Jet Ski Toy Hauler: Can You Fit a Jet Ski in a Toy Hauler?

For those boys who never grow up, there is a toy hauler for you. They can be large or small toys, and you will still be able to bring your toys along on your next RV vacation. All you need to do is a little planning ahead to get the toy in the toy hauler.

Can you fit a jet ski in a toy hauler? This is a possibility, but you may have to measure the jet ski and the toy hauler to make sure it will fit. Most toy haulers handle up to 2,500 pounds, and jet skis weigh roughly half or less than half of that total. Trailers weigh even less than jet skis.

To learn more about this option, just continue to read our article. It has the information you need to know about in order to make sure your jet ski fits inside your toy hauler. It may not always be a comfortable fit, but it can be done.

Jet Ski In Toy Hauler?


If you are not sure what a toy hauler is, it is an RV with space in the back for cargo items like grown-up toys. You can usually fit different ATVs and other recreational options inside that space without losing any living space up front.

What makes a toy hauler so attractive is that it provides a covered area that protects your toys from the elements. Then, the cargo door acts like a ramp letting you put your toy in or take it out without a lot of work.

Other features that make using a toy hauler over a regular RV is that once the toy is out onto the ground, you can use that space for additional living quarters or a nice outdoor patio.

The versatility of these vehicles makes sure you have the ultimate vacation when you use an RV instead of a hotel and car. If you have more than one toy, you may need to tow the extra one along behind your RV, but two trailers behind a tow vehicle are not always legal in some states.

Can a Jet Ski Go In a Toy Hauler?

Weight-wise this is not usually an issue. Because jet skis weigh anywhere between 300 and 1200 pounds, you still have enough weight capacity left over for other gear, food, and supplies. If the toy hauler is large enough, you can add the trailer, which will also not tip the scales against you.

That brings up an interesting drawback as toy haulers may not always be long enough or wide enough to handle a jet ski, especially if you want the trailer to fit inside as well. On average, the toy hauler is roughly 7 or 8 feet wide in the interior measurements.

Their lengths will vary, and on average, a jet ski is only about 2 1/2 feet wide and 8 feet long, not including the trailer. This can present a problem for you. Make sure to measure accurately to ensure your toy will fit.

When you want to include the trailer, you have the additional length of the tongue to consider. Some of these tongues are quite long and may not fit inside. If you have an open toy hauler, you may have more wiggle room than one with an enclosed design.

Can You Fit a Jet Ski In a Toy Hauler?


Yes and no. That is the best way to frame that answer. It will depend on two main elements-- the size of the toy hauler and the size of the toy with trailer. As you just read, the jet skis can be quite long, and when you add in the trailer tongue, you are going to need a lot of extra room in that toy hauler.

Before you go out and buy or rent a toy hauler, make sure to bring along your measuring tape. After measuring the size of your jet ski, you need to measure the size of the toy hauler. If it is going to be too small, you may want to check with your state to see if it is legal to tow two trailers behind your tow vehicle.

Don’t take chances with this situation, and if your spouse loves the floor plan of the toy hauler yet the cargo is too small, you may have a little discussion on your hands. Make sure to have everyone on the same page before you start looking for an RV with a toy hauler section.

How Much Towing Capacity do I Need for a Jet Ski?

This is going to be something that you have to figure out. Each tow vehicle has a different towing capacity, and each toy hauler will have a different weight. You have to check the specs on your tow vehicle to see how much weight can be allotted to your toy hauler.

Since jet ski weights vary, it will depend on the weight of your specific jet skis well. You may have a toy hauler large enough to haul your jet ski, but the combined weight between that and the rest of the toy hauler may be too much for your tow vehicle.

What you need to factor in are the weights of the passengers, the toy hauler weight, gear and food supplies, as well as the weight of the toy. Once you get that total, then you need to compare it with the towing specs of your tow vehicle.

If the total is under the towing capacity of the tow vehicle, then you will be fine. If it isn’t, then you may have to leave your toy at home. There are some terms you need to be familiar with, and the following table explains those terms**:

Terms Meaning Description
GVRW gross vehicle weight rating maximum load weight
GCWR gross combined weight rating maximum towing weight
GAWR gross axle weight maximum amount of weight on each axle
GTW gross trailer weight total trailer weight
TW tongue weight total weight at the hitch
Curb Weight
weight of the empty vehicle
Dry Weight
weight sans fluids
total weight of passengers & cargo

How to Load Jet Ski in a Toy Hauler

This is not as great a problem as you might imagine. It will take a little effort on your part to get your toy into position and up into the toy hauler. Thankfully, you have many options at your disposal, and you can choose the one that fits you and your situation the best.

  • 1. Portable winch - this can be located in the right spot to give you maximum pulling power. If you can find one with a motor, that would make this option very easy to use. Make sure to back the toy into position with your tow vehicle.
  • 2. Tow vehicle - this will depend on how steep your ramp is. If it is not too steep, you should be able to back the toy right into position without any hard pushing and pulling. Just make sure the ramp is strong enough to hold all the weight being placed on it.
  • 3. ATVs - this vehicle just replaces your tow vehicle. The process is the same and just make sure you have room to maneuver everything into place.
  • 4. Old school - the old-fashioned way is always available, and that method is by using your hands as well as your brute strength. Do not try this if you are doing it without help. You will need more than one set of hands.

After you get your toy into the toy hauler, make sure to secure it in place. The last thing you need is for your jet ski to move around on you.

Jet Ski Dolly for a Toy Hauler


When you do not have the length to haul your toy and its trailer, you may want to go to the jet ski dolly. The name may sound like this is a unique and specially made tool for jet skis, but it is a variation of the work dolly. The only difference will be the purpose of the dolly and the wheels.

These dollies come in different designs. Some have rollers to make loading and unloading easy, and others do not. Their tires are large in order to handle the weight of the jet ski as well as get you through the sane to the water’s edge.

Also, some will have hand winches on them to make sure you can load and unload without straining your back. These dollies make sense when you have little room inside the toy hauler. They make maneuvering the jet ski a little easier than using the trailer.

Of course, the type of jet ski dolly you use will depend on your budget and the type of design you want to work with. Some come with 4 wheels, and some come only with 2 wheels. So you have lots of design choices to select from.

Plus, you do not have to detach them from your jet ski to get them to fit inside of your toy hauler. Just secure the wheels and the cargo door, and you should be fine.

How do You Secure a Jet Ski On a Trailer?

This situation has a few good options as well. You can use bungee cords if you have some long enough. The rubber or fabric materials should not scratch your jet ski. Some people recommend ratchet-type straps to make sure the jet ski stays where you put it.

Those ratchet straps are probably the most secure option you have. If you are worried about someone stealing your jet ski, then you have security options you can use to prevent that from happening.

There are trailers and jet ski locks you can buy. These will secure the trailer to your tow vehicle when it is not in use. Or you can try steel straps that tie your jet ski to its trailer, preventing thieves from lifting the toy off the trailer and into their waiting pick-up truck.

Plus, you can add a sturdy marine lock to your ensemble, making sure the thieves cannot move anything without your permission. You can use your tow hook to lock your jet ski to its trailer.

Other methods of securing your jet ski include buying one with or installing an alarm. This may not scare the thieves away, but it will alert anyone within hearing distance that a crime is being committed.

How to Unload Jet Ski From a Trailer


If you bought the manual or powered winch to load your jet ski, you could use it to unload it. It is a safe and straightforward method to use. Plus, it does not take a lot of time or energy to use this option. You just have to be careful that nothing goes wrong.

Also, if your ramp is not that steep, you can use your tow vehicle or ATV to get it down to the ground and then move it to the water without unhitching it. Your jet ski dolly is another handy tool to use. If it is still attached to your toy, then it should be no problem maneuvering it into position for easy offloading.

Finally, you have the old-school method of doing it by hand. This can mean lifting the jet ski off if you have enough help or simply manipulating the trailer so you can pull it off without hooking it up to a vehicle.

Getting the jet ski out is probably the easier of the two tasks as you will have gravity and the weight working with you instead of against you. The key is to make sure those two elements do not run away with your jet ski and cause injuries or damage.

How to Get Two Jet Skis In a Toy Hauler

While this is possible, it may not be the best idea to try to bring it to fruition. The problem that anyone will have is space. You may not have enough space for 2 jet skis and their trailers. Height may be okay, but you really have to measure precisely in order to figure out how to manipulate the jet skis into position without damaging either one.

Some people have used winches, and that may be your best option to load and unload those jet skis safely. But positioning would be key as you only have about 7 to 8 feet across to work with.

If you have space, a trailer that can hold two jet skis, and a strong winch, then you should be able to do it with no problem or at least a few issues. From our research, people are mentioning that it can be done, but no one is going into a lot of detail explaining how it can be done.

The success will depend on the size and weight of the jet skis. Smaller ones will be a lot easier to get into the toy hauler than the larger ones.

Can You Pull a Jet Ski Behind a Travel Trailer?


This will depend on the state you live in. Not all states allow for non-commercial vehicles to tow two trailers. If the state allows it, then yes, you can pull a trailer and a second one holding your jet ski.

But you would have to check with your state and see what regulations they have. Some allow for two trailers to be pulled yet put restrictions on the overall length. If you meet all the regulations, the next issue to solve will be do you have the confidence and the experience along with the skill to maneuver two trailers into position or around corners.

Along with those questions, you also have to check the specs on your travel trailer. You have to see if the frame is strong enough to handle the tow weight you are going to attach to it.

You may not be able to pull a second trailer because your travel trailer is not rated for that amount of weight. An average jet ski can weigh between 300 and 1200 pounds, and when you add the 100 to 300 pounds of the trailer, you may have a load that is too heavy to tow.

This information also includes your tow vehicle. You have to make sure it is strong enough to tow that much additional weight. Check your specs to make sure.

Some Final Words

Everyone likes to have fun on their vacation, and bringing their jet ski is just one option. However, it may not be prudent, and your toy hauler may not be large enough to handle the toy. Make sure to measure accurately so you can make the right decision.

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