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How Much Can a Transit Connect Tow? (Towing Capacity Guide)

Towing is a way of life. Then with so many vehicles to choose from, it is easy to assume that they all tow the same amount of weight. But they don't, and you have to be careful as some vehicles tow a lot less than you would expect

How Much Can a Transit Connect Tow? The Transit Connect upper limit towing capacity is 2,000 pounds, and there seems to have been no changes made to that capacity over the years.

It seems that no matter which year of the Ford Transit Connect was made, it was given a very small towing capacity. 

To learn more about how much you can tow with this vehicle, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about. When they were introduced to Europe in 2002, they could tow 800 kg.

Can a Transit Connect Tow?

Yes, a Transit Connect can tow, but even with the tow package, you will not be able to tow very heavy trailers. From our research, each model year was given the capacity to tow 2000 pounds and no more. You might get a small trailer and a speedboat behind your vehicle but nothing larger than a very lightweight travel trailer or teardrop option.

Ford Transit Connect Towing Capacity


As reported, for America, the capacity is 2000 pounds, while for Britain or the UK, the limit may only be 800 kg. But when it comes to pre-2014 models, there does not seem to be a listing for the towing capacity. None were listed for 2012, and all that was given for the 3013 was N/A.

2014 seems to be the year that Ford decided to add an extra towing feature to the vehicle as that is when the ratings seem to start. Even Wikipedia lists the towing weight as 2000pounds for the 2014 model year and none for the previous years.

How Much Weight Can a Ford Transit Connect Carry?

The 2012 model could carry up to 1600 pounds, while the more recent versions may have been slimmed down somewhat as they are listed at carrying only 1,530 pounds. One model with the reinforced frame can carry about 1,610 pounds and still only tow 2,000 pounds.

Check your owner's manual to see the exact weight your model can carry. It will be listed clearly so that there is no doubt about your maximum load limit.

Ford Transit Connect Payload Capacity


This will depend on the model and trim of your Ford Transit Connect. While there is a standard 1600 pound payload capacity, it is not the same load limit for all trims. The best way to find out the exact weight you can carry you can check your manual or talk to a Ford dealer.

2010-2011 Ford Transit Connect Towing Capacity

We did not find any specs sheet that gave a tow capacity rating for these two model years. All the other information was present under the specs headline save for towing weight capacity and tongue weight.

We have noticed that pre-2014, no one is giving a tow rating for the vehicle. That does not mean there isn't one and that you cannot tow. It just means that you need to talk to a good honest mechanic to see if it is possible.

One company did list a tow hitch for the 2011 Transit, and it could tow up to 3500 pounds, but that was about it.

2015-2017 Ford Transit Connect Towing Capacity


2,000 pounds seems to be the maximum for those years as it does for 2014, 2018, and 2021 and any year in between. Ford is not providing a lot of hope here for those travelers who want to use their Connect to get their trailers to their next vacation spot.

Can a Transit Connect Tow a Caravan?

It may be possible, and you would have to check your owner's manual first before you try. If so, the 2,000-pound weight limit will probably reduce you to towing a very light Scamp, Casitas, a teardrop trailer, or a light weight pop-up camper.

Those options usually weigh under 2000 pounds when you get the smaller versions. Other than that, you may be relegated to only towing a flatbed trailer with a very lightweight toy on top.

Transit Connect Tow Bar


These are available at most outlets that sell towing equipment and gear. The good news is that since the Transit Connect tows so little weight, a class I tow hitch may be all you will need.

These are reasonably priced and are easy to find. Do some comparison shopping to get the best deal possible.

Ford Transit Connect Tow Package

The tow package includes the following items: rearview camera, Blis or Blind Spot Information system, advance trac with RSC, which stands for roll stability control, and trailer sway control.

All of these features are included to help you tow safely. However, they may not be factory installed on all models. Make sure to double-check, so you do not have to waste time getting it added in at a later date.

Transit Connect Owner's Manual Download


This is not hard to get as Ford has it online already. For the 2020 manual, just click here. If you want to use Ford, you may have to do a separate search for each year this vehicle was made.

Here is another link to get you the same results. Finally, this website will get you 10 years worth of manuals.

Some Final Years

One thing about car makers, they all seem to have the same idea about vans. These vehicles are made for cargo hauling, not towing. You can get a lot of weight inside the cargo area, but as a tow vehicle, it is not ideal. The Transit Connect can do some towing, but heavyweights are out of their range. You have to go light.

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