Camping World vs Walmart: RV Oil Change Locations Near Me

They say that change is as good as a rest. When you make certain changes in your life you feel revigorated, ready for action and more. The same can apply to your RV. When you make regular oil changes it remains in top shape and can face what comes its way through its driving day.

RV Oil Change Locations Near Me: The RV industry is huge and profitable. It stands to reason that there will be large companies trying hard to get your RV business, even if it is only for an oil change. There should be a location near you that will service your RV. The only catch is that not all Walmarts do RV oil changes.

To learn more about getting the oil changed on your RV just continue to read our article., We explore the world of RV oil changes and bring you the data you need to make better plans for routine maintenance duties.

Where to Get an RV Oil Change

This may be a hit and miss task. One RV owner had more misses but the one-hit sent it out of the park and they have let the world know about it. You can read their story here.

While some of the prices quoted to them were a bit on the high side, $425 and $120 dollars, the latter just for labor, is extreme. But we found a dealer that has reasonable prices but they differ depending on the class and engine type of your RV.

The gas oil change only cost about $80, the Class A diesel started at $189 and the Class C diesel started at $99. So when you hear high prices, they may not all be looking to pick your pocket just for an oil change.

As for Camping World, you may be in for a bit of a surprise as service is not that good in general and the cost for the oil change can be quite high. With Walmart, you should know that not every Walmart service center does oil changes for your rig.

You would have to go inside and look at their price board to find out if they do and how much it will be. A $50 charge is quite reasonable at that store, depending on the type of RV you own.

Some other options will be Jiffy Lube and even some local mechanics may do the job for the right price.

Best Motorhome Oil Change

If you are looking at stories, then the one we linked to above is probably one of the better ones out there. With RV oil changes it is hit and miss as some stores may do the change but they do not sell the filter. That means you have to buy your own just to have the oil change done by professionals.

But if you are looking at service then you may not need to look further than Valley Mobile oil. Their website is here, and they will come to you. Now that is service. They will do your transmission flush and other needed maintenance along with an oil change.

No more wasting fuel to find the right service center to handle your oil changes. They handle a variety of motors and will also work on your generator as well. You may not be in their neighborhood, so to find one that duplicates that attitude and service, then you have found the best motorhome oil change available.

That will be the case. The national dealers like Camping World and Walmart may not offer such service options. That makes them a little out of touch with your RV needs. Camping World has about 130 supercenters around America so there may be one near you if you want to risk it.

Other RV Oil Change Locations

The best place to find an alternative oil change service center is to look in the local yellow pages or use your computer to go through their online version. We have already mentioned Jiffy Lube but there are some great local shops that will do the job well and hopefully for a cheaper price.

Just be wary though, not all local shops are honest and may charge you more than Camping World and Walmart. Other locations can be the dealerships that sell RVs but they may not all do them.

Then you can check at truck stops as those outlets are equipped to handle big rigs. Even a big truck dealer may be able to handle the task if you ask them. There are a lot of alternative places to go and get your oil changed. Of course, some people say they do it themselves to save them the trouble

This can be quite a hassle but it will save you time and money in the long run. Others say you should wait til you get home or do it before you go on the road and do it at your local shop that you know. But that is not always an option

How Much does an RV Oil Change Cost? (Gas RV)

This will depend on which company you choose to use. Walmart can cost you from $50 or $65 and go up from there. It will depend on the type of filter you need and how many quarts of oil you will use.

If you do it yourself, you will only have to pay for the filter and oil as your labor will be free. Other places can charge about $90 for gas RV engine oil changes. Sadly, these are the cheaper prices.

You may encounter some shops charging you $150 or more. It will depend on the individual branch of the national company and prices may not be consistent. The key to getting an oil change for your gas RV is to ask first and then decide later.

Finding the right deal for you may take a little time but if you ask first, you can spare yourself time, expense and headaches.

How Much does an Oil Change Cost for a Diesel RV

Some of the high cost for an oil change on a diesel RV is that the service center may do more than just change your oil and filter. They also add in maintenance tasks like lubing grease fittings, adding power steering fluid and other tasks you may not think about at the time.

These service packages can run between $229 and $279 depending on the service center and their charges. Another company charges about $100 approx., for a diesel oil change. There are legitimate reasons for this difference in pricing.

Part of the extra cost is that the diesel rig uses more torque, more power and has more applications to run than a gas-powered RV. Some companies like Speedco and Jiffy Lube will charge near $150 but that is including changing the filters.

Does Camping World do Oil Changes

Yes, Camping World does oil changes. From what we have read about them and their service, you can get a good price but the service may not be so good. Some RV owners have said that they would not let Camping world change the oil on their lawnmowers.

That are just some of the milder reviews and comments we were able to come across. But that does not mean that all Camping Worlds are bad. With over 130 locations around the nation, you should be able to find a decent outlet that does a pretty good job.

But like Walmart, it may be hit and miss. One dealer may charge $40 more for an RV oil change even if it uses the same amount of oil and filter that a regular pickup truck would use with the same motor under the hood.

You really have to be careful when you go into a Camping World dealer to get your oil change. Of course, the same can be said when you go into any RV related service shop.

Camping World Oil Change Price

Camping World did not list a price, that we could find, on their website for oil changes. From what we have found out, is that the company may offer a lot of specials and lower the price dramatically depending on the season and how busy they are.

One RV owner said they were charging about $45 for an oil change but you had to make an appointment. Another said they were charged $169 and $199 and still more said the cost was a lot higher.

Despite some of the negative information we have written and found about Camping World, they still have employees who go above and beyond the call of duty. That what keeps Camping World such a popular place for RV owners to go. They provide a great service for an economical price.

The only problem is that weeding out the bad outlets or employees is not always possible and you may end up with a bad experience at one outlet and a great one at another.

Does Walmart do Oil Changes

If you own a car, SUV or a pickup truck then the answer to the question is yes they do. You will find the Walmart service centers very accommodating to these smaller vehicles.

But if you own a larger pickup truck, like a dual-wheeled model, or an RV then you may not be so happy with Walmart. Not every service center will handle oil changes for larger vehicles. Then if they do, you may have to bring your own filters as the store does not stock or sell them.

Keep in mind for both Walmart and Camping World, that you may not pay the same low price if your RV has a diesel engine. Costs for diesel can be a lot higher than gas engine RVs so don’t get upset if you are quoted an extremely high price.

Also, labor costs are calculated into the cost of an oil change, so the price you pay may be a lot more expensive than quoted here.

Getting an Oil Change at Walmart

Is hit and miss. Where one Super Center may offer oil changes for RVs another, even in the same city, may not. If you find one that does do it, you will have to make a note of its location so you can find it again if they do a great work for you.

One problem you may experience with Walmart oil change is that they may not be neat and clean about it. The workers may get oil all over your engine and other places.

Plus, the workers may not be as mature as you would like them to be. While this won't affect your RV it may affect your time etc., as you have to wait for the workers to settle down and do the job correctly.

Like Camping World and other RV oil change outlets, your experience will be hit and miss. All you have to do is remember which ones were good and which ones were bad and take the appropriate action.

Some Final Words

Getting the oil changed on your RV is not that difficult. You do not have to depend solely on Wal Mart or camping World to get the job done right. Both national service centers have their pros and cons and neither is ultimately that bad of a company to avoid.

The good news is that you can go to quite a few other places to get the oil changed on your RV. Your experience may be better and your cost lower depending on the type of management the company has.

The only thing you should worry about is if you run into a bad shop, no matter who owns it, and if you have a gas or diesel engine in your RV. Your costs will depend on the answers to those concerns.

Then if you are up to it, you can always do it yourself and save a lot of time and trouble. As they say, if you want it done right, then do it yourself.

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