Replacing a WSX-5ACM Motor Starter (AC Start Capacitor)

With all the different upgrades taking place, different parts are getting harder to find. The reason for that is that manufacturers have made upgrades to their products replacing the older versions. The trick is to find the right replacement.

Atwood now makes the WSX-7 motor starter. This upgraded model is said to replace the WSX-5ACM motor starter. You may find universal motor starters that will also replace the older WSX-5ACM model. They just have to match the specs of the older version.

To learn more about this issue, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can find the right replacement model for your AC unit. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you.

Replacing a WSX-5ACM Motor Starter


Coleman has an HVAC parts store and they list the WSX-7 PTCR hard start resistor and say it will replace the WSX-5 starter motor. Most likely, it will replace the WSX-5ACM model as well but only if the specs line up.

So far with every store we have checked, the WSX-7 that replaces the WSX-5ACM starter motor has been out of stock. It may be a difficult search to find one.

The price for this replacement model is under $20 so it is affordable if you can find it. If you can’t, you may have to go to an AC or HVAC parts and supply outlet to see if they have a universal model that will meet the specs needed to run your AC unit.

We saw one universal starter motor at Amazon that may work. Plus, there were a lot of suggestions underneath the description if this particular model does not meet the requirements needed.

PArksccd outlet seems to have the WSX-67 in stock and it says the same thing, it replaces the WSX-5ACM and it is under $15 at this time. You can see it here.



Since this is an electrical part, attaching your multimeter would be the place to start. You can check to see if any power is getting to or through this little motor or not. The key to using a multimeter would be to make sure it reads DC amps as well as AC amps.

If not it may be bad or you may have a problem with a fuse or breaker, etc. Look for any loose connections as well. Some owners have had a problem where the black wire was not connected to anything.

General tests used for other starter motors should apply here as well. We are not being specific as there are not a lot of people talking about this little part. One mechanic said it was cheaper to replace the whole unit than repair it but he was mistaken.

There is a very detailed discussion on this part at the Winnie discussion forum. You may find a lot of helpful information there as it is very technical in nature. Page 5 will hold some interesting information as well.

Diagrams and images are all included in that discussion which is why we recommend that you take a look and see if it will be of any help to you.

Finding a WSX-5ACM For Sale


There is a company called 1 source electronic components that does searches for hard-to-find components. They do not list any prices or anything but ask you to fill in the pertinent details about the WSX-5ACM before they start their search.

This is the second company that does this kind of search for you that we have found so far. Places like Boat & RV Parts and Walmart have listed the WSX-7 when you search for the WSX-5ACM but both companies say they are out of stock at this time.

We may have found some universal starter motors at Amazon, but you would have to go through them individually to see if they will replace the WSX-5ACM or not.

Probably the best places to make your search would be Coleman or any other AC manufacturer that uses the WSX-5ACM component. Or check your local AC or HVAC outlets to see if they have this part or can recommend a good replacement for it.

Once these parts get upgraded, they are difficult to find in their original form. Even the replacement is hard to find at this time. You can contact the company that made your AC unit directly and see what they say.

Finding Good Information


This link takes you to a manual for a non-Coleman AC unit but it is filled with great information about start motors, capacitors, and more. If you are not familiar with the different components of an AC unit, this manual’s information will be very helpful.

It doesn’t matter the brand of the AC unit as the components all do the same thing no matter which unit they are placed in. One example of the type of information you will get:

The purpose of the run capacitors is to give the motors starting torque and to maintain a high power factor during running. The run capacitors are always connected between the start and run or main terminals of the motor.

On some older models, one of the terminals of the run capacitors will have a red dot (the identified terminal). The identified terminal should always be connected to the run or main terminal of the motor and to the neutral line”

Some Additional Words

When it comes to certain electrical components, you never know when they will be upgraded and considered obsolete. This seems to be the case for the WSX-5ACM starter motor.

Talk to Coleman directly to see what they can do for you as they would have the best information on this part. While the fix is simple, getting the right part can be very difficult especially when changes have been made.

Then to test, just make sure you have the proper meters on hand to see if the component is good or not.

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