2 AC Units On 30 Amp: Can You Run RV AC On 30 Amp? (Guide)

While you may think you have the power to run just about everything in your RV, etc. That is not the case. There is only so much power available and once you cross that threshold you will blow a breaker or fuse, etc. Plan, your appliance, etc., use wisely.

It is possible but as one expert pointed out, you won’t have any power left over for anything else. Or, the start-up power needed for one AC unit will trip the 30-amp system and stop all power. There are better options than this one.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you do not spend too much money on a second AC unit only to find out you can’t use it.

Can You Run The RV Air Conditioner On 30 Amp?


If you have a newer RV or trailer, you should be able to do this task. But those AC units need to be very efficient and their start-up power draw cannot get too high. When you do this, even on newer RVs, etc., you won’t be able to run other electronic devices.

That is just the way it is. 30-amp hook-ups can only supply so much power and that is all there is to use. An energy management system may be able to help you watch your electricity use but you still may not be able to run 2 AC units and other appliances at the same time.

One is not a problem but when you add a second unit, then you will have to find alternative sources of power to meet the electrical demand. That means hooking the second AC unit up to 20-amp power. That option may require altering the manufacturers' electrical design.

2 AC Units On 30 Amp RV


There are controllers that may be wired into newer RVs that will alternate the AC units. One will work for a while and then the controller will switch to the other one. But rarely will they be able to run at the same time on 30-amp service.

This is too much of a power draw and there is not enough power in the 30-amp system to handle both at the same time. We are aware of exceptions to the rule.

However, when you are considering this move, it may be best to put one of the AC units on 20-amp power and plug it into the 20-amp outlet if there is one. That should work well as many RV owners do this.

Or they will put a fan into the main room and have it low the cool air into their bedroom at night. But a third option would be to hook one AC unit to your generator and when you need both AC units running at the same time, start up the generator.

These are all better options than trying to use a 30-amp service to power 2 AC units. Except when campground rules prohibit the use of a generator.

Adding a Second AC To 30 Amp RV


Not a good idea as while the 2 AC units may use less than 30 amps, that figure would be running amps and not starting amps. Many AC units are rated at 15 amps for run time and if you hook up a second one, then you are using all 30 amps.

You are not leaving any power for the microwave, your hair dryer, and other key appliances you want to run off of electricity. When you add the second AC unit, you are looking at alternating them and not running them at the same time.

The start-up power demand pushes the power draw to over 20 amps which are also not good if you are starting them at the same time or even one after the other is already running.

RV AC Tripping 30 Amp Breaker


There are different sources for this problem and these will show up before you install that second AC unit. The first source will be a short circuit. This issue can be caused by a variety of sources with some not related to your AC unit at all.

Another problem would be a weak circuit. Your breaker may be wearing out and trips even though you are not using enough of the 30-amp service to trip the breaker. You may need to check the wiring and connections to see if they are wearing out as well.

Finally, the circuit is overloaded and this can come when you add that 2nd AC unit. Or when you plug in and turn on too many electronic devices. Usually, for the best service, your power draw should not exceed 80% of the amps available, approx.

Best 30 Amp RV Air Conditioner


This is up to you and the size of your RV or trailer. Large Ac units are great for longer and bigger RVs, etc., but too powerful for smaller ones. The reverse is true as smaller AC units work great in smaller and shorter trailers but do nothing for the larger ones.

You have to go by the square footage your AC unit is rated for. That is the way to get the best AC unit for you. There are some good brands out there making top AC units. A short list is Dometic/Atwood, Coleman, Airxcel, and more.

Do some research to get the best brand with the fewest troubles.

Some Final Words

It is not wise to hook up 2 AC units on the same 30-amp service. That is too large of a power draw for either to work or work well. It is better to find an alternative way to hook up the second AC unit to make sure you can still run other electrical devices in your RV or trailer.

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