Lazy Daze RV Problems and Reviews (Are Lazy Daze RVs Good?)

It happens to the best of companies and LazyDaze RV is one of those. Or we should say was one of those. It seems that the company could not recover from the financial hit it took during the pandemic and closed its doors in May 2022.

The problems you will find with buying one of the models this brand produced are of standard RV fare. You may have a roof leak, bad wiring, inadequate insulation, condensation issues, and much more.

To learn more about this company and its Class C RVs, just continue to read our article. It has the information you want to know about so you can decide if a used Lazy Daze RV is right for your RV adventures. Just because it closed does it mean the quality went away.

A Little Lazy Daze RV History


The company started in roughly 1956 when two high school shop teachers built their first truck camper. Their knowledge and experience helped them build a superior quality slide-in camper and the news began to spread.

Soon they were inundated with requests to build these types of campers. This led the two teachers, Harold Hamm & Paul Newton, to start their own RV manufacturing business.

When Hamm died a few years later Newton continued the business with his brother and turned it into a family-owned business that put quality above quantity.

Their business model was to not sell through dealers but make every purchase factory direct and use top quality materials. Then from building top-quality slide-in truck campers, the company moved up to building top-quality Class C RVs.

They tried to do a Class A model but it did not work out and only one was built. Because of their business model and work ethic, Lazy Daze RVs built a solid reputation among RV owners.

The news that they went out of business surprised quite a few RV enthusiasts as they loved the quality. The only thing that is lost to current Lazy Daze owners is that there is no more factory support for when problems occur.

That means that Lazy Daze owners may be looking at salvage and other used parts outlets to find the equipment and materials they need to fix what is ailing their RVs.

Common Lazy Daze RV Problems

Even top-quality and well-constructed RVs will have their fair share of problems. Lazy Daze RVs are not an exception to this rule. Here are some of the common problems you may encounter if you own one of these Class C RVs.

1. One of the biggest problems potential customers would face would be the high price of these RVs. Quality craftsmanship and materials do come at a higher price which is then built into the overall cost of the vehicle.

That all translates into paying over $100,000 for a good Class C from this company.

2. Another problem customers faced was the long delivery time. There was a time you could go to the factory, take a tour, and then pick one of three floor plans and pay a deposit.

After all that, you could wait up to two years before your model was ready. This is both a good and bad situation to be in. Good for the company, and bad for the customer.

3. Customer service- some owners have reported that it took a while for them to get replacement parts for those items that were broken or malfunctioning in their RV.

It seems that factory and warranty support was a big issue when the company was operating. One owner gave this category 0 out of 5 stars. Another only gave 1 star for the low towing and drivability of the vehicle they owned.

The factory and warranty category seems to be the biggest complaint as a majority of reviews gave it 0 out of 5 stars. That seems odd for a company that has few critics.

4. Misc. Problems- these may or may not be common issues. Some reviewers mentioned faulty wiring, inferior insulation, roof leaks, bad plumbing, and a lot more problems.

These may have occurred in a few of the Lazy Daze models over the years but most reports and reviews we have read have all been positive and not mentioning anything significant that was wrong with those vehicles.

The company seems to have found the best way to build a Class C RV and their products have held up over the years. Even the older models from the pre-2000 era have been reported as looking good and working like a charm.

You may have experienced some issues with your Lazy daze but it seems those are individual issues and not common problems.

Are Lazy Daze RVs Good?

From every reviewer and owner we have read, this company knew how to build top-quality RVs and have them last for decades. From the aluminum exterior skin to the metal frame to solid wood materials, the company went for top-quality materials to make sure their RVs were the best made.

In checking different RV discussion forums and review websites, not one person had a negative word to say about these RVs. What helps support those opinions on this RV brand is that while they cost a lot, they are built so well that they command a high resale value.

Keep it in good shape and you should be able to get a very nice price when you sell it. According to one reviewer, the older models he saw were kept in very good shape by their owners.

As the company grew and technology changed, Lazy Daze put in thermal pane windows to encourage all season camping. In other words, the insulation in these vehicles was very good.

They also went up from 3 floor plans to 7 at one point. There was enough choice enabling you to get the interior the way you wanted it. One of the stand out features of this company was their lifetime warranty on their frame.

They seemed to have been the only RV maker with that much confidence in their RVs.

Lazy Daze Motor Homes Reviews


It is hard to review a company that has almost a 100% total of good reviews. It seems that the company has built such a great reputation and built excellent RVs that even if something is wrong, the owners and others give it rave reviews.

Even the owners who gave 0 out of 5 stars for warranty coverage still praised this company and its RVs. No one is saying to stay away from this product or call it a company filled with lemons.

Some people would easily buy a used lazy Daze Class C RV if one became available and they needed to make a change from their current RV situation. As of 2018, it was reported that the company did not include slides in their designs.

That lack of extra room did not dissuade people from buying their product or give a reason to talk negatively about those RVs. The biggest negative comment we heard was that the company would often refuse customers' requests for added features.

They had their set construction plan and did not seem to deviate from that. You may not find a used Lazy Daze RV for sale as most owners are very satisfied with the one they chose and bought and have hung onto them for up to 2 decades if not longer.

Are Lazy Daze Motorhomes Still Being Made?

No, they are not. It seems that the company was unable to continue production once pandemic restrictions were lifted. The company remained open during those two harsh years, mostly for repair and servicing work.

However, manufacturing took a big hit and it seems that the company could not overcome that final challenge. We came across 2 websites that are copyrighted to 2023 that say the company is still manufacturing new RVs but there is nothing to substantiate those rumors.

If they were, many RV owners would be ecstatic about the news. If you try the website, you will find that it is no longer working. Also, people who tried to phone the company said the phones went from being unanswered to being not in service.

What Happened To Lazy Daze RV?

No one seems to know and there have been people trying to find out. The best news we have come across is when someone was able to contact a former sales manager.

His response to their question about the company failing was- “Sorry, but the owners’ situation is not conducive to giving any interviews or information on the closing”.

There has been lots of speculation on this closing and none have been founded on any facts. The most plausible theory is that the pandemic and the supply chain breakdown are the elements responsible for their demise.

It is not because there was a sudden down turn in demand for quality RVs. Other RV makers have reported record sales after the pandemic. But with no official word on why they closed their doors, all everyone has left is speculation.

Why the family is not making any official statements, even after a year of being closed is anyone’s guess as well. The silent treatment of its loyal customers does not seem in line with the over 60-year history of this company.

All the Lazy Daze Owners Group has to say is “Lazy Daze, one of the most iconic names in the RV industry, is no longer in business and ceased production in May 2022. Please note that the old phone number(s) and website(s) are no longer under the control of the former company and may be being used by other entities.”

This is on their landing page. You have to join to get any further information. There are a couple of other similar groups on Facebook but membership may be the key to finding out more.

Why Did Lazy Daze Close?


No one seems to know. The reasons for this closure may have surfaced in one of the many Lazy Daze owner’s groups but it is hard to say. You have to join the groups to find out.

These groups tend to be a bit strict as they post messages to potential fake posters about posting faulty and fake messages on their Facebook pages. You can view this 2022 video which shows the factory and that it is an empty shell.

Buying Lazy Daze RV Parts

We did check the Lazy Daze website,, and as other people have reported, it is no longer functioning. We even tried a VPN to get through but to no avail. YOu cannot go to the company to get any spare parts.

Route 66 RV says it handles Lazy Daze RV refurbishing and will sell used LAzy Daze RVs but their website is only copyrighted to 2021 so check to see if they are still in business or not.

You can try Henderson This company’s website says that they build after-market parts for Lazy Daze RVs. They also say they do repair work for you.

Other than that, you may have to check all the used RV parts outlets that advertise over the Internet. There are many results for including a parts store but those websites or web pages are not functioning anymore either.

Then if those outlets do not have the parts you need, you should join one of the many Lazy Daze owners groups and ask other members where to get parts. This will probably be your best option as other owners will have this information as well as who to watch out for and avoid.

Finally, check the many salvage yards that dot the nation to see if they have any parts available.

Finding Lazy Daze Motorhomes For Sale

RV trader seems to have just over 10 models for sale at this time. That could change at any time though. The prices seem reasonable and the RVs look in good shape.

The earliest model year they had was 1989 and it went for roughly $15,000. Both the exterior and the interior were in good shape with the cab seats needing recovering. The color was a bit faded but other than that, they were in good shape.

Smart RV guide had over 15 models available with the earliest we saw dating to 1981. It was going for $2500 with a very good exterior and interior condition. This company also has many models dating to the 2000s so you have a wide selection to choose from. had about 12 for sale at the time of this writing. They were priced about the same as the other two sites with the 1989 model going for just under $15,000. They all looked good and ready for action.

Then recreational vehicle has quite a few options to look at and decide. Their prices are comparable although one 1995 model is selling for only $14,500.

If you do a good local search you should find some dealers that have taken this brand of RV in on trade and wants to get rid of them quickly. You may even find a model or two being sold by Camping World.

Lazy Daze RV Owner’s Clubs


There seem to be quite a few of these with most of them on Facebook. One, Lazy Daze Caravan Club claims to be the original group and was sponsored by the company. It is a closed membership so you have to join if you can to see what is being said.

Another owner’s group is called Lazy Daze Motorhome Fan Club but it does not seem to be very active at this time. This should give you a nice head start to finding other clubs that have owners sharing news, location of parts, get togethers, and so on.

We are not sure if you need to own a Lazy Daze RV to join or if these clubs still exist or not. The best thing to do is look up their internet location and try to join. Membership may be beneficial if you are having difficulties with your current Class C RV made by this company.

Some Additional Words

It is too bad that an era had to end. It seems that the original owners of this company knew how to build a better RV and put that knowledge to work. Why the company went out of business is hard to say as the owners are not saying anything.

But if you still own a Lazy Daze RV you are in good hands as these RVs were well-built and very few people had anything negative to say about them. If you haven’t already done so, join one of the clubs so you can meet new people and have your RV needs met through this camaraderie.

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