Tundra Fifth Wheel: Can You Pull a 5th Wheel With a Tundra?

The biggest mistake people make when shopping for a 5th wheel is they look at the wrong capacities. With 5th-wheel trailers, it is all about pin weight and payload weight capacity. Not trailer weight. That is secondary in this case.

The Tundra, depending on its trim and model year, may only have about 2000 pound payload capacity. A 5th wheel may have a pin weight of 1300 pounds approx. That may sound like enough room but you need to subtract passenger weight and other weight from that 2000 pounds.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the best information to help you make the right decision. Payload weight includes hitch, cargo, and passenger weight not just pin weight.

Can You Pull a Fifth Wheel With a Toyota Tundra?


It sounds like a good idea as one may not want to upgrade their vehicle to a Ford, Chevy, or Dodge pick-up truck. However, there are a couple of things to consider before you go out and buy that 5th wheel you have had your eye on.

The first thing to consider is the towing capacity of the Tundra. Depending on the model year and trim, you may only be able to tow between 7000 and 10,000 pounds.

Most 5th-wheel toy haulers start at 12,000 pounds. But that does not mean you can’t tow a lightweight 5th-wheel trailer. There are plenty of them around. However, the next thing to consider will be pin weight.

The hitch weighs roughly 150 pounds, the pin weight maybe 1300 pounds approx., you and your family may weigh 350 pounds and your cargo may weigh 350 pounds.

Add all those weights up and you may exceed your pin weight capacity by a few hundred pounds. You have to watch those other weights closely to meet the weight requirement.

Tundra 5th Wheel Capacity

Here is a simple chart listing the different models of Tundra trucks, their towing capacities as well as their payload capacities. Keep in mind that the lightest 5th wheel starts around 7000 pounds on average.

Weight categories Tundra SR Tundra SR5 Tundra Unlimited Tundra platinum Tundra 1794 Tundra TRD Pro
Base curb weight 5100 pounds 5100 pounds 5240 pounds 5380 pounds 5380 pounds 5640 pounds
GVWR 6700 pounds 6700 pounds 6900 pounds 7000 pounds 7000 pounds 7200 pounds
Maximum Payload capacity 1600 pounds 1600 pounds 1660 pounds 1620 pounds 1620 pounds 1560 pounds
Maximum towing capacity 6800 pounds 6800 pounds 10,100 pounds 9400 pounds 9400 pounds 9200 pounds

**Figures taken from this website https://camperreport.com/can-a-toyota-tundra-tow-a-fifth-wheel/

You can compare these figures with your owner’s manual first to make sure they are accurate. Then compare them with the type of 5th wheel you want to buy or use. Don’t forget to get all passenger weights, cargo weights, and the weight of the hitch to make sure you stay under those limits.

Toyota Tundra Pulling a Fifth Wheel


It can be done, especially if you have a tow package installed. But it may not be feasible or practical to use your Tundra when you want to tow a 5th-wheel trailer. The payload weight capacity will be your undoing.

We were conservative on the weight of a 5th-wheel hitch. Some can weigh more than we placed in our figures above. That weight difference alone may disqualify your Tundra from towing a 5th wheel.

Different hitches, while made of steel will weigh differently so you need to ask the dealer how much it weighs before you buy. Then you have to worry about the installation and cost of the 5th wheel hitch.

All these little details need to be considered before you buy that nice trailer.

Best Fifth Wheel For Toyota Tundra


The best one to buy and if you do not need a lot of space would be the Scamp. The trailer weighs between 2200 and 2800 pounds, is 19 feet long, and sleeps 4 people. Plus, its price is between $18,000 and $25,000 approx.

If you have a Tundra that tows heavier weights, then the 27-foot Northwood Fox Mountain weighs up to 8310 pounds, but that may be pushing your limits.

The Winnebago Micro Minnie 2405RL would be next to the Scamp.

It weighs only 5640 pounds and reaches just about 27 feet in length. Then the Crossroads Cruiser Aire CR24RL would be better for those bigger Tundra models. It weighs almost 7000 pounds and reaches just over 28 feet in length.

Be careful of those 5th-wheel trailers labeled as Ultralights. Many of them may be too heavy for the Tundra to handle. One, the Rockwood Ultra Lite weighs over 8000 pounds and that eliminates most Tundra models.

2022 Tundra Fifth-Wheel Hitch


There are quite a few of these hitches that should fit your Toyota Tundra. You would have to talk to a dealer in hitches to get the best one for your truck. These hitches range in price from $120 to over $1000.

The type of hitch you get would depend on if you want a sliding one, a manual option, or another model. Also, it would depend on the pin weight your trailer would come with.

Real Truck has quite a few models on sale on their website and you can click on the name to go to their website and see what they have available. Contact them to get answers to your questions.

Some Final Words

If you are wanting to buy and tow a 5th-wheel trailer, you may not be able to use your Toyota Tundra truck. It is not made to tow those heavier trailers and the ones they can tow may be too small for your camping needs.

While you can get 5th wheel hitches to fit your Tundra, it just may not be practical given the low payload capacity the Tundra comes with. Do some more research to see what will work for you and your camping needs.

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