How to Make Your RV Air Conditioner Quieter: 6 Helpful Tips

One of the reasons you go on vacation to the great outdoors is to get away from the noise of your city. It is peaceful and calm in nature and you enjoy those moments where there is no noise bothering you. Then you turn on your Air conditioner.

How to Make Your RV Air Conditioner Quieter: It may seem that your RV’s air conditioner is powered by a jet engine but it is possible to quiet them down. Some times all it takes is to tighten a few nuts and bolts to reduce the noise.

Getting your RV’s AC unit quieter will depend on its age and who made it. Just keep reading to find some helpful tips on how to have more peace and quiet when you are in the nature.

Tip #1: if you have an older air conditioner in your RV, there is little you can do to stop the noise. One fix is to check the bushings to make sure they are not loose

Tip #2: Your fan blades may be dirty and out of balance. A good cleaning will solve that issue in no time

RV Air Conditioner Too Noisy

There are a variety of reasons why your roof top air conditioner makes so much noise. One main reason is that it is getting too old and is almost near the end. When this happens you should consider replacing the air conditioner with an upgraded model.

Another reason is that the rubber cushions have become hard over time and do not absorb the vibration as well as it used to. Then a third reason could be that the vibration of the AC unit loosened a lot of nuts,bolts or screws. You would need to get up there and check, then tighten any loose hardware you find.

Tip #3: If your air conditioner is making too much noise, some times it is cheaper to replace it with a newer model than trying to fix it

RV AC Silencer

If you are not mechanically inclined there is still some good news when it comes to reducing the noise level your AC unit produces. It is called a Dometic RV AC silencer and it can be installed in about 15 minutes.

This version of an AC silencer, if installed correctly can lower your noise level between 8 to 10 decibels. The key is in all of its parts. One trick they use is to put recycled cotton lining inside the duct system to make sure the noise is stopped before it gets inside.

The filter system is not hard to keep clean either. After installation you should be able to get a little peace and quiet once again.

Tip #4: One way to quiet your RV’s air conditioner is to turn the fan speed down from high to low. Going for the simplest fixes is best and will save you time and money

Is There a Quiet RV Air Conditioner?

Yes there is a quiet RV Ac unit on the market today. But you may not find it in any of the older models. As technology continues to find new ways to design RV air conditioners, it also finds ways to make them quieter.

But, having a whisper quiet air conditioner doe snot mean that you will not hear your RV’s air conditioner. They will still make noise when you turn them on. Only the noise level will not be as loud as other models.

It is also possible to get 15,000 BTU units that make very little noise when they are running. Newer RV air conditioners are being designed and built with your comfort in mind. That means researchers are taking the time to conquer the noise issue

Tip #5: To cut down the noise, you could try to open your air conditioner from the inside and check to see how clean the ducts are. Checking the fan wheel to see if it runs right then repair any issues to help cut the noise

Most Quiet RV Air Conditioner

You actually have a choice as to which RV AC unit is the quietest. Each one is very close in noise suppression and sound output. First, the whisper Quiet model found in Jaycee and Excel RVs produce very little sound. That is because of its dual duct system.

You can find these whisper quiet models on 5th wheel trailers as well. They do not ride any higher than standard air conditioning units. Another good selection would be a low profile Coleman air conditioner.

These units are made to make sure that the noise does not interfere with your other activities. Its compressor cycles on and off so there may be some start up noise for a short time.

The last quiet RV air conditioner on this list is a Dometic roof top model. It also has a compressor that cycles on and off and it may be a bit noisier than the Coleman. But pound for pound, this Dometic will compete with the Coleman for being the quietest.

If one had to declare a winner then the Coleman would be the quietest of all three roof top models.

Tip #6: Check to make sure your air vent registers are all open. Restricted air flow causes the fan to make more noise than usual.

Some Final Comments

Getting peace and quiet when you are out in peace and quiet can seem to be a difficult task. That is if you own an older RV with an air conditioner coming to the end of its life.

To solve the issue, you may have to replace the old air conditioner with a new upgraded modern version. If you do not have the budget for that, then follow the tips above and check to see if there are some other problems causing the noise.

Fix those and you can enjoy your RV’s air conditioner for a while longer. Make sure to do regular cleaning or your filters, fan and duct system. Restricted air flow can interrupt a smooth running air conditioner and produce more noise.

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