How to Clean or Replace an RV Air Conditioner Filter

The outside air is not always as pure as it could be. That is why you need filters on your RV air conditioners. These filters block a lot of harmful elements flying through the air. You need a good filter if you want to stay healthy inside your RV.

How to Clean or Replace RV Air Conditioner Filter: Most filters are washable. You just need to remove them from their place and either knock the dirt out or wash them. If the filter has outlived its usefulness, then replacing them is easier than cleaning them.

To find out more about how to handle RV air conditioning filters simply continue to read out article. It contains the information you need to know to make sure your RV air is pure and healthy to breathe.

Do RV Air Conditioners Have Filters?

Yes, almost all RV air conditioners use filters. They are a vital part of your AC unit as they help keep contaminants from your lungs. They also help your asthma or allergy suffers breathe a lot easier.

The filters also help your air conditioner work more efficiently and helps cut down on the noise.

How to Clean RV Air Conditioner Filter

How to Clean RV Air Conditioner Filter

When your RV’s air conditioner’s filter gets dirty, it might be faster to simply buy a new one and replace it. Yet, if the old filter is still good it may be more practical to simply clean it.

A clogged air filter makes your air conditioner work harder to cool your RV. That is why filter maintenance is so important. Most air filters are made from materials that can be washed.

Here are some simple steps to take to clean your dirty air filter:

Locate the air filter- this is usually found inside your RV right behind the air vent

Open the vent, but first make sure the AC unit is off, then remove the dirty filter

Once you have removed the filter, run some warm water form the tap or put it in a bucket large enough to hold the filter

Make sure to wash the filter thoroughly but do it carefully. You do not want to tear the filter, If you tear it then you will have to replace it

After you are done, you can replace the filter and the vent

If the filter will not come clean, then it is time to replace it. Also, while you have the vent open and the filter out, you should check to see if there is any dirt gathering around the evaporator coils.

If there is, you should take the time to clean those. That is just extra dirt waiting to clog up your filter. Then you should check your filter about once a month. If it needs cleaning , follow the steps above. If not let it go for another month.

RV Air Conditioner Filter Replacement

Not all RV air conditioning filters are the same. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes. To make sure you get the right filter for your RV you may want to consult your owner’s manual.

It is possible that you need to be brand specific but not always. Getting the right filter for your RV helps your air conditioner run smoothly and efficiently. There is an alternative if you cannot find the brand, size and shape of filter recommended by the maker of your RV.

You can go to your local home improvement store and find generic filter material that you can cut to size. This will save you some money and allow you to replace your filter quickly.

These cut to size filters come in a variety of construction materials. Horsehair is good as are foam pad ones. They also come in different thicknesses to filter out different sized particles.

You can choose the type of filter you want and make your repair simple.

RV Air Conditioner Filter Location

Finding your RV’s air conditioning filter is not that difficult. All you have to do is go inside your RV and open the vent cover. The filter should be right there. Removing the filter is not difficult. You just lift it out.

If it is really dirty, you want to be careful how you lift the filter. You do not want to spread the dirt around your RV and create a difficult cleaning chore for yourself. Before you put the air filter back in after cleaning it, make sure it is nice and dry.

RV Air Conditioner Filter Cover

The air filter cover inside your RV will usually be made of plastic or some other similar material. These materials are very durable but if not handled properly, they can be quite fragile and break easily.

Depending on their size, there are several ways they are secured to your RV’s ceiling. Some have screws, some have snaps and some have other methods. Before you act make sure you know which system your air vent uses.

Then get the right tools to help you remove it. Larger air conditioning vents may be a little more complicated and have all the controls placed on them.. This means you have to be careful of any wiring that may be attached to the cover.

Being careful when handling these air vents is an understatement. You may have to disconnect these wires to get them away from your ceiling safely. Just remember where they go when you want to hook the vent back up again.

Washing the vent, if possible is a good idea. This will make sure any loose dirt does not find its way into your RV. It will also stop you from breathing in contaminants that may be harmful to your or your family’s health.

Replacing the air conditioner cover only means reversing the order you used to take it down. Hopefully you have a good memory

RV Ac Filter Material

RV Ac Filter Material

It is good to know that RV air filters are made from a variety of materials. That way you can choose the right material for you and your family. Keeping the air clean in an RV you only use a few times each year is still important.

That is why finding the right material is vital. Unfortunately, there are those AC filter manufacturers who design their filters to keep dirt and debris out of their air conditioner. They do not make any that keep the same materials out of the interior of your RV.

This can present a problem especially if someone in your family suffers from asthma or allergies. Keeping the air inside your RV clean and healthy to breathe can be a challenge.

Fortunately, you can find air filter material that will keep your RV’s interior nice and clean from dirt and contaminants. You can choose to use filter material that is made from horse hair. This material will catch just about anything that comes through your air conditioner.

Another good piece of material you can use is woven mesh materials. This version also stops lot of dirt, debris and contaminants A third style is thin foam. This material should keep your RV’s interior air breathable and clean.

RV Ducted Air Conditioner Filter

In a ducted air conditioner system, there is no real special filter you need to buy or use. The standard filters will work and they are usually placed between the vent and the duct system.

Their care and maintenance is the same as described above and you will not need to do any more work keeping them clean or replacing them. When it comes time to replace them you may end up buying more filters than normal.

You may want to switch to a cut your size type of filter materials to save on your replacement costs

How to Clean Dometic RV Air Conditioner Filter

Air filters are an integral part of your RV’s air conditioning system. If they get dirty, clogged up or tear, then your air conditioner won’t work properly. Regular maintenance is needed.

Most Dometic air filters are washable. This means that once they become dirty you do not have to replace them right away. All you need to do is spend a few minutes washing them under warm water.

Since air filters will deteriorate over time and many washings, you need to be careful in your handling of them. They can also tear very easily. Then putting them back in takes care as there are always loose ragged edges that could catch on the material and rip them.

Coleman RV Air Conditioner Filter

Coleman has been a camping staple for generations. It has been making top quality camping equipment for a very long time. Switching from a ten to an RV is still camping but using a different set of equipment to do it. That means Coleman can make top filters for your RV.

Most of their filters use antimicrobial foam. This material is designed to stop bacteria and mold from growing inside. With these filters inside your RV you know you will be breathing clean fresh healthy air.

Just one thing to be wary of. Coleman filters may not be universal fits. You may have to buy specific filters for different air conditioners. These filters should be able to be cleaned in the same way as the Dometic style filters.

Atwood RV Air Conditioner Filter

This brand of RV air filters come in a variety of construction materials. The mesh version is washable and surrounded by a plastic frame to make sure you get a tight fit. It is easy to keep clean and can be washed with ease. The only thing is it is not very thick.

Or you can go to the foam pad style and make sure you capture all the contaminants trying to enter your RV. These filters are durable and can be cleaned until they are worn out. Replacing them is not going to be difficult.

How Often to Clean RV AC Filters

This is a frequently asked question by people who want to make sure their RV’s interior remains nice and clean. It is important to do regular checks on your air filter. A clean filter works with your air conditioner to make sure you have no problems cooling the air.

Those regular checks should be done about once a month, if you use your RV a lot. If the filter is not dirty, then you can let cleaning slide for another month. If you do not use your RV that often, then you could probably get by with checking the filter about once every two months.

In any case, I would not let checking your air filter go for longer than 6 months. A clogged air filter makes your air conditioner work harder and costs you more money.

Some Final Comments

Using an RV is a great way to go camping and see the nation. You meet lots of interesting people if you take the back roads and avoid the expressways. To make your outdoor experience more enjoyable, you should check your air filters regularly.

Good filter maintenance is one way to make your vacation more enjoyable. You can save money and enjoy clean healthy air inside your RV. Plus, you can clean your filters anywhere you happen to be. All you need is a little warm water and a bucket.

Then if you need a new air filter, you can always go to the local home improvement store where you are currently at and find some great replacement filters. Some of the best, made from top materials, are those that you can cut to size.

They are a universal fit so you should have no trouble putting them in your RV’s air conditioning unit. Plus, you can keep the leftover part for the next time you need to replace your filter. Taking care of your RV’s air conditioner’s filter is taking care of yourself and those family members that suffer from asthma, allergies or other breathing issues.

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