Dometic RV Awning Switch Wiring Diagram and Parts List

When you have owned your awning for some time, you may find that when the old switch wears out the replacement is wired differently. This can cause some confusion and you may need to have a skilled technician do the wiring for you

Some newer Dometic awning models may not need a wiring diagram. The wires usually plug into a wiring harness and save you a lot of time trying to figure out which wire goes where. The manual does not provide a wiring diagram for the 9200 model.

To learn more about this wiring task, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information available when trying to replace your awning switch.

How To Wire an RV Awning Switch


The wiring instructions will depend on if you have a 6-wire switch or a 4-wire switch. Most older models may have the 6-wire option and the newer switches may only be designed to hold 4 wires.

The 6-wire switch may include jumper wires to make sure the switch works right. Those wires won’t be needed for the 4-wire switch. You have to be careful as when you are wiring a 6-wire system to a 4-wire switch, you cannot have 2 negative wires on the same terminal.

To wire the switch correctly, you will need a pair of wires going to the battery and a pair of wires going to the motor. Now if you put the wire on the terminals, and the switch does not work, then you need to reverse the connection but only a pair of wires need to be switched.

You may have to move the wires several times to find the right combination. It is hard to explain because not every RV or trailer has the same colored wires used in their switch connections.

RV Awning Switch Wiring Diagram

Here is one wiring diagram. It is a generic Dometic one that may provide some help to many DIY electricians.


We will provide links to the 9100 and the 9200 manuals to help you figure out what you need to do. Both manuals have some clear diagrams but they are scant on information when it comes to switches. Click on the numbers to get to those manuals.

If you have a straight 4-wire system and a 4-wire switch, =and the colored wires are the same, you should be able to match the colors and connect the wires and be done with this task.

This color-coded wiring diagram may be of more use to you. Unfortunately, we cannot expand on the size to make all the details clear. A magnifying glass may help you read the wording but the colors are clear enough and you should be able to follow those.


If you need better diagrams, contact Dometic directly and see what they can do for you. They should have some as they made the awning. Just be ready if they say company policy does not allow them to send out wiring diagrams for any of their awning models.

How to check the RV awning switch

There are three tools you can use to check your awning switch. The first tool is the continuity tester and it is a basic tool that lights up when power is reaching the switch.

There are two better tools you can use as these more sophisticated options have dials, screens, and a needle to tell you exactly what is happening at the switch.

The first tool is the multimeter and it has volt meter capability, which is the second tool you can use. The voltmeter will tell you how many volts are reaching the switch. If it is below 12, you have a problem either at the switch or somewhere between the source and the switch.

Once you get the information you need, you can decide to replace the switch and that is often the solution. Or you can check the other electrical components first to see if they are the source of the problem.

Sometimes, bad wires or connections can interfere with the switch and they would need to be tightened or replaced. If the battery is at fault, clean the terminals and check the cables as well as check to see if the battery has power.

Sometimes, you just need to clean the wires and the terminals at the switch to fix the problem.

The RV awning switch not working

Before you go out and buy a new switch, you should follow the instructions in the previous section. You do not want to spend money on the wrong part if the problem lies elsewhere.

But if the switch is the problem, you will need to replace it. The trouble with replacement is that if you own an older RV, those older switches may not be made anymore. Make sure to get the part number and call the dealer to see if you can still buy one.

If you can, then check the different RV supply outlets to see if you can get the same part at a cheaper price. We hate to say it but sometimes dealers overcharge for parts and usually want to do the installation as well.

The installation will also cost you more money you may not want to spend. You can contact the company directly if they sell retail and get a replacement part. If the part is not in production anymore, you can check used RV parts, salvage yards, or find a compatible switch through electrical supply shops.

The worst-case scenario is that there are no compatible options and you will have to replace the switch with one that has a different design to it.

Dometic Weather Pro Awning Parts Diagram

Here is the parts diagram. You will see reference numbers next to the parts but no legend. The legend is actually quite long, much longer than the parts diagram shows for parts for this awning model.


You can find the parts' serial numbers and descriptions at this link. That is the same diagram that we found in the image section on our results page after a search.

We checked the manual and there is no overall parts diagram. But it does contain smaller more isolated diagrams that label some parts. But what the manual for this awning model does do is provide great wiring diagrams

You can view the manual and those wiring diagrams at this link.

Weather Pro Awning Parts List


The parts list is found at the first link in the last section. We often get ahead of ourselves and place the information in other sections. According to the list, the reference numbers may be repeated but the parts numbers may have slight variations to them.

One example is reference number 521 as it is listed 7 times but for 6 of them, the last letter in the parts number is different. Those letters are B, H, R, S, U, & V. The 7th 521 number does not have a letter at the end and the number after the decimal is.015 instead of .115

The rest of the serial numbers are the same. Do not assume that all serial or part numbers are the same. Look for these minor differences so you do not order the wrong part.

Weather Pro Awning Parts For Sale


You can still find parts for this awning. They are for sale at a variety of RV parts and accessories outlets. One is the Boat and RV which also deals with marine parts.

Then there is Young Farts RV which sells new and used RV parts. You can count on Hanna RV parts to have some as well. This is just a minute example of the different RV parts stores that carry replacement parts for this awning.

If you do not have the Weather Pro awning model, these outlets should have the Dometic replacement parts for the 9100 and 9200 plus other awning models. Or you can shop on Amazon to see what universal parts are available and these may be at a lower cost than you would get them at from these other outlets.

A little comparison shopping should get you the right part at the best price for your RV. If not, then contact Dometic to see if they can help you out. You may be forced to go to your RV’s brand’s dealer to get the right part.

Some Additional Words

Wiring is not as complicated as it sounds. When it comes to switches, your biggest problem will be if the company has switched designs and stopped producing the switch you need.

When ordering the switch, you can always talk to the people at the parts store for advice on how to wire the new switch. They may have some tips they can share with you.

Don’t forget to look at used RV parts outlets to find the switch you need. Those stores come in handy for hard-to-find items.

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