2015 Silverado Trailer Brake Control Module Location (Guide)

There may be different locations for this device. One consistent spot is by the spare tire and it is one of two boxes stacked on top of each other. You may have to move the spare tire as these boxes could be underneath it. Different years have different locations though.

To learn more about this key part, just continue to read our article. It has that information and more. Take a few minutes to see how this important information helps you locate the part and find the source of your problem.

2015 Silverado 2500 Trailer Brake Control Module Location


According to some owners, this key part is located under the spare tire and you may have to lift that tire up and out of the way. This is a unique spot for it but it may not be the only one.

According to other owners, this module is placed right next to the relay which is located near the driver’s side rear axle on the frame. Those are the two areas to start looking for your specific module as the company may have gotten creative and hidden it in different areas on different trim models.

When you have a problem, check the relay first as that part does not need re-programming by a dealer or a shop. It is also cheaper to replace than the module. If it is in good shape then your module may have gone bad.

In many cases, the owner’s manual may not help find this part. Some have tried but have not been able to find the exact location. It can be tough finding this and other parts due to the many new ones that modern trucks have to have just to tow and perform up to everyone’s expectations.

Silverado Trailer Brake Fuse

It is easy to get confused when it comes to fuses. This model of the truck has 3 different fuse boxes and they are in 3 different locations. The owner’s manual should have a diagram for each of those fuses and fuse boxes. Plus, it should have a number code for each one telling you what they are for.

The fuses that are related to the trailer are in the fuse box under the hood. it may be hard to see with all the wires and other parts crowded in there. The manual will have a number code and that code is or should be the same as the following information:

1 - Trailer Brake

2 - Trailer Battery

14 - Trailer Stop/Turn Lamps, Left

15 - Trailer Parking Lamps

16 - Trailer Back-up Lamp

17 - Trailer Stop/Turn Lamps, Right

64 (Relay) - Trailer Parking Lamps

You can double-check with a mechanic to make sure, and you should do that just to make sure you are getting the right information. Sometimes truck makers throw a couple of curveballs at their customers and mechanics and change things up without notice.

Does my Silverado Have a Brake Controller?


Yes and no. There will be models of this truck that will have the brake controller installed and ready to go and there will be models that do not have them installed. The reason for this discrepancy is that it is an optional feature that is factory installed only.

If your Silverado came with a brake controller then you are good to go. If it didn’t, you cannot add one after the fact. You have to buy an after-market version and GM can supply the pigtail you need to make that controller work.

That means that if you are looking at a 2015 Silverado today and you want to tow a trailer, you need to look first before buying. If the controller is factory installed then great. Or if it has an after-market controller installed, also great.

But if it doesn’t, you can either have an after-market controller installed or not tow your trailer. The after-market controllers are running between $100 and $300 at one outlet right now.

Be careful, the dealers may or may not know this and will tell you that you can install the brake controller after the fact. There is no way to program it into the system and get it to work properly.

How To use The Silverado Trailer Brake Controller


The basic principle behind these controllers is that once you step on the brake, the controller sends a signal to the trailer to apply its brakes. This system helps save on wear and tear of your own brakes.

The installation is easy to do and even a home mechanic can do it if they have the skills and experience. To use one and all you need to do is step on the brakes to use them, you need to make sure you have the right adapter and wiring already installed in your tow vehicle.

Once you install the controller, you just connect it to your trailer’s wiring system using the right harness or cables. Then set the controller to your braking preferences. Some controllers may need to have you press the power button to get it working.

The instructions for setup should be included in the package but if not, ask a trusted mechanic to install it for you. After that is done all you have to do is step on the brakes and the trailer brakes should be applied.

The key is in the installation and making sure all the components are connected to the right corresponding component

2015 Silverado Trailer Brake Controller Problems

2015 Silverado Trailer Brake Controller Problems

The biggest problem you will have with this brake controller is if it wasn’t installed by the factory when it was ordered. Then you are stuck with installing an after-market model that may not be as good as the GM model.

Some problems are very minor and easy to fix. In one case, the connection was loose and that was enough to trigger the service trailer brake system alert. In other cases, the fuse may have gone bad and needs a new one to operate the trailer brakes.

If those parts are not the issue, then try the electrical cord. One owner had to replace his because it had gone bad. When you have a loose connection, it could be that the brand 7-plug connector is not made for the 2015 Silverado.

It may be a tight connection on other vehicles but not that one. Changing the 7 plug connector may be what is needed in some cases. When you find that all these parts are okay and there is a tight connection, the problem could be with the trailer and a burned magnet or a wire short.

Not all common problems will be tied to the brake controller. Sometimes you need to look beyond that part to other related areas to get to the bottom of the issue.

Where To Find a Brake Controller For a 2015 Silverado


If you have decided to buy a used Silverado and it does not have a brake controller that was factory installed or an aftermarket brake controller. Do not worry, there are plenty of places where you can find one made for this model of truck.

e-trailer has them on sale and they can get a little pricey at that retail outlet. Then you can check with Auto Zone as they have several models on hand. This company’s controllers are cheaper than e-trailer but you get more components with the latter than with the former company.

Amazon should have a few models of this part but it is listed way down the line behind a host of auto parts stores that do have them in stock. You just have to pick the website and company you are comfortable dealing with and make your purchase.

Prices start are in the mid $100s and above but with a little comparison shopping, you may be able to find the right price for your budget.

Some Final Words

Do not assume that the used 2015 Silverado you want to buy has a brake controller installed. The previous owner may have taken their after-market version out or they did not have the GM factory install their unit.

When looking at this truck to buy, make a point to look for the controller so you do not get any surprises when you get home. To find out if there is one installed or not, you will have to look around the spare tire area to find it.

Hide and seek is not a game just for kids anymore.

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