L1 Op Code On Norcold Refrigerator (Meaning and How To Fix)

Sometimes when you have trouble with an appliance in an RV, the traditional methods of repair do not always work. You have to go to the unique options to get the appliance back in top running order. That is the case with some Norcold fridges

The L1 Op signal means limit open. This is a common error code that many RV owners see. The fix to remove the code is to use a strong magnet. Not a traditional method but a unique one that seems to work for most RV owners.

To learn more about this error code and what to do about it, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can fix the fridge as well as remove the code. It does not take much effort to rectify this situation.

Norcold L1 Op Meaning


To get the meaning from the horse’s mouth, just open your owner’s manual to the error code or troubleshooting pages. The definitions for all error codes should be in the manual.

The manual for the Norcold fridges states that L1 Op means the high-temperature limit switch is open. The bad news is that the manual states you cannot DIY the fix.

That may not be accurate as we are finding one common repair method that most mechanics and RV owners are recommending. We will get to that fix in the next section. The manual is full of useful and good information but sometimes, it does not include all the information you need to know.

If you are not a fridge repairman, there is nothing wrong with following the manual and letting the approved repairman handle the repair. There is nothing wrong with going to our website or RV discussion forums to get the information you need to do a DIY repair.

Just make the best choice for your RV fridge situation so your food does not spoil. It is something you cannot delay in getting repaired.

How To Fix The L1 Op Code on a Norcold Refrigerator


The following repair method has not only been given by an experienced fridge repairman but also by the majority of RV owners who have faced this problem in the past. This is all you have to do:

Go to the outside access panel for the fridge and remove it, look for a small black box, on this box is an LED light, see if the light is ON.

Get a strong magnet and hold it directly on the sensor above the light, inside the sensor is a reed switch and the magnet should reset it, you should get a click from the box, the LED light should go out and then the code you are seeing will go away.

IF the light will not reset or you run the fridge and it keeps coming on after resetting probably a good idea to have the the fridge looked at. The sensor can trip for low DC battery voltage or if you actually have a high temp condition.”(source)

This is the same advice RV owners on different RV discussion forums have provided as well. This is a common problem and a unique fix that, according to RV owners, works.

We cannot say it works 100% of the time as there may be a more serious problem triggering the red LED light. As the mechanic says, if the light stays on, you may have to have the fridge looked at by a professional to see what else is wrong.

We should add that you should hold the magnet over the black box for about 30 seconds. This is not a quick wave of a magic wand and the problem goes away.

Then there is this possibility- “IF you have the LI OP code and the light is NOT on remove the red and blue wires from the sensor and connect them together with a paper clip or wire and see if the code goes away, if so the sensor may need to be replaced.” (source)

As always, if you are not able to do this repair yourself, go to an approved Norcold repairman to get the work done.

What is The Temperature Limit Switch?


On dual-fuel fridges, including Norcold models, there is a boiler that helps heat the coolant and start the cooling process. The high-temperature limit switch monitors the boiler.

If the boiler overheats, then the high-temperature switch shuts the fridge off to protect the appliance. You could say that this device acts like a regular fuse in an electrical system.

The good news is that this error code is often a false alarm. Thus the need for a unique method to reset it and get the fridge working again. Many RV owners have said they have done this option and have not had trouble with their fridges since then.

It is the best fix as it does not cost you anything and it can be over in a few minutes. The reasons for this error code range from a malfunctioning condenser fan to a worn-out compressor to inadequate ventilation.

Check your ventilation areas to make sure there is plenty of air flow. An overheated boiler if left unattended can start a fire in your RV or trailer. The reason you go to an approved technician for this repair is that the source of the error code is often hard to determine.

Some Additional Words

Sometimes the easiest and most unique repair methods are the best. While you cannot rule out more serious sources for the error code, try the magnet first. If it fixes the problem then you are not out any money or time.

If the code returns after a few days, contact Norcold for help. It is also possible that your DIY work, not the magnet, did some damage to the fridge so the code will not go away until the damage is repaired.

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