Can I Use My EZ Pass While Towing a Trailer? (MA PA E-ZPass)

Experience says a lot. If you do not drive the East Coast toll roads, you may not have heard about EZ Pass and how it works. When you read about this Pass on the RV discussion forums, you may see that different RV owners have different experiences using different EZ Pass transponders.

Yes, you can use your EZ Pass while towing a trailer. But your experience may differ from other RV owners. Some have one color of transponder for one vehicle and they may have another color for their trailer. It also depends on the state you get the EZ Pass and how your Pass will work.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you can have the information you need before you travel those East Coast toll Roads. The news is all good.

Can I Use My EZ Pass While Towing a Trailer?


The answer to this question is positive but it can get complicated. It seems that the different states involved in the EZ Pass system have a few different rules. This can affect how you go through the EZ Pass lane.

Some RV owners have discovered that their tow vehicle’s EZ Pass transponder covers both their tow vehicle and trailer. But that may be because they inputted the trailer’s license number when they bought their Pass.

Generally, you have to pick the option that allows you to configure your Pass’ transponder to include your trailer. You need to do this because trailers receive a different classification from the states involved in this system.

It is possible, and some RV owners have mentioned it, that you will get a discount for your trailer if you register it with the system. Check with your state to see all the options available.

How Does EZ Pass Work With a Trailer?


There seem to be 4 EZ Pass options when it comes to towing a trailer, here are those 4 options:

1. Buy a transponder for your trailer- this is separate from your tow vehicle, is linked to your account, and should be mounted on the front of the trailer. When your trailer goes through the toll booth the money will be automatically deducted from your account

2. Use your tow vehicle’s transponder- this is done by connecting your trailer’s license to your transponder. This option can save you money by avoiding buying another transponder.

3. Buy a trailer plate transponder- connects your trailer’s license plate to the system and with it, your trailer will be assessed the correct fee

4. Buy a trailer pass- this is a sticker placed on your trailer’s license plate. However, you may have to pay an extra fee for this option

How do I Add a Trailer To My E-ZPass NJ?


First, there is a trailer pass you can buy and the description goes like this:

Enrolled E-ZPass customers will receive a discount off the full fare off-peak and peak tolls on the Garden State Parkway only. Discount would apply to class 2 through class 5 vehicles that meet the requirements of a class 1 tag with additional axles (RV’s are eligible). This plan is offered to Private accounts only. Business and Commercial accounts are not eligible.”

So you have to be a private owner to access this pass. Also, you need to open an account with the New Jersey side of the system if you live in that state. From there you just follow all the instructions to add your trailer.

You can get those instructions from this link. If you have any more questions, use that website’ contact web page to ask them. Delaware and New York information is included when it intersects with New Jersey roads, etc.

EZ Pass With Trailer MA, NY, PA


For New York, you have to fill out an application form and check the type of trailer you will be towing. You can see that application form at this link. It seems that even if you do not have a trailer tag, the gantries are capable of determining the number of axles and the height of your vehicle. Then you will be charged accordingly.

For Massachusetts, you need to list the trailer’s license plate on your account, then their system will count the number of axles and charge you accordingly. Here is a link to the MA EZ Pass system.

It seems that Pennsylvania has a toll-by-plate system. You can register up to 4 license plates on a private account and this may include your trailer. If you have any questions contact the state office through this link.

Can I Use My VA E-ZPass While Towing a Trailer?


In this state, you have to buy a separate trailer transponder to tow your trailer through the Virginia toll booths. Here is what they say:

You can switch the transponder from one vehicle to another as long as you use it on the same vehicle type. If you tow a trailer or a boat, your vehicle type will change and so you will need to get a different transponder.”

To find out all the information on costs, and procedure and to ask any questions, just click this link. The information above is found under the FAQ web page and after some scrolling to get to the right section.

Some Additional Words

As we said earlier, the EZ Pass system is governed by individual states and each state has its own rules and regulations. The websites also have information on how to use EZ Pass outside of your home state.

The cost will differ but in each case, you will have to have an original account that is pre-paid to avoid any problems with the system. In all cases, you can use EZ Pass to tow a trailer.

How much you will be charged will be up to the individual states participating in this system. For further NY information, click here. All websites should be able to answer all your questions.

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