Broken Down Motorhome: How Much Does It Cost To Tow an RV?

Most websites only deal with towing an RV once it has failed on the road. Very few websites talk about towing an RV from one yard to another. However, there are standard fees that will apply, and the further you go, the unhappier you will be with the cost.

Nothing, if you are under warranty and have a great emergency road service plan. But if you aren’t and don’t, expect to pay between $125 to $150 per hour. Towing an RV is not cheap especially when the drive shaft has to be removed to get the task done.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you know what to expect when this happens to you. Take a few minutes to be like a Boy Scout and be prepared for this emergency

Broken Down Motorhome


There are many reasons why a motorhome will break down. The major one would be engine failure. This does not mean you are sitting on the side of the road waiting for the emergency road service crew to come out and help you.

We will get to that aspect of broken-down motor homes in a moment. There is the situation where you have found a motorhome you like but it is not drivable, for whatever reason.

Instead of towing, you may need the aid of one of the many RV transport services that use flatbed trailers, etc., to relocate the RV. Their fees may be a lot cheaper than a towing company’s fees.

If you are broken down on the highway, then you should have signed up at a good emergency road service organization. They will have an RV towing service that is covered by your fees and will tow you to the nearest authorized repair shop.

There are many good organizations that do this kind of work. Just make sure to read the fine print as one of them will not offer their services, according to one member, if you are driving to dog shows.

How Much Does It Cost To Tow an RV

Every towing company will have its own set of charges if you are not covered by emergency roadside services. We can only give you an estimate of the cost due to this fact and other factors.

Generally, the cost is between $125 and $150 per hour for RV towing. other companies may charge an initial $125 then $2 to $4 per mile. If the towing is local, they may only charge between $50 to $125 flat fee.

What influences these prices are the following factors:

1. The size of the RV or trailer needing towing

2. Towing time- and the fee fluctuates with the size of the RV

3. The condition of the RV- if there are no tires, if the driveshaft has to be removed, or other extra work needs to be done, the cost will go up

4. The time of day- rush hour is going to cost you more than low peak hours

5. The weather will play a role

All of these factors make it harder for the tow truck operator to hook up and move the RV to its next destination. Then because nothing is free anymore, expect to pay heavily for all the duties that need to be done in addition to actual towing the RV.

How do I Calculate Towing Costs?


We have given you many of the factors that would influence your towing cost. Those factors will play a heavy role in boosting the figure up quite a bit. Another factor will be mileage. If the company is charging by the mile, then how far you are away from the service center will boost your expense.

Then, there is the difficulty of getting the RV onto the tow truck which will raise your costs. If your RV is on a slope or the ground is very muddy, expect to pay more than if your RV was on solid, dry ground that was level.

The harder it takes to get your RV hooked up and ready to go the more time you have to pay. That is if you are not covered by an Emergency roadside service plan. If you are, then you do not have to worry about the cost of the factors.

All you have to do is wait for the tow truck driver, let him do his work, and then follow him to the desired destination. If the towing is going to take place after hours, then expect to pay a heavier fee. That fee ranges between $5 and $150 depending on the tow truck company.

Can You Tow a Motorhome With a Truck?

You can if the tow truck is big enough to handle the weight of the RV> Most tow trucks can tow any Class B RV with ease. That Class of RV is not that heavy and most tow trucks are designed to handle van-sized vehicles.

This goes for most Class RVs as well. Tow trucks usually have a very high towing weight limit and most Class Cs will fit under their towing limit. Not all as the larger ones probably will need a larger tow truck to move them.

Class A RVs are a different story. Most are rear-wheel drive and the tow truck operator has to unhook the driveshaft to be able to tow them to the repair shop. The tow truck would need to be able to tow 24,000 pounds to be able to tow Small and medium-sized Class A RVs.

The larger Class A models would need a very large tow truck, one for semi-trucks or a flatbed trailer with a semi-truck cab pulling it. They just weigh too much for regular tow trucks.

Now if you are talking about a standard pickup truck, you would need one that can pull between 20,000 and 24,000 pounds to be able to tow a medium or small Class A RV. The Ford F250 & 350, the Ram 2500 & 3500,The GM Sierra 2500 & 3500 & the Chevy Silverado 2500HD & 3500HD can handle that task.

Smaller trucks would only be able to handle smaller Class C and all Class B RVs.

How do They Tow a Class A Motorhome?


This is a difficult task as it requires a vehicle capable of towing between 20,000 and 50,000 pounds. Plus, they have to be able to handle the 25 to 40-foot lengths the Class A comes in. It takes a lot of torque and power to do the job.

The ideal towing situation is to use a flatbed trailer. The tow operator can simply drive the RV up the ramp, if the RV is drivable, and secure it in place. If the flatbed is not available, then the ideal would be to remove the driveshaft so the rear wheels can roll freely.

If the Class A is a front-wheel-drive option, then the ideal method is to lift the front end so the front tires are off the ground. This allows the tow operator to drive smoothly as the rear wheels are not going to be a problem.

Weight and size are going to be the influential factors and you may have to wait until there is a flatbed available. The towing power of many tow trucks may not be large enough to handle the RVs' weight or length.

How do You Tow a Broken C Class Motorhome?

This is pretty much the same scenario as it is with Class A RVs. The ideal towing situation is with the flatbed trailer. This gets the RV off the ground and keeps it from being a factor in the tow. It is probably the safest option for tow truck drivers.

The next best way to tow a Class C is to lift the front tires, if a front-wheel-drive model, and tow it like a regular vehicle. Finally, if the Class C is a rear-wheel drive, then the drive shaft is removed so the rear wheels can roll freely.

The way the Class C is towed will be up to the towing company and what type of equipment they have on hand. They will send out the right tow truck to handle the size and weight of the Class C model.

Towing is very straight forward and there are limited options available. Your tow company will know exactly what to do and they should be able to get your RV no matter its class, to the right repair center without any issues taking place.

Finding Motorhome Towing Service


This is not really a difficult task to do. Many insurance companies have towing services under contract and that will be the service you would use. Or the emergency roadside service plan will have these towing companies locked up to a contract and you cannot use a different one.

You just have to make the call to your service provider and they will either make the call to the towing company or give you the number to call. Just provide them with your membership number and the service does all the paperwork for you.

If you are not under a roadside service plan, your insurance company may know of reputable outfits for you to call and use. The reason we say this is that it may be hard for you to find one on your own.

Towing an RV takes special trucks and equipment and not every towing service has that equipment or those trucks. It is a very complicated and specialized service which is one good reason to sign up for a good roadside service plan.

Those plans know where those companies are and will make a contract with them so you are protected and do not have to wait by the side of the road for a long time.

Top Emergency Roadside Service Companies

We have mentioned this throughout the article and it would be a good idea to become a member of one. They will save you a lot of trouble when your RV has broken down. Here is a list of 6 top RV Roadside Assistance Plans?

We have mentioned this throughout the article and it would be a good idea to become a member of one. They will save you a lot of trouble when your RV has broken down. Here is a list of 6 top RV Roadside Assistance Plans?

1. Good Sam Roadside Assistance- they have few restrictions and offer great customer service

2. The American Automobile Association- or AAA- can be a bit expensive but they have over 100 years of helping motorists out of a jam

3. Allstate Insurance- they have a pay per use option that may help out on finances if your budget is not that large

4. The Better World Club- a little limited in towing miles, up to 5 miles on the regular plan. You have to go premium to get 100 miles of towing distance

5. The Paragon Motor Club- also has up to 100 miles of towing coverage and other options as well

6. Progressive Insurance Company- They will tow you to the nearest repair facility as long as your RV is within 100 feet of a publicly accessible road.

Honorable mention

Coach-Net- it seems to be a very good service as well. They have different tow companies under contract to lower their towing costs. Just make sure to read the fine print to make sure you know what is or isn’t covered or if there are any special conditions.

Some Final Words

Towing your RV is not going to be a cheap task. It would be wise to sign up with an emergency roadside service that offers great towing packages. Protect your holiday or RV travels with the right protection so you do not end up short of money when your RV breaks down. RV towing companies can also be hard to find.

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