BP Gas Station Pump Colors (Green vs Yellow Pump at Station)

Those are very important words to go by when you own a diesel engine. Some people think that green is the designated color for diesel pump nozzles. That may be the most popular but it may not be the standard. Watch out.

Typically, you will find that diesel pump nozzles are yellow at most gas stations. But not at BP stations. Theirs are usually green. To avoid this problem, read the labels on the pumps so you get the right fuel. Just don’t assume the color tells you everything.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have the correct information before you reach the gas pump at a BP station. Take a few minutes to be forewarned about this interesting situation.

BP Gas Station Diesel Pump


It is easy to get confused when you are at the pump as well as researching this problem. The unofficial, and we emphasize that word unofficial, color for diesel is supposed to be green.

However. You may find that at BP stations their color for diesel may be yellow or black. The official BP colors are green thus the company wanted its nozzles to reflect that official designation.

We suspect you may run into similar problems at other gas stations as well. The way to avoid putting gas into your diesel fuel tank is to not assume the colors are telling the truth.

Read the pumps, and the labels and make sure you are getting the fuel you need. Don’t blame the gas station because you made the mistake. That is what some diesel owners are doing.

Make sure to read the labels so you do not make this mistake.

Green Gas Pump


According to our research green = diesel but that may not be the case when you go to certain gas stations like BP. For them, one person who called the company said that the stations have a green handle to show that their gas is green.

Hence, the confusion many drivers have when they pull up to the pumps. Green is not an official color for diesel and you will find that different gas stations may have all black on their nozzles for all fuel types.

Going by color is not the smart way to fill up your diesel or any other engine. Go by the label to make sure. While drivers may get tired and do not pay attention, their mistakes have cost them hundreds of dollars and others thousands of dollars in repairs.

Yellow Pump At The Gas Station


This color is unofficially reserved for the e85 gas pump. E85 is an alternative fuel or biofuel that you may be able to use in some modern vehicles. You do not want to put this fuel in your nice, new diesel engine.

While the engine may run, it won’t run very well and you can end up causing your motor a lot of damage. To use this fuel, you have to have the right engine under the hood.

However, since there are no official colors for fuel options, you have to stay sharp when you pull into the gas station. Gone are the days when diesel was reserved for big trucks and you had 3 choices of real gas.

You have to be alert these days as automakers and oil companies went innovative and creative years ago and started confusing everyone.

Yellow vs Green Diesel Pump


This gets a bit complicated as there are different colors used at different pumps. Before we get to the yellow vs. Green, you have to realize that red is in the mix as well. Red is for off-road farm, construction, and similar vehicles. It is not to be put n your daily diesel driver or RVs.

Now, if you are looking at the exterior of the pump, then yellow is supposed to be reserved for the 385 or ethanol fuel, also called biofuel. We are not sure what color that gas is.

The green-colored pump and nozzles are supposed to indicate that is the pump where you get diesel fuel. Since there are no official colors, those colors can change depending on the corporation behind the gas station.

Fuel Pump Handle Colors


The best advice that can be given is, DON’T ASSUME. Even if you have driven a long way during the day and are tired, do NOT assume when you get to the pumps.

Make sure to read the labels to get the fuel you need for your specific motor. The reason we say this is because older gas stations may use red, white, & blue on the pumps and handles. Or they may make everything simple and put them all in one color, like black.

Keep your eyes wide open when pulling up to a pump if there is no attendant.

Black Gas Pump


You will find these as well. Some gas stations may use black for diesel only or they may cut costs and make everything black at the pumps. The color of the nozzle is up to the discretion of the gas station company, not the government.

That means that the onus is on you to pump the right fuel by grabbing the right nozzle. Not the right color of the nozzle or one you think is the right nozzle, but the one that is for diesel fuel.

Some Final Words

This may sound harsh, but you need to protect yourself and your investment by being careful. Don’t rely on the government or gas stations to protect yourself or your vehicles. They have done that by keeping the labels very clear and non-confusing.

Next time you are at the pump, use your eyes and read the labels. That way you can avoid doing hundreds or thousands of dollars of damage to your expensive vehicles. One thing is for sure, your insurance won’t pay for your mistake.

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