Finding an RV Fender Skirt Replacement (Universal Skirts)

Before you get started on this search, the best and easiest way to find a replacement is to assemble and provide the RV manufacturer’s name and how many axles your RV comes with. Then you will need to match up the measurements

Finding a fender skirt replacement is not going to be that difficult. With the popularity of RVs, there are more than enough businesses that supply all the parts and accessories you need. But some fender skirts may be brand-specific and can’t accept universal options.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It explores the subject so you have the best information to help you find a replacement without hassles. Take a few minutes to see how this information helps you find a replacement.

Where To Buy RV Fender Skirt Replacements


You are in luck as you have many locations to go to to get that needed replacement. The first stop will be your dealer. They have access to the RV maker’s fender skirts and you should get an exact match using this option.

Or you can go to the internet and see what outlets are selling this part. Our search turned up too many to list here but one thing is for sure, you can find a retailer with ease.

Finally, try the salvage yards as they should have some fender skirts in stock for specific RV models. The best place to buy will be the one with the best price and offers a warranty of some kind.

RV Fender Skirt Manufacturer

It is highly unlikely that the different RV manufacturers make their own fender skirts. They probably order their models using their specs from any one of the following manufacturers:

- Rec Pro

- Icon

- Alpha systems

- JMTAAT Tandem Trailer

- Keystone

Icon seems to be the most popular placing over 7 models on a top 12 best list. On a top 10 best list they held 6 spots. But what you have to watch out for, like the Keystone models, is that the holes may not be pre-drilled.

Make careful comparisons and look for these little details that may surprise you when the fender skirt arrives.

Universal RV Fender Skirts

If you do not want to go the dealer and RV brand route, and that is understandable, you can go the universal route to find the perfect match. Going universal should save you some money over the purchase price charged by RV brands and their dealers.

The best place to look for universal options would be Amazon. Even if you do not like shopping on that marketplace, you can get an idea of the cost, the look, and the off-brand name of different universal fender skirts.

There seem to be quite a few of these universal brand makers so you should have little trouble finding a match.

Used RV Fender Skirts

There is nothing wrong with choosing this option. The price is probably a lot cheaper than any other alternatives you may have. The drawbacks are what will get you in the end.

While you may save money, the fender skirt may be slightly damaged, not look so good or there may not be enough of a selection to match your RV or trailer. Or the seller may be asking too high of a price and will not negotiate.

Used is good if you find the right one at the right price. Check the different classified ads on the internet as well as traditional newspapers.

Icon RV Fender Skirts


This company seems to make some top-quality replacement fender skirts. As reported earlier, they occupy the most slots on the top best lists and come highly recommended.

The company has been making fender skirts since the 1970s so they have had over 50 years to perfect their manufacturing and get the color designs right. The company is and the skirts we saw were all listed at under $200.

They also make single and tandem axle skirts and it looks like their selection is quite large. Their products extend well past 10 pages as they seem to sell over 600 styles of fender skirts.

Plastic vs. Metal RV Fender Skirts

Metal fender skirts can last a long time and are stronger than plastic ones. However, metal tends to rust or corrode over years of use and may not look that great.

However. plastic ones maintain their looks and can be a lot cheaper not to mention a lot lighter than metal fender skirts. That is good news to weight conscience RV owners.

They are probably easier to install as you do not have to worry about holding a lot of weight when you take them off or put them on your RV.

Keystone RV Fender Skirts

This may be one of the RV makers that manufacture their own fender skirts. The company likes to have uniformity on its RV models thus they do have a large supply of this part.

This fender skirt has made a couple of the top best lists but the drawback is that it is made for a limited number of Keystone RVs or trailers. You would have to check with the company to find out which models are included in this supply.

The drawbacks to this option is the material used to make them is unknown and they do not pre-drill the holes.

Cedar Creek RV Fender Skirts

The good news here is that fender skirts for the many different Cedar Creek RVs, etc., are readily available. You do not have to go through the Forest River service centers or dealers to get one for your RV.

The cost to obtain one may be a bit more than you expected. One outlet has at least one fender skirt for one Cedar Creek model on sale for around $250. This product may be made out of plastic or fiberglass depending on where you do your shopping.

Coachmen RV Fender Skirts


Just as easy to find as the Cedar Creek RV's, etc. You can do some shopping around to see what kind of price you can get from the dealer, brand, or after-market outlets.

Keep in mind that some of these after-market shops cannot find the fender skirt if you give them the make and model of your RV. One such shop has a system where you select your axle type and then pick the closest fender skirt to your current one from the results.

After that, you note the model number and fill out the price quote form.

Dutchmen RV Fender Skirts

Elk Mountain retailer has quite a few of these models in stock. The ones they list are tandem skirts but the good news is twofold. The skirts we saw listed all were priced under $200.

The second part of the good news is that the company claims to have fender skirts for Dutchman RVs from 2009 to 2022. You can always ask them if they have single axle skirts as they do not show up in the 1-page results.

Amazon advertises these fender skirts for the years 2010 to 2017.

Fleetwood RV Fender Skirts

Camping World is advertising fender skirts for this brand but then so does Amazon and a host of other after-market retailers. Icon lists the most in the results that we got and it seems this is a very good company to buy from.

The drawback to this brand’s fender skirts is that the price may be higher than other RV brands. We saw them in the high $100 and low $200 range. But those costs may not cover every year Fleetwood made RVs and trailers.

Forest River RV Fender Skirts

This company is known for keeping its parts lists private. They restrict their specific parts to their service centers and dealers. However, when it comes to fender skirts, there are a lot of non-Forest River sellers who advertise that they have this part.

Icon, Elk Mountain, & Amazon all have this part for this RV brand when they are in stock. The trick will be to find the right-sized fender in the right colors. If you can’t do that you may have to repair your old one till a replacement can be found.

Heartland RV Fender Skirts


What we have found in this repeated search for fender skirts is that the different RV brands are not offering to sell them directly to the public. You may find some RV makers that do but right now they are not coming up in any searches.

We mention this because the same information for the other brands listed in this article applies to this brand as well. There is no shortage of sellers selling Heartland fender skirts.

Jayco RV Fender Skirts

The biggest decision you will have to make in finding a fender skirt for this and other brands is who to buy from. There are a lot of retailers selling this part and they may be close to you.

The other hard part will be finding a color that will not clash with your RV or trailer colors. Then you have to find the skirts at a reasonable price to make sure the purchase fits your budget.

These skirts are designed to break easily when a blow out or other tire trouble occurs, so it is best not to spend a lot of money on them. Going cheap here may be okay.

Custom-Made RV Fender Skirts

Two of the shops that do custom fender skirt work are RV and These two companies will provide you with a great-looking fender skirt that should match your RV or trailer.

The All-Rite company seems to have their custom fenders reasonably priced with some starting at $50 and others at over $100. Of course, the price will depend on the size, the look, as well as the colors needed.

What makes RV Shop stand out is that they offer free shipping on all their orders. They also make the new fender skirt to fit your specific make and model of RV or trailer.

The drawback to custom-made products is that they are usually not returnable, so you better be happy with the results. Make sure to know all the details concerning the purchase before you agree to have them made. You can get both single and tandem axles from both companies.

How do You Measure RV Fender Skirts?

There seem to be several measurements required. There does not seem to be any specific order for measuring. All you have to be concerned about is measuring the right spots and making sure the results are accurate.

To start, and again there is no specific order to this procedure, start with the two high points on a tandem skirt. You go from the middle of one high point to the middle of the other.

Next measure the overall length of your current fender skirt. Jot that down before moving on to the three lower points. After that, measure the height of from the bottom of the skirt to the lowest point in the middle of the arch before measuring the total height from top to bottom.

To get more detailed and further instructions click this link. Then scroll down to the images with all the measurements on them. When the measuring is done, note the colors you will need.

Some Additional Words

Finding a replacement fender skirt is not going to be hard. There are enough companies that produce this part that you should be able to find one in your budget range without too much difficulty.

If you have an odd size or unique color design, you can always go to a customizing shop and have them make some for you. These fender skirts can range in price with dealers and RV brands usually the most expensive options.

The best part is that once you get your new skirts, you can put them on yourself in a minute or two.

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