Replacing Carrier RV AC Capacitor (12/40 UF, LR 79596)

Manufacturers do upgrades all the time. They are always looking for a more efficient method to power their products. What this upgrade work does is make former parts harder to find. It seems that is one of the issues surrounding the Carrier RV AC

The other problem with this task is that the parts numbers may not align. That number in the subheading may not be what you will see when you go to Carrier’s website listing all the capacitors they make. Some come close but no exact match that we could find.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. it explores the subject so you can have the best information possible. Take a few minutes to see how this important information can help you out of a difficult situation.

Carrier Air V Capacitor


This seems to be a difficult part to find. It was tough 11 years ago and it is still tough today. We checked different air conditioner outlets and even Amazon but the closest we got to the model number in the title was a 40/5.

You may be on a bit of a treasure hunt when you go looking for this part. There are compatible models but you would have to talk to a Carrier-approved dealer to find out which alternative capacitor will work in your Carrier Air V unit.

One outlet that we searched on did not come up with the part number but provided about 5 alternatives that may or may not work. It is just not the number you need, you also need to find one with the right shape to make the switch.

12/40 UF Capacitor

There are plenty of 12 UF capacitors on the market and Amazon seems to have them all. But we found none in our search that would match the /40. Not one example matched up that we looked at.

This is the same problem many Carrier Air V owners have run into. We can suggest that you contact Carrier directly and see what they say. You should find their contact information at the link we placed above.

You may be able to find a 45/10 but it is supposed to be underpowered on the fan side of the unit. One compatible part may be the G.E 27L552 but that information comes from 2017 and after a discussion forum member did an exhaustive search for the 45/12.

There may be other brands that will work as well.

LR 79596


This may also be a complicated search as more than one type of capacitor can have this number on it. The one we found in our search was the Digital Tech 61080550 Round SH Capacitor C22.2 No.190 - New No Box and additional details were 5/35 uF ±5% 350-370V~ 50/60Hz LR 79596 70°C.

It seems to be the same one that came up in an Amazon result, as well as another outlet that sells different capacitors. Plus, that number was used by Kenmore for its air conditioner models that needed this part to function correctly. It was not a 12/45 model either.

Searching by that number alone seems to be fruitless as many different brands and capacitors have that number stamped on their sides. Talk with a Carrier dealer or approved repair service to see if this one will work for you.

45/12UF Capacitor

From our search for this part, we came across a website that has been in business between the years 2012 and 2022. The web page that came up in the search had this part for sale.

That is the good news. The bad news is that right under the specs of the capacitor, the owner of the website clearly states that this replacement part is no longer available. That was the reason he was selling it. The price seems a little high at approx. $65.

If you are interested and if it is still for sale, just click on this link to get to that web page and contact the seller. We make no guarantees on this specific item or the web page it is being advertised on.

This link has a variety of 12UF capacitors for sale. If they work for your Carrier Air 5 is unknown. But you can talk to them and see what they can recommend.

SH Capacitor 350 370v 50 60hz


There are plenty of these capacitors on sale right now. The good news is that there are many outlets carrying this type of SH capacitor even Amazon has a good selection. The trick is to find the exact one that you need.

The bad news is that they may not work in your Carrier Air V model. It is hard to tell as they do come in different shapes, etc. There is more good news if you find one. They are not listed at a very high price so replacing your current one may not be hard on your budget.

We would strongly suggest you talk to a Carrier dealer or repair outlet to see what part you can use if you can’t find this one. Go to the people that made the unit in the first place to see if they can help. Then scour the different air conditioner used parts outlets to see if you can find one that matches up.

How do I Know If My AC Capacitor is Blown?

The biggest and easiest way to tell if the capacitor has gone bad is your air conditioner. If it is not blowing cold air or not working as it should, then you have a bad capacitor.

But it may not be the only reason your air conditioner is not working. You still have to test the different parts as it could be something as simple as a clogged filter. We will get to the symptoms or signs that your capacitor has gone bad in the next section.

Before you assume it is the capacitor, check the other parts first. That way you can eliminate them and have no doubt it is your capacitor that is causing the problem. it won't take long to check the different parts.

Plus, you should be sure that it is not those alternative parts that have gone bad. You do not want to replace a good capacitor when you do not have to.

RV AC Bad Capacitor Symptoms


Here are the different symptoms that will tell you that your capacitor may have broken down and not functioning correctly, if at all.

- your AC unit is not blowing cold air

- the AC unit delays its start-up

- you can hear a humming sound coming from the AC unit

- the AC unit shuts down on its own

- the AC unit won’t turn on

Keep in mind that other parts may cause the same problems so do not assume but test first. The next section will give you some instructions on how to test the capacitor.

How do You Test an RV AC Capacitor?

If your model has a condenser unit, then go to it and look inside. If the fan blades are not spinning, you will need to take one of the following items- a stick, a screwdriver, a pair of pliers, or anything else that is long and thin.

Put the screwdriver through the vents and gently push the fan blades. Of course, the AC unit needs to be turned on throughout all of these steps. If the fan blades start spinning and keep on spinning after being given a gentle push, then you know you have a bad capacitor.

A humming noise will also tell you the capacitor has gone bad and needs replacing. Remove the old capacitor to make sure you get the right replacement when you go shopping. All the details will be on the side of the part so you should not have to copy anything down

How do You Change a Capacitor on a Carrier Air Conditioner?


The size and shape are not the biggest factors when it comes to replacing the capacitor but they are factors. The key elements you need to know will be the voltage rating and the microfarads (μF).

The former information does not have to be an exact match, but the latter one does. The good aspect about capacitors is that they are a universal part making it easier to find a replacement.

All you have to do is open up the air conditioner, and put the new capacitor where the old one was located.

Some Final Words

It is getting more difficult to find exact matches for capacitors these days. But since these parts are very flexible, finding a replacement should not be too hard. Just make sure it will power all AC components correctly before you buy.

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