Jensen Media Pro 5000 Troubleshooting (Manual, Remote)

It is the same story. When you buy an RV or trailer do not be surprised if a component or feature breaks very quickly on you. RV makers are known to use the cheapest options so they can boost their bottom line. Unfortunately, the customer pays the price for these decisions.

We checked the owner’s manual for this model and no one should be surprised by what was not found. There is no troubleshooting information within its pages. To do repair work, you will have to go to an electronics expert and see if anything can be done.

To learn more about this topic, just continue to read our article. It has the best information available so you can decide whether to fix the stereo or junk it. Replacing it with a better model is often the best way to go.

Jensen Media Pro 5000 Won't Turn On


Since the stereo is an electronic device, then you will have to check the usual electronic sources for the source of this problem. To do that you should start with either a light tester or a multimeter. Both will tell you if power is getting to the unit.

If there is power, then there may be a problem with the power button or a loose connection. If no power is reaching the stereo, then you need to check the fuse and the breaker governing the device and circuit.

If they have either been blown or tripped, then replace the fuse and reset the breaker. If the breaker trips right away, you know you have a short somewhere in the system. That short will stop the stereo from turning on.

If those components are okay, try resetting the device. Some models had a reset button either in the front or the back. You would need a pin to activate it. Other models without the reset button may have to be unplugged for 5 minutes before trying to turn it on again.

If you find that there is ground on the black/white wire and Voltage+ on the green /white and orange/white wires then you are looking at a device in need of repair or replacement.

You can call Jenson to see what they say as their owner’s manual does not have any information on fixing this problem.

Jensen Media Pro 5000 Troubleshooting


We checked the Jensen website and were very disappointed to see that they did not offer a lot of support other than a library of manuals. You can contact the company when you have a problem with one of their RV stereo systems.

Click here to get their contact information.

When we looked up this topic, either we received manual locations or all the models listed on the results page were not this one. Any generic advice on solving problems dealt with making sure the mute button was not engaged, and that the CDs or DVDs were placed in the player in the correct position.

The final troubleshooting information we got from that website was to make sure the settings for the iPod, etc., were correct. If you are having electrical issues, we suggest you take the device to someone who knows how to fix stereos.

As one electronics expert stated, the problems involved with this brand of stereo, not just this model, indicate expensive repairs or replacement as your only options. Some RV owners advocate for the latter, not the former suggestions.

As we said earlier, the manual did not contain any troubleshooting information in its 16 pages. You can check the manuals we link to in the next section to see if we missed something but we went through page by page and nothing was labeled troubleshooting or error codes.

Download The Jensen Media Pro 5000 Manual


The first place to go will be our go-to manual website. We go to it and mention it often because that website has just about every manual known to mankind. The drawback is that you may have to pay a fee to download the materials.

Click here to get to the 16-page manual listed on this website. You can go to and click on the menu button in the top right-hand corner of the landing page. It will have a drop-down menu that lists other pages you can go to.

Click on the one that says support and you will be taken to Jensen’s library of manuals. Put the model or serial number in the search box if you do not want to go through all the manuals listed on that web page.

Another website to try will be the one at this link. It takes you directly to the manual and you can see if it costs any money to download or not. The good news for both websites is that you can view the manual first to see if it has the information you need.

Then you can decide whether to download it or not. One last website will be this one. You will find that if you do a search for the manual for this stereo model, you will get more than enough results.

All the manuals we linked to are easy to read and the websites are easy to navigate. You should not have any trouble finding the information you want.

Jensen Media Pro 5000 Remote


The remote and its operation are discussed on page 11 approx. Of the manual. You will see a diagram of the remote and numbers with arrows pointing to the corresponding buttons.

The legend describing the buttons’ functions is on the left side of the diagram. The remote should handle all tuners, CD/DVD, and basic functions. Just make sure to keep the batteries powered.

Some DVD functions may not be handled by the remote and those functions are listed on page 10 of the manual. If you happen to lose or damage the included remote, do not fret too much.

You can contact a Jensen dealer for a replacement or get one online at Amazon. That marketplace has several remotes that should work with this stereo model. Whether those are universal remotes, would take some more investigating.

The cost will depend on who is selling it. Amazon has the ones that we saw for under $40. Do some shopping around to see if you can find one cheaper without having to pay a shipping fee.

This is a popular brand so finding a replacement should not be that difficult to do. Just make sure to buy one from a reputable dealer or vendor.

Finding a Jensen Media Pro 5000 Replacement


When you are looking for a replacement just about any stereo model or brand will work. The important factor will be whether the replacement fits the opening left behind by the removal of the original stereo.

The Jensen JWM60A model has been suggested as a good replacement. It is similar in size to the Media Pro 5000 but the wiring is a little different. To use this model, you will need to do some hard wiring to make it work. This is supposed to be a common action no matter which stereo you pick.

Another brand that has been suggested is the Pioneer 2500BT. it is said to have all the features most RV owners want and seems to fit the space the Jensen leaves behind.

Basically, you can pick just about any brand and model of stereo and do the hard wiring. The replacement should work with no problem after that little re-wiring. Just make sure you have some ideas on how to fill the hole if the new stereo is not big enough.

Jenson Media Pro 5000 Reviews


There are mixed reviews and some of the RV owners who own trailers, etc., with this model inside, say to remove it as it is junk. They said to pull it out immediately and replace it with a better brand and model.

Other owners have stated they liked it and has served them well for months. Their ownership length may not be long enough to get a full picture of the device.

What we did not like about this stereo is the fact that the owner’s manual is too short and lacking in troubleshooting information. Those guidelines should be included as many RVers cannot get to a Jensen dealer to have their stereos looked at.

With replacement as the go-to troubleshooting instruction, it may be better to avoid this brand and model.

Some Additional Words

When it comes to troubleshooting, it is possible that Jensen does not want customers doing a DIY fix. Often when those types of repairs take place, the end result is more damage.

If your Jensen Media Pro 5000 stops working, it would be a good idea to contact the company and see what kind of support they offer. If their support is disappointing, then maybe what one expert says needs to be done- replace the model with a different brand.

The troubleshooting advice is just not there.

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