Airxcel 48000 Series Troubleshooting (RV AC Not Cooling)

When it is hot, it is hot. One of the reasons you have an air conditioner in your RV is that those vehicles and trailers can get very hot. They do not have adequate insulation and the hot air finds a way inside. It is a good thing you have an Airxcel 48000 air conditioning unit or you may have to move to a cooler location.

Air conditioners, like furnaces, have a lot of components that can fail. Sometimes it is just user error that creates the problem. For example, forgetting to turn the thermostat temperature level down after a cool night.

To learn more about this air conditioning series, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can get relief from the hot weather. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you out.

Airxcel 48000 Series Troubleshooting

Airxcel 48000 Series-Troubleshooting-(RV-AC-Not-Cooling)

One of the first places to check to see if any maintenance needs to be done is the filter. If it is dirty it will not let the air conditioner cool your RV. Make sure to routinely check and clean the filter or filters to ensure that your AC unit is operating as it should and has great airflow.

If you look in the manual for this AC series of units, you will discover that it does not contain any error codes or troubleshooting information. The reason for that is very clear.

Airxcel does not want DIY handyman working on their air conditioners. They clearly state on page 10 that all electrical work and inspections should be handled by trained and authorized Airxcel technicians.

They also want you to contact the nearest Airxcel service center for any help resolving air conditioner issues. The information the manual does give you is that the required minimum wire size is #12 AWG for lengths up to 25 feet. Then you will also need a 20-amp fuse to handle the electrical monitoring.

After those little pieces of information, the manual tells you to call an electrician if the AC unit is still tripping the breaker. The manual does say that if the power level is normal and the breaker keeps tripping, then you have a bad circuit breaker.

Another tidbit of information is if the air conditioner has normal power but the compressor or fan does not work, then the connector plug may be faulty. It is located behind the ceiling assembly control box. Other problems should be diagnosed by the professionals.

Airxcel RV Air Conditioner Not Cooling


There are 5 good reasons why your Airxcel air conditioner may not be cooling.

1. User error- this is when you may have raised the thermostat's temperature level and forgot to lower it later on. Make sure to not set the fan speed to zero. You always want the fan circulating the air at all times.

2. Obstruction in the condenser- this is a common problem that many RV owners may have experienced. All it means is that you will have to clean the condenser area and remove any obstructions you find.

The condenser controls the coolant flow and if it is dirty or has a problem the coolant will not flow properly.

3. The filter- if this part is dirty, then the AC unit will not function like it should. Clean the filter if it is still new but if it is old, buy a new one and replace the old one. This is a task you can do without the help of a technician.

4. Clog in the condensation drain- it happens, especially if there is dirt in the AC unit. As the air condition functions, the moisture removed from the air gets stopped at the clog and cannot drain.

This situation can interfere with the AC unit’s cooling duties. The solution is to open up the air conditioner and clean out the clog. If you have time, do some cleaning so this doesn’t happen again.

5. Misc. Issues- there are numerous amounts of other issues that can interfere with your air conditioner’s cooling duties. Unfortunately, all of these issues require a skilled and authorized technician to diagnose and repair.

Airxcel RV Air Conditioner Wiring Diagram


We checked the manual for this air conditioner series and the company did not publish a wiring diagram for them. The reason for this absence is Airxcel’s advice that you do not work on their air conditioning units.

They want you to let their trained technicians handle all the problems you are experiencing. On page 4 of the manual, the company did publish some electrical wiring information and you should read it before attempting any repairs yourself.

We did a few searches for a wiring diagram but none seem to have made it to the internet yet. In the image section of the results page, there are a variety of wiring diagrams but very few are labeled for the 48000 series. Here is one of the ones we found but we are not sure if it is labeled correctly or not:

You may find a myriad of Coleman or Coleman-mach wiring diagrams on the image results page but very few of the Airxcel models

Buying Airxcel RV Air Conditioner Parts


Since Airxcell owns a variety of brands, it is best to look up the brand name of your air conditioner and then go to that company’s website. The Airxcel website did not seem to sell any parts directly to the public but directed all repair and part replacement inquiries to their dealers and service centers.

There is a dealer locator web page and it can be reached through this link. You will need to use an address, zip code, or city or state, then how far away from your location you want to search, and if you want a dealer or service center.

Finally, you need to select the brand. However, when clicking on the brand the one that is missing is Airxcel. So make sure to check your AC unit for another brand name. We did check Coleman-mach and they do not sell the Airxcel 48000.

Your next best option would be to contact the different RV parts and accessories outlets. Send an email as while there are many that turn up on the results page, the ones we checked only had Coleman parts for sale.

Even Amazon did the same thing. They advertised that they had Airxcel parts and when you go to their web page, the parts for Coleman AC units, etc. It seems that your only option is an Airxcel dealer or service center.

Airxcel RV Air Conditioner Filters


For this part, you may have the same trouble and restrictions as other Airxcel parts. You may be stuck with going to the dealers or service centers for replacements.

Or you can take the model number for the filter and see if there are compatible ones at other outlets. There are some universal filter products you can try. One comes so large that you will need to cut it to size but it is advertised to work on most AC unit models.

You can also contact Coleman dealers and see if their filters are compatible with the Airxcell 48000. It is possible that since Airxcel owns 14 brands the parts for those brands could fit into the Airxcel 48000 series of air conditioning units.

Air Conditioning Tips

1. To help lower your energy bill, make sure to set your thermostat to the optimum level and never change it. You use more power by adjusting the AC unit’s temperature level.

2. Another step in lowering your energy bill is to make sure your vents and ductwork are clean and free from obstruction

3. Since the night air is cool enough already, make sure to turn your air conditioner off when you go to bed or set a timer to turn it off 30 to 60 minutes after you go to bed

4. To use less energy and save on your energy bill, make sure to turn off all heat-producing appliances whenever possible. Also, change your light bulbs to LED as those produce less heat than other light bulbs.

5. Make sure to clean the condensation pan and drain line. This work will enable the AC unit to drain properly and not use more energy to do that work

6. Make sure to close all windows and doors when using the AC unit.

Some Additional Words

Some experts claim that the Airxcel brand is a Coleman product but we searched their website and did not find that information to be true. According to Airxcel, you should leave the repair work to their trained professionals.

They do not publish a lot of troubleshooting information making it hard for DIY owners to do the work instead. This may make it a bit inconvenient and expensive but it is the way Airxcel wants it. You can find a dealer or service center near you.

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