How To Install an RV Refrigerator Vent Fan (Muffin or Kits)

Things are not always the same with an RV appliance. That is because RVs have different needs and issues to meet and overcome. Venting your RV’s fridge is essential if you want it to work correctly. The proper ventilation will keep the RV fridge from over-working.

Titan is a Chinese company that makes refrigerator vent fans. Over the years they have added some nice features that enhance operation but do not hinder installation. Some fans may not come with batteries included so check the packaging before leaving the store.

To learn more about the installation of fridge vent fans, just continue to read our article. It provides the information you want to know about so that you can install your fan without the help of a technician. Take a few minutes to get this important information.

How To Install a Cooling Fan on an RV Refrigerator


One of the reasons you are doing this project is because the RV fridge is influenced by outside temperatures. They do not work as well in extreme weather as they would in cooler ones.

Now some RV fridge makers use side and roof vents to create a draft to ventilate the fridge. Installing a new cooling or vent fan will improve the fridge’s efficiency by up to 40%.

You have three locations to place a new vent fan. The bottom of the fridge, hanging from the cooling unit or at the top of the roof vent. The design of your RV and fridge space will determine where you can place the new cooling fan.

To mount a rooftop vent fan, you have to remove the refrigerator roof assembly. Then place the fan inside the area above the fridge. Then route the wiring to the lowest vent compartment.

Route the wiring in the safest place possible and then put the assembly back on. Don’t forget to reseal the assembly. Next, use filament tape to tape the wings of the separate thermal switch provided in the package to the burner tube.

Place the switch at least 2 inches away from the burner and then connect the black wire to ground. The red wire goes to one side of the thermal switch and the other end to a DC power source. Then put the access panel back on and you are done.

Installing a Muffin Fan in My RV Refrigerator

A muffin fan is a very small device that uses 12-volt power. It is also an inexpensive fan that will boost your fridge’s interior airflow. It is not hard to install and you have a couple of locations where you can put it.

Inside your fridge, just screw the muffin fan in where you need it. Either side will do. Once that is done connect the wires to the corresponding wires in your fridge’s light.

Or you can mount the muffin fan in the back of the fridge in a location that blows over the condenser coils. You do this by removing the back vent panel and finding that location.

All you need to do to power this fan in this location is to find any 12-volt power source. Then connect the wires to like-minded wires and you are done. Just put the vent panel back on before you leave.

To help the muffing fan, make sure to park your RV or trailer on the shady side of the campsite. Keep it out of direct sunlight for it to work better.

How To Wire RV Refrigerator Fan


In most cases, your installation location may be hampered by the lack of room surrounding your fridge. What that means is that you have to buy a fan designed to fit one of those locations.

One of the challenges you will face if you are wanting to put it near the coils is how to install the fan without removing the fridge. In some cases, you will need to remove the fridge before installing the fan if you want it on the coils.

To power the fan, connect the wires to the DC power source before it reaches the fridge. You can put the fan on the heating tube. When the heating tube heats up, the fan should kick in. If it doesn’t check your wiring and the thermal unit’s placement.

This is basic electronics as the fans normally only have two or three wires to them. You just have to select the right DC power source to get power to the fans. Don’t forget to use the best connectors for the location you choose.

How To Tap Into RV Refrigerator Power For The Fan

This is also basic electrical work and if you have some electrical wiring knowledge, this is a snap to do. All you have to do is locate the best DC power source and connect the wires to it.

Just make sure to connect the red power wire from the fan to the corresponding power wire from the power source. Then the black power wire needs to be connected to the ground wire.

That is all there is to it. Fans do not have complicated wiring systems so just make sure to cut the power before making the connections. Double-check your work to make sure the wires are secure and in a location where they won’t get damaged. Then you are done.

How To Install a Valterra RV Refrigerator Fan


On the back of the Valterra fridge fan package, you will find that this fan brand can be installed in 4 locations. There is the vent mount, the back of the fridge mount, the wall mount, and the floor mount locations.

Pick the location you want to use before you buy the fan. This will help you in your fan purchase selection There are brackets included for these locations which help you attach the fan to your fridge.

Once you pick the location and attach the fan, make sure to place the wires in the safest possible route. Then place the thermal switch on the burner tube bit not on the burner.

This is the on-and-off switch that will keep the fan from draining your battery. From that point, you connect the power wire to the power wire and to the thermal switch. Then the black wire to ground.

There should be only two wires to worry about and when they are properly connected, you are done.

Titan RV Fridge Fan Install

There is a small RV fridge model from Titan that has a thermostat as well as a speed control feature. This allows you to stay in control of what is happening inside your fridge. You can adjust the speed for what you need and what the weather calls for.

What is nice about this particular Titan model is that the control is pre-wired for you. All you have to do is connect the fan wire that has a plug directly to the fans. The fan unit is already assembled for you so there is no build hassle involved.

Just pick the location you want to place the fan, generally, this fan brand works the best as a roof mount. Just be forewarned, instructions for installation may be missing. The thermostat should be placed in between the cooling fans in the back of the fridge.

The control unit can be placed anywhere and in the back of the control panel area is a nice location. Just connect the wires in their proper locations, power to power, thermostat wire to the thermostat and you are done.

Don’t forget to connect the two plugs to connect the fan. It is all basic electrical wiring work. If you have done one fan, you know how to do the rest of them.

Norcold RV Refrigerator Fan Kit Install


These instructions are for the 3-way side vent exhaust fan. There are different terms for the same type of fan as they all improve airflow and remove the heat away from your fridge.

When you are installing this version of a vent fan, you may run into the problem of different colored wires. In one install, the power wires were white and yellow but the fan power wire was black.

The switch wire was red and to install the switch you need to drill a 1 1/4 hole and then connect the red wire to the switch. The challenge to installing this kit is that the fan and vent cover may not fit.

They may be a bit big for your specific RV and you would have to do some adjustment to get it to fit and be put in place. But after the wires are connected, you just push them back into that open space, and then the fan and cover are in place. Over the hole.

The cover would then need to be screwed to secure it and you are done. Then as the fan is attached to the vent, the wires are already in place so it is just a matter of connecting them. The screws come with a square head.

How To Disable The Refrigerator Fan in an RV

The simplest method for this task is to open up the access panel, find the wires and disconnect them from power. That is about the only and best way to disable the fridge fan.

The Titan model we discussed earlier, comes with an adjustment knob on the controller. Instead of pulling a wire, all you have to do is push the rocker switch to manual and then turn the controller all the way down.

This may not totally disable the fan but it will not work as frequently as it would on auto. Since these fans are very simple in nature and design, pulling the power and ground wires off their connection and wrapping the ends in the electrical tape is the way to completely disable the fan.

The trouble with disabling the muffin fan is if you remove it, you will end up with a couple of holes in the wall of your fridge. Those would have to be sealed once the screws come out.

You do not need to overthink things with fridge fans. They are simple in design, easy to wire and unwire. The hard part is taking the different access panels off and putting them back on when you are finished your work.

Tips For Adding a Cooling Fan To RV Refrigerator


Adding a cooling fan is the main tip you will get when looking up this topic. Most tips are about how to get your fridge cooler using a variety of methods including the addition of a cooling fan.

But one tip that you can use is do not over-buy. By that we mean do not buy a three fan set up or even a two-fan setup when you only need 1 fan. Overkill is not what you are looking for here.

As we said earlier, another good tip would be to make sure your RV’s fridge side is never in direct sunlight. If possible use your awning to cut the heat from making your fridge work harder.

Then make sure to give your fridge time to cool before you put groceries inside. This takes about 24 hours to happen, patience is needed here. Also, to help your new fan keep the fridge cool, do not stuff a lot of food inside the fridge. Leave some air circulation space so the fridge can spread the cool air around.

Some Additional Words

You will find that when you go shopping for a cooling fan, there are many brands on the market. Take your time and get the best fan for your fridge situation.

Before you buy a new fan make sure you have the space to install it. There is no point in buying a cooling fan and then finding out there is no room for it. They say the best cooling fan location is on the roof and that location may be best for your specific RV or trailer.

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