Ford E-450 Gas Mileage: How Many Miles Per Gallon Does It Get?

Do not be surprised when you ask owners of the Ford E450 when they say above 10 MPG. They may have gotten that much mileage and they may not have. But be worried if the report they only received 4 to 6 MPG driving habits tend to lower fuel efficiency.

On average you can expect to receive about 8 MPG with your Ford E450. That is what the majority of E450 owners receive. You may get more and you may get less as your results depend on different factors that impact fuel mileage.

To learn the approx. Miles per gallon this engine produces, just continue to read our article. It has that information so you can make an intelligent purchase decision. For RV owners 8 MPG is doing good.

How Many Miles Per Gallon Does an E450 v10 Get?


As we said earlier, you can expect about 8 MPG as that seems to be about the average amount most RV owners get. Some owners have reported achieving up to 14 MPG but that I under ideal conditions if they are telling the truth.

They may have had the wind at their backs going downhill and empty. We can’t be sure but take those higher figures with a grain of salt. Then some owners have 5 to 6 MPG and those are more believable due to the fact that there are many factors that would easily lower their results.

They could be driving uphill against the wind with a full load and under-inflated tires. The mileage you will get will depend on those factors and you will either be pleased with the results, content with getting the average, or disappointed you could not have done better.

Ford E-450 Gas Mileage


While 8 miles tends to be the average or where most RV owners report you may also get a little bit better mileage or slightly worse. Most owners report that they are getting between 7 and 10 MPG with 8 being the highest total.

One of the factors we spoke of includes how fast you drive. One owner reported that if he drove 49 MPH without a headwind, he could get 10 MPG. But if he drove 50 MPH under the same conditions then his fuel mileage dropped to 9 MPG.

If you like to go fast and get to your destination quickly, then do not expect to get 9 MPG. You may be in the 7 & under range especially if you run into a headwind and a lot of hills. Mileage is very vulnerable to different factors.

E450 Ford Motorhome Gas Mileage


In this situation, the average drops below 8. Some say it is 7.7 MPG for RVs but that is just the average. You may get more or less depending on other factors than just speed.

Those other factors include:

- Wind

- Hills

- Payload

- Towing

- Acceleration rate

- Tires

- Aerodynamics

Each one of these factors will impact your fuel efficiency and while you may expect to reach the average, you may not do so. If you are fully loaded on a windy day going mostly uphill with bad tires as well as towing your toad, do not expect to get above 8 or even 10 MPG.

It is just not going to happen. To do well you will have to drive under very good conditions, go mostly downhill, have properly inflated and good tires, and so on. Then, also watch your speed.

Speed is one of the biggest fuel efficiency killers there is. If you watch how fast you travel, you should be able to eke out a few more miles per tankful. Also, watch your stop and go activities as you will lose a lot of miles in that type of traffic.

Ford E-450 Shuttle Bus Gas Mileage


One owner did some explaining about his shuttle bus. In fact, he could not say enough good things about it. He praised it in every category including his mileage. His statement was he got 11- 12 miles per gallon in the city and 17 on the highway.

That included idling time and short trips. He did say his shuttle bus had a diesel version and that with the gas version, you could only expect to see 6 to 8 MPG under the same conditions.

Most used places selling this vehicle do not report the mileage as they know that everyone’s mileage results will be different. Your MPG will depend a lot on you, how you drive, and how many passengers you will carry. Among other factors so placing an exact amount here would be impossible.

2004 Ford E-450 Diamond Minibus Gas Mileage


This is going to be a lighter vehicle and you may not tow with it. That means that you should receive better fuel mileage than the above mentioned vehicles. You can look in the upper teens when it comes to mileage per gallon.

It all depends on which vehicle the engine is placed in that boosts or decreases your MPG rating. Pick-up trucks when empty can get close to 20 MPG but loaded and going at a nice speed, you may not get to 12 MPG.

The same thing applies to these mini buses. Everyone’s results will differ, for the most part, due to their driving situations. You can’t put an exact figure out there because of the wide range of results and influential factors.

Some Additional Words

Do not expect to get great gas mileage when you are in an RV. Whether it has the E450 engine or not, RVs are known to get the worst miles per gallon than most vehicles.

Their results may be slightly better than a race car’s. So watch your tire pressure, where you drive, how you drive, and the amount of weight involved. Then you can expect to receive better than average results in the majority of cases. MPG is very flexible and hard to pinpoint for everyone.

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