RV AC Not Blowing Hard: How To Increase The Airflow In an RV

You need your cool air. There are many parts of the country that get extremely hot in the summer time. Then when the Indian summer extends that heat wave, you really look forward to having air conditioning inside your RV.

One reason that your AC is not consistently blowing hard is that the blower motor may be going out on you. Another reason would be the temperature sensor has broken loose and the AC does not know if it should cool or not.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the issue so you have some basic information that will help you find and fix the source of your lack of AC air in your RV. Take a few minutes to get this information to help[ you when you face this situation.

Why Isn't My Camper AC Blowing Hard?


What follows will be a list of possible sources for your lack of flowing air when you turn your AC unit on. It will include a brief instruction or two on how to fix the problem.

1. Dirty air filter- once these little pieces get clogged with dirt, the air can’t pass through them as freely as when the filters were clean. The way to get back to normal air flow is to clean those filters.

2. The fan motor is broken or damaged- this can happen from time to time. Or it is just wearing out and in need of replacing. The best way to handle this situation would be to replace the fan motor.

3. Dirty Coils- these get dirty because they are located near your roof. When the filter gets dirty more dirt will get through to the coils. The way to fix this problem is to clean those coils and change the filter.

4. Vents are blocked- no matter how hard you try, those pesky smaller creatures still find a way to enter your vents and make nests. Or other debris was able to find its way inside. Both of these situations block the airflow.

Check your vents and remove any blockages that you find.

5. Damaged air vents- it is possible for this to take place as RVs and trailers take a pounding when the roads are rough or bumpy. When they get damaged they can collapse in on themselves blocking the airflow.

All you have to do is find the damaged areas, fix or replace them and the air should flow better.

6. The air vent is too long- this is a possibility for some of the longer RVs and trailers. The fan motor is just not powerful enough to push the air to the end of the vent.

The best fix for this is to replace the fan motor with a more powerful one.

RV AC Not Blowing Out All Vents


Like the previous section, there are many sources for this problem as well. The first one, if you only have a ceiling unit and no vents, is to move the sliding white tab between the dials on the unit. This should provide more airflow to the upper vents.

For those with vents, you have a lot more sources for the problem. One of those sources is the partition between the supply and return. That could be loose or not inserted correctly and you are losing a lot of airflow through that problem.

The fix is to repair the partition. Then there could be a blocked or damaged vent. Both sources have been discussed already If those are okay, then look at the registers to see if they are sealed to the vent or not.

Also, the terminal end of the vent may be loose or has a hole that would let some of the air into the ceiling area. You just have to repair both to get the air flowing again.

If those vents, etc., are fin, look for any Styrofoam pieces that may be caught in the vent or at the registers. One owner spent over an hour removing small pieces that built up over time.

Finally, the manufacturer may not have removed a small cardboard piece located just under the AC cover. This is a common problem and many dealers may already know about it and have fixed it many times.

How Can I Increase The Airflow in My RV?


Any one of the fixes for the above problems should increase your AC unit’s airflow. One that has not been mentioned would be to change from incandescent light bulbs to LED light bulbs.

Sounds strange, we know, but the incandescent light bulbs put out far more heat than the LED models. That extra heat can cut down on the cooling power of your AC unit.

Other options would be to find a shady spot to park in. The sun will not decrease the AC airflow but it will make it work harder to produce the same amount of cooling.

The cooler your trailer is the better your AC unit will work. Also, awnings help keep hot air out of your RV. Many RVs and trailers have this device on them these days and by keeping hot air out, you would be amazed at how well your AC unit produces great airflow.

If your RV or trailer has appliances that create heat, pick the best times to use those appliances. The heat they produce can warm up the air so it feels like your AC unit is not working that well.

Some Final Words

Everyone needs cool air in the summer heat. Living in a little trailer or RV is not the most pleasant experience during those hot summer months. The RV AC unit that blows good cold air to all corners of your RV, etc., is a welcome relief.

However, you need to maintain that unit to keep it working right. Check the already mentioned areas to see if they need improving or not.

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