The Coleman TSR Air Conditioner (Mach, Specs, Parts, Manual)

Some people have a hard time finding out information about the Coleman TSR Air Conditioner. The reason for that is because it may be listed under the Mach 3 name and not the TSR label The company may not be of any help either.

This air conditioning model may be a nice unit to have in your RV or trailer. It does put out a lot of BTUs and seems to do a very good job cooling the rooms it is rated for. The AC united is designed to work with ducts to help direct the airflow better.

To learn more about this nice AC unit just continue to read our article. It does the research so you don't have to. Take a few minutes to see if this information will help you make the right AC decision or not.

Coleman TSR RV Air Conditioner


This is supposed to be one of the finest air conditioners that Coleman has made over the years. It comes in 4 model color designs, textured and polished in both black and white.

What makes it so special is that it uses a large evaporator and large coils to cool the air down in your trailer or RV. Then if you like cool weather camping, there is an optional heater assembly that produces roughly 5,000 BTUs.

When cooling, the unit uses 12.8 amps, and when heating that amp use goes up to 16. Plus, it weighs about 80 pounds. The AC unit has been given a medium profile so it should not get in the way when you are going under lower overpasses or into smaller tunnels.

Does Coleman Still Make RV Air Conditioners?

It seems that the company still makes their own air conditioners but, and it is an important but, while the brand name says Coleman on the AC unit, the company may have created another unit and called it either RV Products or Airxcel.

If you go to this link, you will land at Airxcel which lists a brief history of the Coleman AC units and it also lists the different Coleman air conditioners for sale.

When you go to the Coleman Mach web page from that landing page, you will find that Coleman Mach is a brand name for Airxcel. What is not sure is if Coleman owns this company or if it is own bed by Airxcel. The website does not say.

The Coleman TSR Mach 1


This AC unit is still for sale through the RV Products (Coleman?) website. It will set you back about $1000 but it does produce up to 11,000 BTUs. According to the web page, this model was made to cut down on energy use and help you avoid those blown breakers.

Its running watts range between 1080 to 1340 when cooling and around 1750 when heating your RV. This air conditioner is a 115-volt design and uses about 10 amps when running on cool and 16 when heating.

The overall weight is just over 83 pounds but it will deliver about 320 CFMs at high speed. Then when heating this unit will produce about 5600 BTUs which still provides you with a comfortable level when the weather turns cool.

Coleman TSR Air Conditioner Specs

Right now if you go outside of the RV Products website you should be able to pick up the Mach 3 for a lot less than the mach 1. it is priced at one outlet at $649. The price through the website is over $1000.

When you are looking at this particular model, you will find that it needs a 14 by 14 vent size to work properly. Once you connect it up to the duct system, you will get about 320 CFMs on high speed approx.

Then at approx. 40 by 28 by15 inches in size, this model is about 3 pounds lighter than the Mach 1. The updated version of the Mach 3 air conditioning and heating unit is called the Mach 3 Plus or + and it does basically the same job as the original Mach 3 did or does.

You can find it at this link.

How Many BTU Is a Coleman Mach AC?


According to the Coleman/RV Products website, these air conditioners come in three different BTU levels. There is the smaller 11,000 version, then there is the 13,500 option, and finally the 15,000 BTU level.

The Mach 3 or Mach 3+ comes in the 13,500 BTU range and provides up to 320 CFM when cooling your RV or trailer. The Mach 3+ fan motor is said to be the largest in the industry at 1/3 HP.

Then that fan motor is placed in a sealed shaft to protect it from the elements. Keep in mind that while we mention the heating option, that option is an add-on through a kit. This is not a true heat/cool unit.

This company does make those true heat/cool units but you would have to explore their website to find out all the details.

Downloading Coleman TSR Air Conditioner Manual

There are a few places where you can download a manual for this air conditioner. The first location will be found at this link. It also has links to where you may be able to find parts for your Mach 3 air conditioner.

Then there is a parts guide found at this link. This guide comes from Coleman itself and should be helpful if you need to know part serial numbers. Scroll down to post #3 to find the actual link.

In addition to those links, you should contact Coleman directly and see what they have on hand. This is a link to their contact page and it has a couple of e-mail addresses you can use or the direct contact form.

Check with your local Coleman dealer to see if they have hard copies or links to download versions of the manual.

Buying Coleman TSR Air Conditioner Parts


Finding parts will be even easier than finding a download version of the manual. To start, you just have to go directly to the company. 

That web page will have additional links to accessories and other products. We found Coleman parts at Amazon, you would have to do the exploring of that marketplace to see if the sellers there have the part or parts you need.

Those are the quickest places you can find parts. A good internet search turns up more businesses that sell Coleman air conditioner parts than you want to know about. There is a long list of them on the first results page.

Just use the subheading here to direct your search and you should be able to find a dealer near you or on your travel route.

Coleman TSR Air Conditioner Filter

According to the pdf file we linked to through one discussion forum, there seem to be 2 filter models you can buy. There are the 1 and 2 pack options and the two pack is not as broad in application as the one pack version. The parts or serial numbers you can use those filters are listed at that link.

You can try using the Coleman parts store and see which filter will work for you and how much it will cost. Amazon sells filters that are supposed to be compatible with the Coleman Mach series. You can find that list at this link.

The company makes up to Mach 15 currently so you may have a lot of filters to ‘filter’ through to get to the right one for your specific unit.

Coleman TSR Ceiling Assembly


The same information from the last two sections will apply to this one. There are a lot of parts dealers that can help you with the different Mach series models. One of those businesses is found at this website.

The Airxcel website seems to list a few of them as well. That landing page has many links to help you get to the right part quickly. You can check the Coleman/RV Products store to see if they have any in stock. Start at this link and go from there.

In addition, you can do a quick search and the many stores that pop up should be able to help you.

Some Final Words

The Coleman company seems to have changed its identity but they still make good products for RVs and camping. The Mach Air Conditioning series is said to be their best and from the information provided it seems that way.

Check out the different links and websites we have provided so you get the best air conditioner and replacement parts possible.

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