How Do You Use an RVComfort.ZC Thermostat? (Manual Download)

When you do not have the manual. This usually happens when you buy used. When the manuals are missing, you are left with figuring out how to run different features through trial and error. It can be a painstaking process until you figure it all out. But once you do, everything will be fine once again.

You would use it like any other thermostat however this brand may have a few extra features and different codes to go by. If you do not have a manual to help you, we have placed some download links at the end of this article.

To learn more about operating this thermostat, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can handle the operating process without difficulty. Take a few minutes to see how this information solves some of your thermostat issues.

How do I Reset my RV.Comfort ZC Thermostat?

The process just takes pressing a few buttons and the thermostat should be reset. There are a few steps to follow and those steps do not take a long time:

1. Press 00 on the thermostat

2. Turn the thermostat off

3. Remove the fuse for 5 minutes

4. After 5 minutes has passed, put the fuse back in and wait for another 5 minutes

5. Move the switch to cool

If this does not work, disconnect all power to the RV and connect the 12-volt power supply to the fuse and blue ground wire. If that still doesn’t solve the problem, call a qualified technician or the dealer if you are still under warranty.

They should be able to reset the device for you and if there is a fault with the thermostat, they can easily fix or replace it at the same time.

How To Operate an RV.Comfort.ZC


The first step in the process is not to use the high setting. This setting will turn both the AC and the furnace on at the same time if there is a call for heat to be inside the RV. To use the device you should set it to auto.

Or you can use the set point buttons that raise or lower the temperature level and you press those after you set the system button. The system button tells the unit to turn on either the AC unit or the furnace.

You will still see the actual temperature in the room even when you have switched the thermostat off. Once you have set the system to use, you go to the mode button to select how much cooling or heat you want taking place.

If you want to set a different temperature for the next zone or other zones, use the zone button and repeat the process.

Who Makes The RV.Comfort.ZC Thermostat?

Coleman-Mach is behind this device and they seem to have designed it to be monofunctional. By that term, it is meant that you can only use Coleman-Mach devices or you have to do major rewiring if you don’t.

All 9330-33 models of this thermostat will work the same, the only difference between them is the color. Coleman also says that their thermostats should not be a DIY project. You should get a trained technician to handle the replacement or installation of any of their thermostats.

If you are going to remove, install or clean the device, you need to cut off all power to it before tackling those chores. This should be done when you are working any electrical device. Being safe is primary and repair work is secondary in these cases.

Contact Coleman if you have any questions about this thermostat and how it operates or for troubleshooting advice.

Common RV.Comfort.ZC Problems


The common problems that you encounter may be similar to the ones your friends may have with their non-Coleman-Mach devices. The first place to check would be the batteries. if they run out of power you will need to change them.

Next, you should check the electrical system. Look for loose, broken, or frayed wires and repair those according to the problem you find. Next, check the fuse and the breaker governing the power supply to this device.

If they are blown or tripped you will have to replace or switch back on. The breaker tripping usually indicates a short somewhere in the system. That is why you need a qualified technician to help diagnose and fix the problem.

The manual does have a short list of other common problems you may run into. These are just a few of the options that may arise while you are away on vacation. It is best to print off or save a copy of the manual to help you fix some of these minor issues.

RV Comfort.ZC Thermostat Frozen

According to the manual, you should not be able to set the temperature or use the temperature buttons when the thermostat is off or the cool and heat modes and the system setting are all turned off.

To fix this issue, check your settings to see if you accidentally turned the thermostat or a function off by mistake. Also, the settings on the upper control board or incorrect for the zone you are trying to heat or cool. There is also a built-in delay for communication signals.

These may be your problems as well and they just need to be reset or a little patience as you wait for the communication to end. The best thing to do is try a reset first, following the steps listed above and see if that clears up the problem.

If not you can try to contact a technician near you or the company to solve the problem

RVComfort.ZC Won't Change Zones


The go-to solution for this problem is trying to reset the thermostat. Follow the instructions given above to try and solve the issue. However, it may not do the trick which means you may have a setting wrong in the upper control board.

Each zone must be connected to this upper control board to facilitate zone switching. The board is located in the return air plenum in the air conditioner. Then you have to have the zone jumper set to the zone or zones you want that control board to control.

The manual has a section on setting up the upper control board and this is the area to check if the reset operation did not work. Make sure to disconnect all power before fixing this part.

RV comfort.ZC Thermostat Fuse Location

According to one RV mechanic, the fuse should be behind the face plate of the thermostat. You just pop that off and there should be a glass fuse right there. The next thing to do is pop that fuses off and replace it with a new one if it has gone bad.

Once the face plate is off, the fuse is at the lower right-hand corner and it looks like a standard fuse. Use a screwdriver to pull it out of its holder and then simply snap a new one in its place and put the face plate back on.

Download RV.Comfort.ZC Thermostat Manual


We found one option from Forest River RV and it is a very detailed manual that you can enhance to be able to read the small printing. It is a 2-page model and you can get to it by clicking this link. We are not sure if you can download it or not but at least you can save it and read it when you need to.

Another place you can try is a website found at this link. It has a download and a read-only option to choose from. The following website has a PDF file that you can download or print if you want. You can get to it at this link.

Actually, in a quick and simple search, our search results produced quite a few websites that you can look at and choose which one to download your manual from. There are a lot of options for this particular brand and if you do have any questions, the Coleman-Mach website appears about halfway down the list.

You can use that option to ask questions about the company and see if there is anything you missed when you try to use your model thermostat.

Some Final Words

Using a thermostat of this caliber requires a little learning curve. Modern devices do not work like the traditional thermostats you find in most homes. There are more buttons to push and more things that can go wrong.

In most cases, you should be able to handle common problems without worry. However, when it goes beyond your skillset then you should call in a technician to make sure the repair goes correctly.

Once you have the manuals though, you should be able to handle most issues on your own as the manual does provide some good instruction on this device.

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