Legend TV Brand Problems, Reviews, Remote, Manual (Guide)

Usually, when there are contracts to be won, the job goes to the highest bidder. However, in the RV industry, it seems that the lowest bidder wins the prize and gets installed in your RV. That seems to be the way it worked for Legend TVs.

One problem that has been reported is that the TV has learned how to change channels by itself. Even with the batteries pulled from the remote, the TV changed its own channels when it wanted. This is a signal or electronic issue that may not be fixable.

To learn more about the Legend TV brand, just continue to read our article. It has the information you may want to know about as this TV is being put in a variety of RV models. Unfortunately, you are getting what RV companies are paying for.

Who Makes The Legend TV Brand?


This is a good question. There have been a couple of RV discussion forums that mentioned that Prima Electronics owns and makes the Legend TV brand. However, after some searching, there are several Prima Electronic companies around the world.

None of them have anything to do with manufacturing TVs. Even the Shanghai Prima Electronics company does not make television sets. We did come across another company that may make this television set brand.

It is called Guangzhou Weier Haina Electronic Co., Ltd. And it does make television sets. The problem is that those TVs are marketed under the Haina brand name. We did not see any mention of Legend on their website.

Most likely, Guangzhou Weier Haina Electronic Co., Ltd. Is behind the Legend brand and uses the brand name Legend just for RV companies. There is little information about the Legend TV brand on the internet.

But like PRima Electronics, the term Legend is used around the world for a variety of products.

Legend TV Brand Reviews


So far, only one person has spoken well of this TV brand. The majority of people discussing this television set are not giving it high marks. The only reason it gets high marks is because it is rarely used.

Most RV owners with this brand of TV inside, do not like it and have compiled a list of many issues that can go wrong with this television set. Some say that this brand of TV is not made for RV use and it may get damaged quite easily.

Some owners have swapped theirs out for another brand as soon as they could. They were probably too frustrated with the issues this television brand has. Other owners are content to use it until it breaks down and then they will replace it.

It is not high on anyone’s list to buy and replace their Furrion, Samsung, or another TV brand in their RVs. All in all, RV owners are not going to get rid of the TV right away. They still paid some good money for it even though it is a very cheap brand.

They will use it until it becomes necessary to replace it. If the television set works, there is no need to get rid of it.

Common Legend TV Brand Problems


We cannot say whether the following issues are common problems or not. There is not a lot of information about this brand on the internet. The following problems are the ones that have been reported so far and may not be universal in nature.

1. Self-changing channels- this happened to one owner and even when he took the batteries out of the remote, it still kept changing channels. There was no solution reported for this problem except to toss the TV away and get a different brand.

2. Cannot manually add channels- the owner who reported this issue, said that every time they moved, they had to rescan. He understood this was a common problem for all TV brands but he did not like going through a list of channels that were not available in his new area.

3. Screen blurs out- not a consistent problem but one that can frustrate the user. There was no solution for this problem either. The owner simply endured it as it only happened when the fast motion was on the screen.

4. Remote is a line of sight- this means that the remote has to be in front of the television set for the latter to receive the signal from the former. The only solution is to make sure your positioning is correct when you want to use the remote.

5. HDMI ports not working- this could be a case where they were installed incorrectly. Or there is some other electrical problem like loose connections etc. However, like many other problems on this list, the solution was not given except to say to change the television set to another brand.

6. Adaptor polarity reversed- it happens and did to one owner. Once this problem was discovered it was just a matter of minutes before the polarity was put back into its correct position and the TV worked fine.

Download The Legend TV Brand Owners Manual


The first place to check will be our go-to manual website. It has several models of manuals for different Legend TVs. Here is the link to go to the LE3233 model.

The next link will take you to a list of Legend TV models and their manuals. You just need to scroll down to find the one that matches your TV set. Just click here to get to that website.

Heartland RV seems to be one of the major RV brands that install this TV brand in their different models. You can go to the Heartland RV website and look up the manuals for your specific Heartland RV.

Or you can go to the manufacturer of your specific RV brand’s website and see what manuals are available. We know that Forest River has component manuals for all the appliances, etc., they install in their RVs.

When you do your own search, the thing to watch out for is the many products that use the term Legend in their brand name. There is even a manual for a class in the results we got.

Legend TV Brand Remote


This can be an interesting topic given that one Legend TV started to change channels without the help of the remote. When yours starts to do this, there are companies on the internet that sell Legend remotes that should work with your specific TV model.

The problem you will find when you make your searches for a replacement remote is that many of the older remotes are no longer available. You may have to check with your RV brand to find a replacement remote.

For those owners who cannot find a remote for their TV set, they are no longer made, some companies will sell you a compatible option that should work. If you are having problems with the remote and are not sure if it is the remote or the TV that has gone bad, here is what you should do:

Test the remote to see whether it's the remote or the TV. Point the remote at any type of digital camera. Look thru the camera display at the remote. Press a button on the remote. If the remote is working you can see the flash in the camera screen.” (source)

There is a YouTube video at that link that will make things a bit clearer for you if you do not understand those instructions.

Universal Remote For Legend Brand TV


There are codes that can be inputted into your remote to make it work for your Legend TV. These remotes are for other brands but with the code they can operate other TV sets. For example here are the instructions to get your Vizio Universal remote to operate your Legend TV set:

1. Manually turn on your TV (or device you want to control)

2. Press the TV (or device) button and hold for 5 seconds until the LED flashes twice. The LED will remain lit.

3. Enter one of the programming code from the list 0116 for your LEGEND TV (including LCD, LED, and Plasma) device. enter it using the Number Buttons. The LED flashes once after entering each digit. If the code is accepted, the LED flashes twice after the last digit and then turns off.

4. Point the VIZIO remote control at the device and press the POWER button. If the device powers off, the setup is complete. If not, repeat the steps with a different code. (source)

Other remotes should have similar instructions.

Some Additional Words

The Legend TV brand is a cheap Chinese model. You may have more trouble with it than it is worth. Most RV owners suggest switching the Legend for a better brand of TV. It is good advice as outside of the company that made your RV, little is known about this TV brand.

RV companies will go with the cheapest supplier to make a few more dollars and Legend fits that criteria.

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