Harbor Freight Jupiter 2000 Watt Inverter Reviews and Specs

It is hit and miss. Harbor Freight seems to have this type of reputation for its tools and electronics. Some customers walk away with a great tool at a great price, while others do not. It is hard to say how the Jupiter 2000-watt inverter will perform after every purchase.

The Jupiter 2000 is said to be able to handle 4000 peak watts protecting your tools and appliances. This device comes with high and low-voltage input protection, an on and off switch as well as other features. So far the majority of owners’ reviews are favorable.

To learn more about this device just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you get the best information possible about the Jupiter 2000-watt inverter. If you want to save money, this may be a good option to consider.

Complete Jupiter 2000-Watt Inverter Specs


Getting to know the Jupiter 2000-watt inverter is the best place to start. Knowing the specs will let you know if this device will work for your camping or RVing situation. Here are the specs that are built into this machine:

-Continuous power-- 2000 watts

- High surge capacity-- 4000 watts

- Modified sine wave-- 87%

- AC power outlets-- 3 120 volts

- USB ports-- 2.1 amps

- Low battery shutdown-- Yes

- Thermal overload protection-- Yes

Jupiter 2000-watt inverter pros and cons

1. Pros:

  • A reliable back up device for home, camping, or office
  • Has an LCD indicator light
  • Real time information capability
  • Built-in safety devices
  • Powers appliances, tools, and other electronic equipment
  • Easy to install & has all the hardware for a quick set up
  • Advanced sine wave technology to avoid power surges

2. Cons:

  • quite large and may not fit in most locations or you may have difficulty arranging everything for it to fit
  • can be expensive but Harbor Freight sometimes issues coupons for this device
  • coupons may not last that long and you never know when they will appear
  • some owners have experienced issues with this device, not consistent in performance

The Jupiter 2000-Watt Inverter Cost


If we landed on a current web page at Harbor Freight, then this device is selling for roughly $169 and if you think that is expensive, the company issued a coupon that expired in March 2023 cutting $30 off the price.

Right now, at least one vendor on the Amazon marketplace is selling this model for $200. It is doubtful that you will find this device on sale anywhere else unless they are a Harbor Freight dealer.

In any search, the options for this device have been limited to either Amazon or the Harbor Freight website. You may have to wait till the company issues another coupon before getting this inverter at a reasonable cost.

Our Harbor Freight Jupiter 2000-Watt Inverter Review


One of the biggest red flags you can run into is when no one is talking about this device and only Harbor Freight has information on it. This is something we do not like as we cannot get a well-rounded view of the machine and how it works.

From the specs and descriptions issued, this device looks to be a good item to invest in. However, its size and its inconsistent performance may have you looking elsewhere for a better inverter.

Another red flag will be that this device is not mentioned on any top best lists comparing different inverter models and their brands. While this lack does not make this a bad machine, it does make you wonder about it.

With its peak wattage at 4,000 watts, it should be a good device that protects your electrical system from surges. Plus, the 2000 continuous running watts allow you to run several devices at the same time.

Just be careful not to create a large demand and watch which devices you plug into this inverter. With 2 GFCI outlets built-in, your electrical system should have plenty of protection when those surges take place.

The best we can say is that it is made for and sold by Harbor Freight and you may get a good machine or not.

What do Other Jupiter 2000-Watt Inverter Reviews Say?


The reviews are few and far in between. We came across only 1 independent review for print websites and it gave a glowing review of this device. The reviewer stated that this was a better machine than the Renogy 2000 even though the latter was cheaper.

Most reviews were online and like the Amazon reviews, they were mixed. Many owners did not have a great experience and were very negative in their comments about this device. One owner simply said the device just gave out.

Only 73% of verified owners gave this device 4 to 5 stars which is not very good. With 27% giving it 3 stars or less, it tells you that you are taking a bit of a gamble purchasing this inverter.

One owner liked the device and said it ran all of his electrical devices except for the microwave. No matter what he did, it would not run his microwave. Another owner said it would run smaller electrical devices but not his hot plate.

Finally, the owners that gave this device 5 stars claimed it worked as advertised, including running their microwaves. It is a hit or miss device.

Some Additional Words

The hit and miss reputation for Harbor Freight items seems to cover tools, electrical devices, and other pieces of equipment they sell. The company offers these devices and tools at a great price and even throws in some coupons to further help your budget.

However, not all their inverters and tools work the same for every customer. As you can see by the customer reviews, it is a hit or miss type of purchase. You may be lucky when you buy yours or you may have to return it and try again.

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