DEF In Fuel Tank: Will Insurance Cover DEF In Diesel Tank?

It may be a good thing if your insurance does cover the damage caused by putting DEF in your fuel tank. The repairs to the fuel system can be almost as expensive as your total mortgage payment for the year, if not double it. Always be careful when filling both tanks.

Putting DEF into your fuel tank is an understandable mistake. Even though the DEF filler cap is blue, it is still easy to put the DEF fluid inside your fuel tank. The two filler openings are usually next to each other. If you are not careful, the repair bill can reach almost $8000.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you do not make the same costly mistake. Take a few minutes to see how this information makes you more aware when filling your tanks.

DEF in Fuel Tank Insurance Claim


You can make the claim but it will be up to your insurance company if they will pay for the damages or not. Some owners seem to have been successful at getting their insurance companies to cover this mistake.

It is certainly worth trying as the repair bill will be more than you may be able to afford. Some estimates have gone above the $8000 bill we mentioned earlier. They have reached between $12,000 & $20,000 to replace the whole fuel system.

That is what has to take place when you make this costly mistake. It is not a matter of draining the tank and refueling it with new diesel fuel. DEF fluid can corrode the parts in your fuel system.

Once in there it does not get washed out by the fuel running through the lines and other parts. Everything DEF touches in your fuel system has to be replaced and that adds up.

The best you can hope for is that you have a good friendship with your insurance agent who won’t shut your claim down before it gets an honest hearing.

Will Insurance Cover DEF in The Diesel Tank?


Technically, no it won’t. Not when your insurance coverage is in its basic format. That basic format is usually just liability coverage. There may be other mandatory coverage you have to buy as well but DEF in the fuel tank is not one of them.

When you put DEF in your diesel fuel tank, under these conditions, your insurance won’t cover the damage and you will have to foot the bill yourself. That is not going to be a pretty picture once you receive the bill.

However, if you pay for what are called dummy clauses, then chances are you may have protection and the insurance company will cover the expense. You will need to keep a good record of your maintenance habit to show the company that you do take care of your vehicle.

That can be done by you or by the dealer you get your servicing. They will have a record on file of your visits and prove to the insurance company that you do not make this mistake very often.

As a warning, do not put diesel into your DEF tank either. The diesel will return the favor and damage the DEF components. Even a teaspoon full can do a lot of damage to your DEF system.

What Happens When You Put Def in The Diesel Tank?


The question is, do you really want to know? It is not a pretty sight and it gets worse when you see the repair bill. DEF is made from urea and water and even a little bit can cause a lot of damage.

Your whole tank of diesel fuel will be contaminated and will need to be drained. You are lucky if this is the only thing that happens to you. If you realize your mistake at the gas station, do not start the engine. Once you do that, you will cause irreparable harm to the fuel system components.

If you start your engine shut it off as quickly as possible. But if you drive with the DEF in your fuel tank, then your car will be limited to about 5 miles per hour after a short drive.

Once the DEF gets to all the other components, it will start corroding the parts and the fuel line. The damage may not happen right away but it will eventually. After you drive your vehicle, every part of the fuel system will have to be replaced.

How Much Does It Cost To Fix DEF in The Fuel Tank?


This is another piece of information you may not want to know about but you have been told already. The amount you have to pay will depend on the damage done, your dealer, and if your insurance company will pay for the damage or not.

Estimates have been as low as $7700 and as high as about $20,000. If the insurance company agrees that you are covered, and this is the good news, you may only have to pay the deductible.

One owner only had to pay $245 of the $7700 cost to repair his truck. But he had a dummy clause in his insurance coverage and a good maintenance track record.

Check your insurance to see if you have a dummy clause in it or not. If not, then add it. The little amount of extra money you pay will save you a lot in the future if you make this mistake.

Some Final Words

Insurance coverage is not a sure thing. You have to make sure you keep good records, buy the dummy clauses, and make sure you meet any other requirements the insurance company may have.

The next thing to do is when you go in to fill up, watch what you do carefully. It is easy to put DEF into the diesel fuel tank when you are in automatic mode or too tired to pay attention. The reverse is true too.

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