Troubleshooting a Furrion RV Stereo (Manual, Bluetooth Pair)

It is an electrical device. Those words should clue you right in on what are the possible sources for any problem you are having with your Furrion stereo. There are only a few possible sources with these devices making it easier to find the source and repair.

One of the first places to look will be in the back of the stereo itself. Remove it from the wall and check the fuse for any damage. If there is damage, then replace the fuse and your stereo should operate again. If not, then keep looking as that was to the source.

To learn more about troubleshooting your Furrion stereo system, just continue to read our article. It delves into the topic to give you as many possible sources and fixes to look for and use.

Troubleshooting a Furrion RV Stereo


When it comes to brand names, the problems their products face are the same as the no-brand name products. Then when the products are key electrical devices like a stereo you do not have many possibilities to look for when trying to fix the problem

Here are the possibilities to check:

1. The fuses- while we mentioned only one fuse earlier, it has been reported that some models operate with two. If the fuse you checked was replaced at that time, and the unit still does not work, look for a second fuse.

If there is one, then replace it if it is bad. That should solve your problem. But if it doesn’t then it is time to go to the next possibility.

2. The wires- when you are driving your RV or towing your trailer to your destination, road vibrations and bumps can be felt by all the electronics in those units. Those issues can loosen wire connections or damage them.

If the fuses are okay, then check all the wires and connections to see if they are loose or damaged. Tighten any that are loose, and replace any that are damaged.

3. Power source- this is a possibility for any electronic device. If the wires and fuses are okay, check your breakers and batteries. If they have tripped or lost power, nothing will work inside your RV, etc., including your stereo.

Get the power back by finding the short that tripped the breaker or recharge the batteries. The short may take some time to track down and repair.

4. The controls- because Furrion and other RV stereo systems are designed to play in different zones, you may need to check the controls. You may have inadvertently set the stereo for the wrong zone and it won’t play where you want it to.

Or you forgot to adjust the volume dial or left the mute button on. In all of these instances, you will not get any sound. Check the controls to make sure they are set correctly and will play in the right areas.

5. Do a reset- if you have checked all the possible sources, and everything is working great, then the reason your stereo is not working could be due to the fact it needs resetting.

Get your manual or download one from the link in an upcoming section and follow the reset instructions. Once the radio has been reset then it should play.

6. Updating your stereo- It has been said that Furrion has designed their stereo systems to need updating to work properly. Check to see if you need to do this.

You should be able to tell you need to update the stereo when you hear it lagging or slowing in speed. Once the updates are done, you should be able to use your stereo normally again.

Furrion RV Stereo Won't Turn On

This can be a very frustrating situation to be in. You have a very active day and now all you want to do is sit down in your favorite chair and relax to some good music. Unfortunately, you can’t as your nice Furrion stereo refuses to turn on.

There are a few common sources for this problem and it will start with checking the flow of power. If there is not a full 12-volt charge being sent to the stereo the red power button may illuminate but nothing will play.

Use a multimeter to diagnose the situation and see if this is the problem. If it is check your battery to see if there is a problem with it or one of the connections.

At the same time check your wiring for corrosion, loose connections, and other possible wire issues. If you find any, then apply the correct fix to the source you found.

If everything is okay, check the fuse in the back of the device. It could have blown cutting off the power to the stereo. If it has blown replacing the fuse is your only option.

If all of these possible sources for the problem are not the source and everything is fine, you may need to replace the stereo. Not a great option but there will be times when this has to be done.

Before you do that step, double-check everything to make sure it is not another component that is at fault.

Furrion RV Stereo Bluetooth Pairing


The steps for this should be in the manual which we will link to at the end of this article. The steps may or may not be the same for each Furrion model as the ones we are about to provide and were given by e-trailer experts:

1. Activate Bluetooth mode on your mobile device. Then press the Bluetooth button on the front panel of DV3300S to enter pairing mode.

2. When DV3300S is detected by your mobile phone, the device name FURRION DV3300S-BL-XXXX (where X can be any character from A-Z or number from 0-9) is shown on your mobile phone.

3. Select the device name on your mobile phone, then an input box will pop up, asking you to input a password.

4. Input 0000 and confirm. Upon successful pairing and connection, 'LINK OK' will appear on the LCD of DV3300S.

Other instructions that may fit your specific model are- once you activate the Bluetooth feature, look for the Bluetooth name. Select the correct name and be ready to input your password when the device asks for it.

After that just press okay or connect and you should be done. This is one of the easier connection or pairing methods you can use.

How To Use a Furrion RV Radio

For the radio operation, you need to first power the unit on by pressing the on/off button. Then press the AM/FM mode button to select the desired radio frequency you want to listen to. You may have to go through several choices like FM 1, FM 2, and so on before reaching your desired mode.

Once you have your desired mode, press the double arrow button to begin your search for a radio station. The device will begin searching for the strongest radio stations in your area.

If you want to store a great station and not hunt for it again, press the AM/FM mode button until it starts to flash. Then press one of the buttons labeled 1 to 6 to store the station. The manual says you can store up to 30 stations on their system.

You can also store the 6 strongest stations in your area automatically. You will need to be in radio mode and to start, you press the 2/stop button on the front panel. After that, the device will search for and store the top 6 strongest stations for you and put them on the 1 to 6 buttons.

The manual also has instructions for common operation and USB operation. Those and the above instructions are found on pages 16 to 20 of the manual. These instructions came from the manual for the DV7200 model.

How To Remove a Furrion RV Stereo


For the DV3300 model, this task is very simple. There are two indents, one on each side, where you need to place your fingers. If your fingers are too large for these indents, then use a flathead screwdriver.

Once you have a good grip or the screwdriver is in place, gently pull on the face plate to remove the stereo. Once the face plate is off, you should see the mounting screws. Take the appropriate screwdriver and remove those screws.

Once that is done, you should be able to remove the stereo. However, be mindful of any wires that are connected to the back of the stereo so do not pull out quickly or sharply.

You do not want to damage any connections behind the unit. Disconnect any wires that will impede the removal of the unit and you should be free to place it anywhere in your RV or trailer.

This process should be the same for all Furrion stereo models but check the manual first to make sure. If you installed the device yourself at one time, just reverse the process and you should be able to get the stereo out with no problems.

Download The Furrion RV Stereo Manual

Usually, the best place to get a free downloadable manual is to go to the company first. This is always the best source when they offer manuals to their customers. For Furrion, you need to click this link and scroll down to get to the set of manuals you need.

If that doesn’t work for you, then you can go to our go-to manuals website and pay for the download. We recommend them because they have a myriad of manuals and usually many other websites do not have. This link will take you to the DV7200 manual.

You will have to search that website to get the manual for your specific Furrion stereo model. Or you can go to one of the many other websites that offer manuals. There is no guarantee that they will have what you are looking for. But they will have some options available.

Finally, you can try Forest River or other RV makers and see what manuals they can offer you. We know that Forest River and its subsidiaries have a manual section and the one for the stereo system is usually under the component manual section.

You would have to start your search by selecting the brand then the type of RV, and after that, the model before you get to the manual web page. It takes a few clicks to get to it.

How To Get Good AM Radio Reception


The following information may be a surprise to some Furrion RV stereo owners. It seems that when the stereo system and antennas are installed, the company does not send the RV maker the AM antenna.

The antenna in the roof of your RV or trailer is for FM only. That information comes direct from the company. There is no AM radio antenna installed in the system from the factory.

To resolve this problem and get good AM reception, you will have to buy a compatible AM antenna and either have it installed for you or install it yourself. This practice seems a bit weird but that is how Furrion conducts its business.

So to ensure good AM radio listening, double-check to see what antenna is on your roof and then go out and find a top Am antenna from the aftermarket companies. It is a hassle but it needs to be done.

Some Additional Words

Troubleshooting a Furrion RV stereo is a lot like troubleshooting any other brand of RV stereo. You have a limited number of options to look at and repair.

If they all check out, then the problem may be with your stereo. And if it is with your stereo then you will have to find a good replacement. When you have a hard time finding an AM station, don’t blame the radio, look to see if there is an AM antenna installed on your roof. If not, you need to buy one.

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