look in your owner’s manual to find the latter figure.

Mercedes Metris Towing


In 2021, the Mercedes Metris come sin 3 different trim options. There is the Base Metris Cargo Van 126 in. WB, the Base Metris Cargo Van 135 in. WB and the Base Metris Passenger Van and they all tow the same amount of weight- 5,000 pounds.

The big difference is in the payload capacity. The latter trim can only have 1,720 pounds maximum when it comes to payload weight. The other two options can go as high as 2,205 pounds. This is even though all 3 options have a 208 HP 2.0L engine.

All three have a 9 speed automatic to help you get going when you have attached your trailer and filled its cargo space.

How Much Can a 2016 Metris Tow?


Even though it has the same type of engine as the more recent Mercedes vehicles, the 2016 model is the odd member of the pack. Instead of being able to tow 5,000 pounds, it is rated for only 4,960 pounds.

This is with the 2.0L 208 HP engine under the hood. Why there was a change the next year, only Mercedes has the answer but it was a good change as 40 pounds can make a difference.

Just keep in mind that if you are towing a trailer that doesn't have trailer brakes, then the rating goes way down. You may not get to that favorite vacation spot unless you put the brakes on and connect them upright.

Metris Tow Hitch


Since the tow weight capacity is 5,000 pounds, and you are going to be towing a trailer that weighs that much with supplies, etc., then you should use a Class III tow hitch.

It is the one rated for the heavier weights. However, if you are not going to be towing that heavy of a load, you can check to see if the class I or II towing hitches will work. There is nothing wrong with going with class III on lighter loads. It will provide you with more security as you drive.

Finding a tow hitch for this vehicle is not going to be that difficult. Just about everyone who sells trailer accessories has these hitch options in stock or they can get them in.

Depending on the retail outlet, the wire harness may not come with your hitch purchase.

Metris Tow Package


There does not seem to be much of a tow package for this vehicle. There is a factory-installed option that may get you more features than the non-factory installed option. The latter does not seem to come with a transmission or oil cooler and may need to be added on later.

What is included is the prewiring connector and an added back up camera feature. There is also the trailer stability assist function that helps prevent fishtailing. Some dealers and salesmen say you cannot add a weight-distribution hitch to a unibody Metris but that may be incorrect information.

Talk to a trusted mechanic before taking the salesmen’s or dealer’s word on this issue.

Metris Owners Manual PDF Download


This is not going to be too difficult to get done. There are plenty of websites that offer this in case you have lost or misplaced your original. This link will get you all the years Metris has been produced.

Our go-to manual website also has the 310-page manual where you can read it before downloading the content. Just click on this link to get to it. Then you can go right to Mercedes Benz and get your copy downloaded.

The good news is that it is free to download and look through. Just click on this link to get to the page with all of the Metris owner’s manuals. There are a lot more options just by doing a simple internet search.

Some Final Words

Towing is important no matter what brand of car you own. Mercedes continues to make itself a very valuable car company by making sure its cars can tow a reasonable amount of weight. Just make sure to have the tow package factory installed. that will save you a lot of time and hassle.

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