What Is The F-150 Heavy Duty Payload Package? (7850 GVWR)

If you want to haul more weight, then the HDPP F-150 may be the truck for you. The question is if you can find one used or not. This truck version is not that popular so far even though it has been out for several years. But if you are patient you can find one at the right price.

The HDPP F150 is supposed to allow you to haul 800 extra pounds of cargo. It is a specially designed truck for those people who need to haul more weight. This truck may come in handy when you are moving, etc., but it may not be so great when you are towing.

To learn more about this truck and its special features, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if this extra feature is worth spending the extra amount of money required to get one.

What is the F-150 Payload Package?


These are special features added to the F-150 to ensure that the truck can carry more weight than other F150s made for other purposes. The special features include- heavy-duty suspension, upgraded brakes, and a higher-capacity engine cooling system.

All these extra features mean is that you should be able to carry up to 800 more pounds in the truck bed. It is doubtful that you will get any more mileage per gallon out of the engine with this extra weight and special features.

All this package does is make a workhorse truck into a stronger workhorse truck. It is not meant for everyone as all truck owners do not need to haul extra weight to their next destination. It is only for those who have the need for this special handling.

That may explain why it is hard to get this truck used. Not many people have ordered this extra feature and then want to upgrade to a newer or different truck.

What Does F-150 Heavy Duty Payload Package Include?


Here is a list of items that come with this special package. After that, we will add some more information on what Ford is not saying in its ads.

1. Requires

- trailer tow package when ordering with the 5.0 engine

- Max trailer tow package when ordering with the 3.5 Ecoboost engine

2. Includes

- 3.73 electronic locking rear axle

- 9.75” gearset

- 36-gallon fuel tank

- LT 245/70R 17E BSW all-terrain tires (AT) (T7C) (XL only)

- LT 275/65R 18C OWL all-terrain tires (AT) (T8C) (XLT & Lariat)

- Upgraded springs and aux. Transmission oil cooler

- XL- 17” silver steel heavy-duty payload package wheels

- XLT/Lariat- 18” silver aluminum heavy-duty payload package wheels

3. Not available with the following:

- 2.7L V6 Ecoboost engine

- 3.0L V6 Powerstroke Diesel Engine

- 122” WB on XL & XLT

- 145” WB on XL, XLT, & Lariat

- XL/XLT chrome appearance package- XL/XLT sport appearance package

4. What Ford leaves out

- Frame: HDPP gets the 0.11" frame stock compared to 0.10" for heavier non-HDPP trucks and 0.087" for lighter F 150s (most of the 2.7EB trucks)

- Front coil: stiffer than any non-HDPP truck but the same front axle rating (3800 pounds) due to some other limitation

- Rear leaves: 3+1 spring pack rated at 4800 pounds instead of the 2+1 for all other weight ratings (4050 [2018 MaxTow], 3800 [most 3.5EB/5.0 trucks], 3300 [most 2.7 trucks])

- Rear axle: 9.75HD axle (9.75B on axle sticker) rated at 4800 pounds and with the electronic locking 3.73 gears. The 9.75 on most 3.5EB (including Max tow) is a lighter-duty variant and the 8.8 on many non-3.5EB trucks is lighter yet.

- Shocks: Heavier duty shocks than any non-HDPP F150

- Wheels: Slightly heavier than non-HDPP wheels (rated at 2275 pounds)

- Tires: Slightly heavier LT tires that have actual tread and are quite good in the snow - unlike most of the other OEM options.

(All information taken from this website- https://www.f150forum.com/f118/what-does-hdpp-include-407308/ )

Does My F-150 Have The Heavy Duty Payload Package?

Does-My-F-150-Have-Th- Heavy-Duty-Payload-Package

There is a way to tell if the used truck you are looking at has the HDPP installed or not. Actually, there are several ways to tell and we will try to mention them all here.

The first way is to look at the sticker on the inside driver's door jamb. If the maximum weight capacity listed is over 3,000 pounds, then you have the HDPP installed.

Next, if the sticker is missing or unreadable, check under the hood. There should be a plaque stating the axle weight ratings. If these are over 3,000 pounds, then you have the HDPP installed.

One more place to look would be the springs. Crawl under the wheel wells and see if the springs are thicker or if there is more than the average number of springs for the F150. If so, then you have the HDPP in that truck.

The final method to be mentioned in this section would be for you to get the VIN and put it into the Ford Build Sheet Decoder. Once you do that, the results will provide you with a breakdown of all the features that were installed into the vehicle with that VIN.

It needs to say- “Heavy Duty Payload Pkg” under either “Special Equipment Description – North America” for your North American truck to have this package.

For Europe or Asia, the decoder should say- “Generic Equipment Description – Europe/Asia,” instead of the special Equipment- North America words. If it says this, then you have the HDPOP package in that Ford F150

F150 Heavy Duty Payload Package vs Max Tow Package


You have seen the details on the HDPP already. The biggest positive for this package is that it allows you to carry more payload weight. It is not supposed to boost your hitch weight at all.

Here are the details for the Max Tow Package so you can make your own comparison to see which one is best for your trailer situation:

1. What is included

- Class IV Trailer Hitch Receiver, which is included with the standard package as well.

-Integrated Brake Controller that you can find on the other packages.

- Pro Trailer Backup Assist.

- Smart Trailer Tow Connector.

- 7-pin wiring harness.

2. Special features

- 3.5L EcoBoost Engine without a heavy-duty package.

- 3.55:1 electronic locking axle for the rear with a 3.0L Power Stroke V6.

- 3.5L PowerBoost Full Hybrid with 4×2.

- EcoBoost engine with heavy-duty payload package.

- 36-gallon fuel tank with extended range.

- Hybrid 3.0L Power Stroke or V6 Diesel Engine.

- Upgraded rear bumper.

- PowerBoost Full Hybrid with 4×4.

- 3.73:1 electronic locking axle for the rear with the 5.0L PFDI V8.

3. Requirements

- 3.5L EcoBoost Engine

- 5.0L V8 Engine

- 3.5L PowerBoost Full Hybrid V6 Engine

- 3.0L Diesel Engine

- Heavy-Duty Payload Package (627) on XL trim

To know if you have this package on your F150, then look at the window sticker. It should be listed under optional equipment. What you do not get with this package would be the tow mirrors. Those would have to be specially ordered.

Finding an F150 Supercrew 7850 GVWR For Sale


There are different ways to go about this. You can check with your local Ford dealer to see if they have any in stock. If they don’t they may be able to check with other dealers around the state to see who does.

Or you can go to the different discussion forums for Ford trucks and see what their classified ad threads have listed. They may not have that many but some members do give good leads like Carguru.

These websites list the truck, image, price, and other details so you can make your decision. These internet websites also provide the location of the truck and a contact number. You can also press the request more info links to get more details and have questions answered.

Or you can simply put the sub-title above in your search box to see what pops up on your screen., You can use it for a local or national search to see what is available. This is said to be an elusive vehicle to find used so you will need some patience to do your searches.

Also, ask friends or family members if they know of anyone selling their F150 Supercrew 7850 GVWR. Word of mouth is always the best way to find something.

Some Final Words

It may be a hard truck to find as one owner did an early 2022 search and found out that many dealers had no idea what that truck was. As we said not many people want or need a truck with that high of a payload capacity.

If you can find one at a good price, buy it. You may not see another one for a while. Dealers may or may not be of much help to you but you can always ask.

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