No Boundaries Camper Problems and Review (Price, Interior)

In the RV industry, there is always someone trying to learn from the mistakes of other RV makers. They think they can build the perfect RV that doesn’t have problems. Unfortunately, they are always wrong. Even Forest River can’t achieve this objective.

The No Boundaries camper is a nice lightweight camper that is designed for boondockers. However, it is still not a perfect trailer and comes with its share of problems. Some of the problems include a leaking shower, loose door jambs, and faulty air conditioners.

To learn more about this newer camper, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information available when you are considering buying this camper option.

Who Makes No Boundary Trailers?


This line of trailers is made by Forest River. It is made for those people who like outdoor adventure. Those adventures can be hiking, mountain climbing, kayaking, or canoeing, to list some of the options.

Forest River made this trailer so light that small cars and SUVs have an opportunity to tow it on their next vacation. This trailer series is only a year old, and it has already won several debut awards, including best new model of 2022 and Top RV Debut 2022.

Besides being extra light, this camper series boasts of plenty of ground clearance. You shouldn’t be bottoming out, hitting speed bumps, or feeling any cool air from the ground.

The trailer is divided into 4 categories, and there are up to 13-floor plans in total covering all four categories. This series of campers are called the towable series.

The reason for that label is that both 4 and 6-cylinder vehicles should be able to tow this trailer with relative ease. There will be a few trailers in the 19 and 20 series categories that may be a little heavy for those vehicles.

Common No Boundaries Camper Problems

When you look at the worst trailer brands and trailer companies to avoid, you will find that Forest River is listed among those names. This is a company that does not have the greatest of reputations and is known for problems being a part of any RV you buy.

Those problems, in general, include leaking areas, sinking floors, and the biggest common problem of all, poor customer service. Here is a list of more problems some owners have run into already.

1. Leaking roofs- not the best roof design, although Forest River advertises it as a walk on roof with its PVC design.

2. Mold- this is another common problem that will start with number one on this list. It seems it is easy for mold to grow inside the trailer, and that growth is enhanced by the leaks.

3. Poor ‘P’ trap design- not enough clearance is given to this vital shower part. It can rub against the plywood and break eventually. When it breaks, it will flood the bathroom floor.

Some of the right-angle floors supports that extend from the frame were bent as well.

4. AC compressor stops working- all you get is warm air and nothing cool. Part of the problem was the temperature probe was hanging loose and not monitoring the air temperature. The condenser froze.

5. Unsecured misc. Items- you may find that the screws used by Forest River may not be the best nor placed in the RV in a way that secures different items. Some of those items were a fire extinguisher holder, a bathroom door jamb, and more.

These items just came out with little effort or just fell off after the first few bumps.

6. General seals- sometimes Forest River employees cut corners. They do not seal everything correctly, resulting in floods in the bathroom after showers and in other places.

We should point out that some of these problems may not be series wide and may only be individual problems. However, this camper has not been on the market for very long, so it is difficult to get a full list of common problems.

No Boundaries Camper Reviews


While this is a very new camper option, there are some review websites giving their opinion on this trailer option. So far, the reviewers are very impressed by the construction of the trailer as well as its lightweight.

One reviewer liked the fact that Forest River built some great safety features into this camper series. Those safety features include the walk on roof, which is supposed to be strong enough to hold some weight.

The high ground clearance is another feature they like due to the fact you shouldn’t damage the undercarriage. The wiring is supposed to be secure and enclosed to prevent electrical problems and damage to the wiring system.

Another reviewer called it an excellent camper due to the excessive amount of storage space. He also liked it for its ability to go just about anywhere you want to go.

A third reviewer said he liked it because it was built to handle tough weather and road conditions while remaining lightweight. He liked the tent option as it adds a unique sleeping area with lots of room.

Then people liked the cost of this trailer series. Its price tag ranges between $21,000 and $28,000 at the time that the review was written. The cost may have gone up in a year.

Not all is rosy, as some owners are not happy with the amount of problems that come with this trailer. It may be lightweight, good for camping, and allows you to bring your kayaks, etc., along, but those problems detract from the experience.

The trailer series has been given a 10 out of 10 for livability and room accommodations, while a 9.5 was given for sleep room. The categories that got the lowest scores were repair & support at 5.5 and warranty at 6.0.

The trailer does suffer from inferior construction, which may lower your opinion of this nice camping trailer.

No Boundaries Camper Floor Plans

On the Forest River website, the company has listed 14 different floor plans for the 4 overall series categories. The 14th is unavailable at this time. The 10 series has 2 floor plans, with one having a ramp allowing you to put your toys inside.

The two floor plans reach 13’ 10” and 15’ exactly, with the trailer with the ramp being the smaller of the two. The 16 series also has two floor plans. These plans are more like your standard small trailer you can find anywhere.

The 21’ 8” trailer comes with one slide-out in case you need more room. Then the 19 series has 6 floor plans, ranging in length from 21’ 10” to 24’ 8” in size. 3 models come with 1 slide-out each, and all the trailers have everything you would expect in a normal travel trailer.

Finally, the 20 series only has 3 floor plans, with 1 more not available. Their length is one at 23’ 9”, while the other 2 are 26’ 2”. We did not see any ramp for any of these models. One does have a side and rear entry point, and two of the trailers weigh over 5000 pounds.

This wide floor plan selection provides you with the opportunity to find the right trailer for your living and camping situation. For equipment, the 10, 16, & 19 series trailers have both standard and optional packages you can purchase.

The 20 series was not listed in this section of the Forest River website.

How Much is a No Boundaries Camper?


We checked the different floor plans on the Forest River website. All it would say was to click the link that said request a quote. The prices we mentioned above may be 2022 prices or just estimates without all the features added to the campers.

Those earlier prices may also just be for the 10 series. Another website stated the price range to be between $25,000 and $43,000, but those prices may not include the newer 20 series models.

We found one 20 series listed on RV Traders for $46,000+, with other models going in the low $30,000 range. At least one 10 series 2023 model year was selling for $21,000.

They all seem reasonably priced for what you are getting, and depending on your camping style, there should be an affordable model waiting for you. The best thing to do is for you to contact your local Forest River dealer and talk to them about the price, options, and other questions you may have.

No Boundaries Camper Prices

As you just read, the prices are going to range a little bit depending on your model series. The 10 series seems to be set in the $20,000 to $30,000 range with some overlap from the 16 series trailer sizes.

The 19 series looks to be in the $35,000 to $45,000 range, with the 20 series options reaching $46,000+. Of course, these prices will change when you start picking out the size you want and all the optional features you want to be included in your purchase.

If there are deals to be made, you may have to talk to your local dealers to see what discounts are available. You can try buying used, but there are only three used model years at this time.

Prices for these models may not be much cheaper than the current 2023 model year. The next best thing to do is shop around to see if anyone traded one in when they upgraded to a larger model.

Sometimes those trade-ins can be sold at a good discount. You have lots of price negotiation options available to use.

No Boundary Specs

The following specs are for the series 19 NB 19.6 trailer.

- 3 holding tanks for fresh water, gray and black water. All three are at 30 gallons

- is capable of holding a 20 pound propane tank

- there is a 12 month basic warranty, a 24 month structural warranty, and a 15 year roof warranty

- payload capacity is 3206 pounds, with a hitch weight of 490 pounds, the dry weight is 4284 pounds

- the body construction is made from aluminum and fiberglass

- there is 1 door, 1 16-ft awning, and 1 slide-out

- this trailer sleeps 4, with one queen size bed and 1 convertible bed

- for seating, there are 2 sofas made with vinyl exterior and standard appliances, including a convection oven.

- Misc. standard features

Finding Used No Boundaries Campers For Sale


Since this is a new model camper series for Forest River, this is not going to be that difficult to find for sale. The first place to check would be all Forest River dealers. They should be able to connect you with the series size you are interested in.

Then if you do not like dealing with those dealers, RV USA and RV Trader have a variety of models on sale at this time. They have websites that you can peruse and look at the different photos before contacting them or a Forest River dealer.

As for used RV outlets, there may be some but not many at this time. Then there is RV Universe, with a few used models on sale below $20,000. This outlet seems to list different campers from around the country.

Camping World is another option, and one RV discussion forum member mentioned his son bought from Camping World. He was immediately told not to use their repair service if he did not want to wait several months and have it returned in worse condition.

Some Additional Words

If you like going where no one else camps, then this No Boundary model series may be the best option for you. It is supposed to be built to handle rough roads and bad weather.

However, no matter how good a deal you got, be prepared for some common problems to show up and try to ruin your vacation. No trailer or RV is used without something going wrong.

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