Finding a Concertone RV Stereo Replacement (Troubleshooting)

When it comes to replacing old or broken Concertone RV stereos, your replacement will depend on the model of Concertone radio you currently have. This may not be a universal fit and you will have to look at different brands and their models to find a replacement.

One of the replacement stereos for the Concertone ZX600 is the iRV RV Stereo # 292-101079. It is said that this replacement fits the mounting holes already in place. For the zx 250, the replacement can be the Jensen RV Stereo - Double DIN - AUX/USB, Bluetooth, jControl - 12V # JWM60A.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It delves into the subject matter to bring you the best information on compatible replacements for your Concertone RV stereo.

The Concertone RV Stereo


This company seems to be based in Elkhart Indiana, at least that is where you need to go to get warranty work done. The information is on the second page of the manual

It seems that this radio brand and its product suffer from a bad reputation. We did not find out too much information about the company or its products but there are a lot of websites talking about replacing this stereo.

Over the years the company has produced many versions of its stereos and they all seem to have a compatible replacement from better stereo-making companies. You get a 1-year warranty and so far the reports say you may only get 3 to 4 years of use out of the system.

Finding a Concertone RV Stereo Replacement

This is not going to be that difficult as there are many websites talking about which competitor’s stereo is a good fit for the space left behind when you pull the Concertone out of its location.

Some owners have gone with the above mentioned options while others have gone with JVC models. Others have gone with the Genesis GT 3.0which was also recommended by the company that makes the Concertone stereo system. That was for the zx500 model and in 2014.

There is e-trailer that offers different radio brands to use and some owners went with a simple car stereo. You have lots of options here.

Download Concertone RV Stereo Manual


Again, not a difficult task to do. Out of the first dozen listed on the results page, at least 10 were taken up by our go-to manual website. You can find almost any manual covering the different Concertone models on this website.

The website that took up the other two spots is found at this link. These links take you to the RV200 stereo system. The results page listed a bunch of individual models’ manuals as well and you should do a search using your specific model number to get an exact match.

Troubleshooting a Concertone RV Stereo

Troubleshooting always depends on what is wrong. Since this is an electrical device, you do not have far to look to find the source of the problem. The first place to look will be your power supply.

The battery may be out of power, you tripped a breaker or the fuse blew. For the latter two, you should look for a short in the system as one owner had this problem.

We looked at the two manuals we linked to and while we found a maintenance section, no troubleshooting advice was given. Your best option is to have a multimeter handy and use it to help you find the source of the problem.

It may just be old and wearing out on you.

Concertone RV Stereo Not Turning On


This can be a power issue. You may not be getting any power to the unit and that could mean a blown fuse, no battery power, and so on. Check the fuse and if the light is turning on, there is power coming to the stereo.

That situation means you may have to reboot the system, change the fuse or reboot the fuse. The best step to take in this situation is to follow the manual’s instructions on resetting the device.

Another problem may be that you are in the wrong mode. You may be wanting to play the radio and the stereo is set to CD mode and so on.

Concertone RV Stereo Aux Input

There are some models that have this feature. To use it to play other electrical devices like your MP3 player, etc., all you need is an adapter and plug it into the AUX jack.

But the trick is to find those AUX connectors. Often they are in the back of the unit, wrapped up and unused. You can do as one owner did and buy the following parts:

An RCA wall plate

2. A stereo 3.5mm to RCA cable,

3. An RCA cable extension cord

4. An MP3 docking station

Then connect your TV or MP3 player and you get sound.

Concertone RV Stereo Remote


Amazon has at least one remote for the CONCERTONE ZX75, ZX75REMOTE and it will cost you about $50 plus shipping to get it. There are other outlets advertising remotes for this stereo system but they also say the product is not available.

The company that keeps coming up along with Amazon is and they are the ones that advertise original Concertones remotes but also say they are no longer available.

You might find some on eBay but you may also have to purchase the stereo that goes with it.

Some Additional Words

The lack of information we are finding about the company means that going with a quality replacement may be your best option. These stereo systems are not the newest products on the block and it may be best to upgrade to a more modern stereo system that has all the features you need.

You will have lots of options available if you go this route. Or check junk yards for like models to repair yours.

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