Ford V10 Motorhome Towing Capacity: How Much Can a V10 Tow?

When it comes to RV life, you have to worry about weight all the time. There is only so much poundage a vehicle can tow or carry before it starts having problems. This includes the Ford V10 motor.

Generically, Class A RVs can tow between 10,000 and 15,000 pounds and Class C RVs can only tow up to 10,000 pounds approx. But that towable weight will depend on the tow rating and some people seem to have tow ratings in the 5000-pound area.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. There is some good information you need to know about so that you know how much you can tow at any given time. Sometimes the hitch will limit the weight you can tow.

How Much Can a V10 Motorhome Tow?


Just to be clear, we have run into 2 different sets of numbers. Some people say they are rated to pull a lot of weight. Those opinions may be based on the fact that the RV has a diesel engine in it.

Then we see the gas-powered V10’s rating and it is far lower than the 10,000 to 20,000-pound limits we have come across. In fact, the gas-powered Ford V10 should only be rated for about 5000 pounds.

Most owners reported when they towed their vehicles that weighed less than that lower figure, they never knew they had a car attached to them. The equation to use to figure out your maximum tow rating is MAGCWR - GVWR = tow rating.

Ford V10 Motorhome Towing Capacity


This will depend on the Class of your RV as the Class C RV does not tow as much as the Class A. Keep in mind that people are used to hearing big numbers when it comes to towing.

What they do not realize is that those big numbers are usually given when the V10 is placed in a good-sized pick-up truck and not a motorhome. Generally, Class C RVs can only tow 3500 pounds or less with a few exceptions.

The same applies to Class A RVs as those big vehicles are rated to tow 5000 pounds with few exceptions. The difference between weight ratings will be due to the weight of the two RVs.

The engine has to be strong enough to pull the RV's weight on top of the tow weight. This cuts the tow rating down.

How Much Can a 6.8 V10 Tow?


We are not going to be bringing any great news here either. Almost all RVs will be rated to tow about 5000 or 3500 pounds depending on their class. If this engine was in a Ford pick-up truck, then you will be seeing figures of 18,000 to 20,000 approx. Sometimes only 10,000 pounds

However, a Ford pick-up does not weigh even half the weight of an RV and that makes all the difference. The tow rating is only part of the issue though. You have to watch out for length restrictions and you cannot exceed those either.

There are rules of the road laid out by different government bodies to protect people from themselves. To tow properly, you need to keep up with those rules and not worry about weight only.

How Much Can a Ford E450 RV Tow?


The exemption to the rules of towing. Generally, tow ratings are measured under ideal conditions, and with the assumption, that the RV is going to be fully loaded. This cuts down on the weight the RV can tow.

For example, if the Class C RV is rated to tow 3500 pounds with the RV fully loaded, you can tow more if you cut the weight in the RV. In other words, if your RV is 1/2 loaded, the pounds you save can be transferred to the vehicle you are towing.

The equation to use is GCWR - GVWR = tow weight. The C in GCWR means combined weight. That combined weight is the weight of the RV, its contents, and the tow vehicle.

Once you figure that out you will know how much you can tow. Keep in mind that a full holding tank ( all 3 of them) needs to be factored into your math. Water is heavy and will take up a lot of your GVWR and GCWR weight ratings.

There should be tags indicating your weight limits inside your Driver’s door or near it. Those will give you your equation numbers.

Motorhome Ford V10 Towing Tips


1. Factor in the hitch weight capacity as this will also determine how much you can tow.

2. Look at those stickers we mentioned. They will tell you the maximum GVWR weight and the maximum amount of weight for passengers & cargo. Those are key guides to follow.

3. Hitch weight ratings can be changed. You can upgrade to a heavier hitch weight if you can get it certified. If you can’t you may have liability issues if you have an accident.

4. Class C and Class A RVs have almost the same tow rating. There may be a 1500-pound difference between some of them but some are exactly the same.

5. What is your tow rate capacity does not mean that is the same for every RV. That is why you shouldn’t listen to others and their stated tow ratings. Check your manual or do the math yourself to be sure.

Some Final Words

RVs with the same engine as a Ford truck is not going to be able to tow the same weight. It is best to read your manual and abide by their ratings. This will not only make your travels safer but protects you in the case of an accident.

Then watch how much weight you put inside your RV and the number of people. They all play a role in how much you will be able to tow.

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