Dometic 9100 Power Awning Parts Diagram and List

Every DIY person likes to use a parts diagram as well as a parts list. It just saves money and makes the task of repairing your 9100 awning a lot easier. Sometimes those parts diagrams and lists are found in the manual and sometimes, there is a series of images that shows the different parts.

You can contact Dometic directly to see if they will send these items out to you but in case they don’t, there are websites on the internet that supply this information. The key is to make sure those diagrams are labeled correctly.

To learn more about this topic and see the diagram and the list for the 9100 power awning, just continue to read our article. It has that information and more. This information is valuable and should help you find the correct part when your 9100 breaks down.

Dometic 9100 Power Awning Parts Diagram


This diagram comes from this website and we think that the parts list underneath may not be complete. When it comes to the manual, and we checked, there are a series of images inside of that booklet with different parts labeled.

The trouble with the manual is that you have to go through several pages to get most of the parts involved in this device. We will link to the manual later, so you can see this for yourselves firsthand.

Dometic 9100 Power Awning Parts List


If you want what looks like an exhaustive parts list for the 9100 power awning, then you should click this link. We would have done a screenshot but there are far too many parts listed to get all the parts in one or two shots.

The image on this website is not that great especially when you compare it to the images at this website. The latter is a bit more detailed and provides a lot of good content about each aspect of the awning and its operation.

If these options do not work for you, contact Dometic or one of its dealers and see what they can do for you. Dometic may not sell to the public and may not want to have any liability if something goes wrong. Don’t be surprised if they do turn down your request.

Finding Dometic 9100 Power Awning Replacement Parts


Amazon has a few vendors that advertise that they sell parts for the 9100. Their prices seem reasonable but be wary as many customers have been fooled before and received false products from this marketplace. offers the awnings for sale and they may have spare parts as well. Their biggest concern is that you understand that the awnings are special orders and cannot be returned if you measured them wrong. does have some replacement parts. They also have placed a parts diagram and list on their website. It is the same as the first diagram and list we placed at the beginning of this article. also sells awnings and has a few spare parts for sale as well. You would need to contact them directly to see what they have in stock. All the items on their parts page have ‘out of stock’ underneath them so this may be a discontinued product or spare parts are not making it to that outlet.

When it comes to spare parts, this is what Dometic says under the support & services section of their website:


To guarantee that you will get the correct spare part, you first need to identify your product. Look for the data label that is placed inside, underneath, or on the back of your product. Find the (1) PNC/Product number or (2) SKU if PNC is missing. Once you have retrieved the information from the data label, contact your local Dometic service partner, to place your order.”

You can find other information concerning spare parts at this link and then use that service partner link to find a dealer near you. Under the shop online navigational link at the top of that web page, you may find some spare parts sold directly by Dometic.

The price for the hardware that we saw was almost $900. We did not find any motors in their awning section.

Download The Dometic 9100 Power Awning Parts Manual


The best place to go for manuals is this link. It is our go-to manual website as it usually has every manual imaginable. The only drawback is that they will charge for downloads.

That link will take you to the cover page and you can go from there. Forest River also offers a manual for this specific awning model. It is 2 pages shorter than the one on the manual lib website but it may be free to download.

As it is with most manual websites, you can always read them online and then decide if you want to download the booklet or not. Then under the documents section of Dometic’s website, you should find a list of manuals for this awning and just about everything this company makes.

This list, like the finding parts websites, is just to get you started. You may not want to use any of these websites and that is okay. A quick search should turn up more websites that offer manuals for this awning model.

It just takes a few minutes to type in the Dometic 9100 awning manual and you should have quite a few websites to peruse.

Some Additional Words

Getting parts and manuals for this product should not be that difficult. The key is to make sure you have the right parts number when you make your order.

What may frustrate you is that the different RV parts outlets may not have the part you are looking for. If you are a DIY person, make sure this is a task that falls within your skill set. Replacement of parts and fabric can be very involved and take a lot of steps to finish the task.

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