2013 Honda Odyssey Towing Capacity (Helpful Guide and Tips)

The towing capacity doesn’t tell all. The figure may tell you the weight the vehicle can tow. However, it does not provide other details. Some cars need to have a towing package installed, which can run you a few extra hundred dollars or more. Look at the fine print before you buy.

For the 5-speed automatic EX model, you are capable of towing up to 3500 pounds. However, when you read the fine print, to achieve that level of weight you need to have trailer brakes and the optional Honda towing package. You also should use unleaded fuel.

To learn more about this car’s towing abilities and capacities, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can tow safely and often. Take a few minutes to get up to speed on this critical topic.

How Much Can a 2013 Odyssey Tow?


We checked the different versions or trims this model comes in. There is the 6-speed touring and touring elite, the 5-speed EX and LX models, and the information is all the same. The most you can tow with this vehicle is 3500 pounds.

The curb weight is just over 4500 pounds, and make sure you add in the weight of your gear and passengers. that will affect your overall towing capacity. You can fit 8 people into this vehicle, and their combined weight will cut down on how much weight you can tow.

That towing maximum is for both standard and maximum towing. You have little to no leeway on this vehicle. Trying to tow a little bit more weight is never a good idea as the extra weight will affect the handling and performance of your car.

What Can a 2013 Honda Odyssey Tow?

The Honda Odyssey can tow small trailers, fishing boats, and trailers, as well as light pop-up trailers. The key is to stay under the maximum capacity. Even if you think going 100 pounds over the capacity is okay, it may not be.

You may end up damaging the axle or some other part of the car, like the transmission. A lot will depend on where you are towing the trailer. Some people have said that this is not a vehicle to use to unload the boat into the water.

The ramps and water can pose extra problems at the moment. Rough roads can also be a hassle and may harm your vehicle when you hit a bump or two. You really have to be careful about the terrain you are going over before deciding which type of trailer you will pull.

Can a Honda Odyssey Tow a Boat?


Yes, this is possible but keep in mind that the trailer and the boat’s weights must be under 3500 pounds. Anything over that weight, and you will be asking for trouble and taking a big risk.

You and your friends may have had some success at going over the tow weight maximum, but that doesn’t mean every Honda Odyssey can handle it or that something is not weakening with every attempt.

Make sure that your trailer has trailer brakes. That will ensure your car can tow the 3500-pound maximum. Then you should have the Honda tow package installed. A transmission cooler will be needed if you are waiting in line at the boat ramp or going up a hill.

Different situations can arise, so be careful with the throttle and try not to pass anyone.

Can a Honda Odyssey Tow a Car?

According to Honda’s parts online website, you would be surprised at what an Odyssey can tow. With towing package, you can tow the aforementioned speed or fishing boat with little trouble.

Then, if you see a fellow traveler in the ditch, the car can tow a Honda Civic holding 4 people inside. But that would be pushing the limits of its towing ability, especially if those adults weighed more than 150 pounds each.

That means you can tow just about any car as long as it remains below the 3500-pound weight limit. A Volkswagon bug should not be any trouble, nor should some micro vehicles like the old Minis.

When you are in doubt about towing a car, just check the car’s weight that needs to be towed. If it is under 3500 pounds and no one will be sitting inside, then it should be no problem.

Can a Honda Odyssey Tow a Camper?


Yes, the Honda is capable of pulling a nice trailer or camper behind it. The key is the same as it is for boats and cars. You have to have a camper that is lighter than 3500 pounds, including all adults and gear.

That benchmark will tell you how much leeway you have, and a small but good pop-up should not be a problem either. Then you can pull a 1,000-pound horse in its trailer if you want to.

If you are the music type, you should be able to pull a 1,200-pound flatbed or covered trailer holding 2 grand pianos without any difficulty. You have lots of towing options at your disposal when you use a Honda Odyssey as your tow vehicle.

The key is to stay under the maximum towing weight at all times.

2013 Honda Odyssey Towing Package

These items are still available, and the most important item you will need will be the cooler air duct assist. This is a part that is specially designed to direct airflow over the cooler, and it helps make sure your car does not overheat when you are going up steep inclines.

Other parts of the package include automatic transmission fluid cooler, power steering fluid cooler, the hitch, and the ball. Towing takes its toll on some engines, especially when you are pulling that weight uphill.

You risk overheating when you do not use the proper fluids or equipment under your hood. Plus, you run the risk of damaging essential parts as well. These towing packages are available in different outlets that sell Honda parts.

Even the Honda e-store has parts of the package available, and they will give you the price with or without installation costs.

2013 Honda Odyssey Tow Hitch


There are two key parts that you will need to tow anything with your Honda Odyssey. The first one is the Class II trailer hitch. This mounts directly to your frame giving the ultimate performance, strength, and security you need.

The other is the 1 7/8 to 2-inch receiver. Honda says just the 2-inch size, but it may work with the smaller receiver also. This design allows you to customize the ball and fit the trailer you want to tow.

Suppose the prices are not suitable for you, as one store sells the package at $763, down from the $993 MSRP. Honda sells the hitch at $402, but prices may change as you will still need the cooler and the two fluids to complete the package.

2013 Honda Odyssey Trailer Wiring

Some stores carry this item as well. The good news is this product will not set you back very much. Some can be found on sale at $60 approx, down $11 from the regular $71 price tag.

Installation should not be too difficult, and there are tutorials on YouTube or print websites that will help you get the wiring done just right. The instructions are just too long to place here. The key is getting access to the driver’s side rear fuse box, which is usually located under the third rear seat.

Travel Trailer for a Honda Odyssey


We cannot list all of the different trailers 5this car can tow behind it. As long as the trailer and your gear/supplies weigh under 3500 pounds, you should have no trouble towing a variety of different trailers.

Some of the different models can be pop-up trailers, tear drop trailers, Airstream Bambi, and similar-sized campers. Then some specific models include-- Jayco Hummingbird 17RB, Jayco Jay Flight SLX 195RB. Forest River R-Pod 179, Forest River Flagstaff E-Pro 19FD, and the Travel Lite Aura 21RB.

You really do not have to miss out on camping fun when you own a Honda Odyssey.

Some Final Words

While the towing capacity is only 3500 pounds, that still does not exclude you from having a good vacation. The vehicle can pull various trailers as long as the gear and trailer remain under that limit.

Just do not forget the towing package. It is essential if you want to have your Odyssey do all the heavy lifting. Compare models, but all Odysseys are the same in this case.

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