DIY RV Fender Skirts: How To Make Your Own Fender Skirt On RV

Doing it yourself is inexpensive. If you have the talent and the motivation, it is not hard to do many RV projects yourself. It is the best way to monitor the quality of materials as well as construction. Plus, you can save a lot of money by shopping where the prices are reasonable.

The first step in this project is to take accurate measurements. This information will help you do step two and that is deciding on which materials you will use. Since the materials cost different amounts knowing how much you need will make it easier for you to plan your budget.

To learn more about this project and get some great materials ideas, just continue to read our article. It is filled with the information you want to know about if you want to build your own RV fender skirt and protect the wheels and axles.

DIY RV Fender Skirts


One of the main reasons why you would contemplate this project is that the original manufactured versions are starting to crack, etc. It makes sense to save money and replace them with your own.

There are many reasons why those nice fender skirts start to crack, chip, or peel. Here are just a few of those reasons:

- the sun’s UV rays take their toll on the plastic and the paint

- rocks and other items chip the fender skirts

- rough weather can weaken the paint causing it to peel

- they are made very fragile- this is an important construction point and there is a reason for their fragility. They are designed to break in case you have a tire blow out.

- you had an accident or scraped a tree, wall, or other hard object.

These items are made from molded plastic so expecting them to last the lifetime of your RV or trailer may be a bit unrealistic. There will come a time when you will have to address their looks or replace them.

Not everyone can afford their price tag so making them yourself is an option that may work. That is if you know how to do it and have the tools and the correct materials.

Why do RB Makers Put Fender Skirts On Their RVS?


If you have ever looked at an RV or trailer without a fender skirt, you would know the answer to this question. The RV fender skirt is there to cover up the unsightly look of the trailer or RV.

It is unsightly because the RV makers have to leave room for mechanics, etc., to work on the tires, axles, brakes, and other components. Without the fender skirts, your RV or trailer may not be accepted into some campgrounds that strictly apply an age restriction. It looks that bad.

Not only do the fender skirts protect your axles, etc., but they also do a great job in making your RV, etc., look good. It may help hold the resale value of your used RV just a little bit.

Homemade Trailer Fender Ideas


One good idea is to take your old fender skirts, apply some fiberglass and mat, and then do some sanding and paint and they will look as good as new. Another idea is to buy some diamond plate material and cut the metal to the size and design and then bolt them in place.

This option should make your RV look good and may even look like it belongs. Or you can try to use some stiff vinyl and do the same thing. Cut it to size and design then drill some bolt holes in the vinyl and attach it.

You can get vinyl in a variety of colors so it is possible to match the colors on your RV. Or you can make these parts out of thinner plywood. Then paint the plywood so it matches the colors of your RV or trailer.

The materials you use will be up to you the key is to not make them too strong. You just want them strong enough. Then paint, varnish, and sand till the DIY fender skirts look like they belong on your RV.

How To Make a Fender Skirt On RV


The process for making an RV fender skirt or two depends on the materials you select. Some are easier to work with than other materials so pick those materials you have the skill to manipulate.

Before you select the materials, you want to take accurate measurements and get the slope of the wheels. You want those fender skirts to look good so this is the toughest part of the project.

Once you have the measurements, do a template so you can duplicate what you did for the other wheels if need be. After you have made your template, buy the materials you are going to use and get to work.

Make sure to match up the bolt holes. If you are using fiberglass, vinyl, or plastic, watch how you drill those holes. Those materials can crack easily if you are not careful.

When you are done, making the fender skirt, all you have to do is use bolts and washers from the old one and attach the new skirts to your RV, etc. The hardest part of this project will be getting those measurements and making sure you have the right slope for the wheels.

That is why you need to make a template first. You can use the template to help you get all the angles and curves correct.

Some Additional Words

Once those fender skirts crack, peel, or break, you should either sand and repaint, or replace them. You can save yourself a lot of work by buying new, but the price may not be attractive.

DIY is one of the ways to feel good as you have accomplished something and made your RV look better. If you do not have these skills, there is no shame in having someone else do it for you.

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