Finding a Used Tow Dolly For Sale Craigslist (How To Buy)

Not everyone can buy new. This is just a fact of life. Even though you may be able to afford new items, it just makes wise financial sense to save money where you can. Using the classifieds to find those used items is the best way to go. You may run into motivated sellers and save even more.

The trouble with Craigslist is not the potential danger that comes with that website. Instead, it is the fact that your searches may be limited to specific cities. That can make searching for a used tow dolly time-consuming and tedious. But it is a great place to find used tow dollies when they are listed.

To learn more about buying used tow dollies, just continue to read our article it has the information you need to know about so you can find the one in the best shape possible and hopefully at a price you like.

How To Buy a Used Car Dolly Craigslist


There are traditional ways to buy a used tow dolly or any used product. The first step will be to make your search. Look at where you are right now and then decide which cities are close enough to go see the item.

Or look for those cities that are on your travel route. That way you can schedule a stop. Once you have done your searching, go see the tow dolly. This is a step you cannot skip.

Even on Craigslist, you do not know if the item is stolen or if the seller is being honest about its condition or problems. In today’s world, you cannot just take people’s word for it, even if they sound like honest upstanding citizens.

Once you buy, check with your state’s DMV office. They will tell you if it needs to be registered or not. Keeping everything on the up and up will prevent you from having to face fines or difficult situations.

When you use Craigslist, there should be contact information in the ad so you can make sure the tow dolly is still available.

Used Tow Dolly For Sale Price


There are a few of these important items for sale on Craigslist. However, the sellers are located in different cities across the nation. There may be one or two for sale in each city and their prices will reflect the condition, city they live in, and so on.

We found one for sale at $2400 and another for $1700. The price does not reflect the quality of the tow dolly or their strength. Some can go for as low as $350. it all depends on those factors and how the owners are.

e-Bay has several at the time of this writing. Their prices ranged between $900 and $1650 depending on the owner, style, brand, and so on. There were a couple around $2000 and $2250 and one that was very sophisticated and was selling for $25,000 approx.

The thing to do is to set your budget and stick to it. That way you won’t overspend and you will still get the right two dolly for your towing needs. Be patient and unless you find the perfect one right off, it will take time to find one that fits your criteria.

Avoiding Scams When Using Craigslist


Craigslist is called the wild west of classified ads. There is little policing of the ads and just about anything goes. In fact, it was found that out of 2,000,000 real estate ads, 29,000 were fake.

To avoid scams, here are some tips:

- Never wire money in advance

- Only accept cash

- Evaluate listings carefully before agreeing to meet

- Reverse-search photos in listings to make sure they weren’t stolen

- Look for other red flags in the listing to save you time

- Make sure the buyer or seller is willing to meet in person

- Always examine the goods in person

- Never give out more information than necessary

- Trust your gut – if something doesn’t feel right, walk away immediately


Do not give out personal or banking information, bring a friend with you or tell another person where you are going, and so on. Protecting yourself is vital when you are using Craigslist as you never know when the item may be stolen.

How To Choose a Used Tow Dolly


1. know how the tow dolly pivots- there are two kinds of tow dollies one pivots on a kingpin design and the other has a center pivot. Pick the one that fits your towing situation.

2. The weight of the tow dolly- this will be added to your combined gross weight and reduces how much you can tow or pack

3. The capacity- know how much the tow dolly can safely tow and pick one that can hold more than your car weighs.

4. Storage issues- you need to make sure that when you are not using the tow dolly, you have the right storage area. Keeping it tucked away and out of sight is important in some neighborhoods.

5. The braking system- make sure it can be easily tied to your RV or trailer and that there are no connection problems.

6. Tow Dolly tires- make sure they are in good shape, made for the device, and that they do not have any tread or small leak issues.

Also, look at the condition of the tow dolly. When buying used you want to make sure there are no broken parts or near broken parts that need to be fixed right away.

Some Final Words

Craigslist is a good national resource when looking for used items like tow dollies. The key is to be careful and make sure there are no red flags. You just never know when it comes to this classified ad resource.

You may find a good deal as there are more legitimate ads than fake ones on this website.

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