Airxcel Thermostat Reset, Operation, Manual (Helpful Guide)

When a device is not working, the usual solution is to take the time to reset it. In some cases, like computers, all you need to do is shut the device off and start it up again. It may work for thermostats as well. At least for those models that do not have a rest button.

There are different types of Airxcel thermostats and as far as we are able to determine, the only reset procedure would be to turn the system off or remove the power source, and then turn the system back on or return the power source.

To learn more about this feature, just continue to read our article. It has this information and more. At some point in time, you will encounter a situation where the manuals do not help at all. This is one of those situations.

How To Reset an Airxcel Thermostat


According to one source, there is no one size fits all answer to any question when it comes to Airxcel products. Each situation, including resetting, will be unique from the model of the thermostat to the heating or cooling unit you have in your RV.

This resource pointed out that the furnace or air conditioner may contain the reset button for the whole system. What we know for sure after reading three manuals for this brand’s thermostats and watching a Forest River video on how to operate them, there is no reset for the thermostat.

The manuals do not provide any process including removing the power source from the device. What the Forest River instruction video stated was that if you had any questions contact your local Forest River dealer and ask your questions.

Most answers to this question have been telling the questioner to remove the power source and then reattach it. This seems to be the only instruction we can find for this brand of thermostat.

If you do not want to ask a dealer, then ask an approved Airxcel technician. They would know the answer better than anyone.

Airxcel Thermostat Hard Reset


This was mentioned by one owner, but no one knows what ‘a hard reset’ means for this brand. The owner said he was told several different reset methods but they did not work for his model of thermostat.

A hard reset may be simply removing the fuse or shutting off the breaker to kill the power. Or you could use the battery disconnect switch to kill the power to the thermostat. Then wait a few minutes and restore the power.

In reading a fourth manual, there are no instructions in any of them for resetting Airxcel thermostats. You may have to talk to a technician, Forest River dealer, or some other RV brand dealer to get the information you need.

Or you can look at your air conditioning or heating unit to see if it has a reset button. The manuals for those units are different than the ones for the thermostats, and they may contain the needed information.

In some models and brands, a hard reset may mean a software reset. This will erase all settings you have inputted into the device and send the thermostat to its original factory settings.

But again, we have found no mention of this process in any of the manuals we have read. Check with your dealer about this before you have a problem with the thermostat.

Download The Airxcel Thermostat Manual


One of the things you have to be careful of is that many of the manuals you find online will not be complete manuals. The 2-page manual for the Airxcel 9400 series is not a complete two-page manual when you get it from Forest River’s web page. It is a page and a half.

Our go-to manual website has the full 2-page manual and you can get it by clicking this link. While our go-to manual website has just about every manual you can think of or want, it does have competition.

This link will take you to several different manuals for a variety of Airxcel thermostats. All you have to do is click on the model number that matches your unit’s model number.

Or if you want, you can contact Airxcel directly and see what manuals they have available. This link takes you to the roof top AC models only and has a section on thermostats.

The Airxcel website is located at this link. Just explore the website as this company owns Coleman-Mach, Suburban, and other RV component businesses.

Change Airxcel Thermostat From Celsius To Fahrenheit


One thing that we noticed about the different manuals, is that they do not all contain the same information. The manual for the roof top AC units has a section for thermostats but not how to switch between Celsius and Fahrenheit.

The manual for the 9400 series has that information. Other manuals just leave the thermostats out of the content. But to make the change all you have to do is press the mode button for 5 to 6 seconds.

Once that is done the thermostat will flash a couple of times and then change the temperature scale. Then to switch back, you just do the same thing. As we said earlier, there is no one size fits all process or solution so your thermostat may be different from the 9400 series and uses a different button.

If you cannot find this information in your manual, contact Airxcel, a dealer, or a technician to get the right procedure for your specific model. This has been one of the hardest companies to get accurate information about its products.

How To Operate Airxcel Thermostat


This will depend on the model of thermostat your RV or trailer has installed. The digital 9400 series is very simple in design and operation. On its face is a display screen, up and down buttons, and a mode button.

To wake it up, you just hit any button and wait for the backlight to illuminate. To access the different operations, you just press the mode button and to raise or lower the temperature, press either the up or the down buttons.

That is all there is to it. If you want to see these instructions in action, then just watch the video at the end of this post (Forest River’s instruction video on this very model). The manual for your specific thermostat should have instructions for its operation.

Generally, the operation is as easy as using the thermostat in your traditional home.

Thermostat Location


We have run across one owner who had his thermostat attached to his RV's outside wall. Why that was done, no one knows. However, this location influenced his thermostat’s operation because the 1-inch hole for the wires allowed for hot air to get to the back of the thermostat.

When it did, condensation formed and the thermostat did not work properly. Watch where your thermostats are placed as this is not good for the device or your heating or cooling units.

If you have yours on an outside wall, relocate it as fast as you can. The manual says this about locating the thermostat:

Thermostats are very sensitive instruments. For accurate temperature control and comfort the following considerations for thermostat locations should be taken into account:

1. Locate the thermostat on an inside wall about five foot above the floor. Pick a dry area where air circulation is good. The thermostat should be mounted within a reasonable distance from the appliance the thermostat will control. This will assure a more accurate temperature relationship between the thermostat and the appliance the thermostat will control.

2. Do not install the thermostat where there are unusual heating conditions; such as direct sunlight, heat producing appliances (television, radio, wall lamp, etc.); or a furnace or air conditioner supply register.

3. Note: When installing or servicing these thermostats the technician should take all necessary precautions not to short any positive wire to ground. Permanent damage to the thermostat may occur. Make sure all connections are good and tight. Loose connections may cause relay chattering which leads to welded relay contacts on air conditioner printed circuit boards”

This information comes from the fourth link in the manual section. The 9400 model series manual leaves out #3 in its location instructions. Just make sure you have complete instructions before doing any work yourself.

Talk to the dealer or technician to get that information if the manual does not have it.

Some Additional Words

There are many devices that are easy to reset. They come with a reset button on the front control panel or in some easy-to-access spot. Then all you have to do is push the button and the device is reset.

This does not seem to be the case with the Airxcel thermostats. They seem to be reset by pulling the power and then restoring it after about 20 minutes. If this does not work, then make sure to call the dealer or technician and ask them.

They should be able to help you do this task without any confusion.

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