Entegra Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Online)

Entegra is owned by Jayco who is owned by Thor. The parts availability most likely will be a head office decision and that means Thor will make the call. There was a time when Entegra owners could order parts from the company but the delay in receiving those parts was long.

It seems that you cannot order any parts directly from Entegra. We checked their website and there is no online store, no parts department, and only a find a dealer locator option. There is not even a manuals page unless it is under the restricted owner’s center

To learn more about finding a parts list for Entegra RVs, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you get the best information possible before you start your search for a parts list or catalog.

Where Can I Find Entegra RV Parts?


The first place to look is not going to be the Entegra website or company. They do not have anything set up to handle parts orders. They may have had something about 7 years ago but that policy changed somewhere between then and now.

The best place to go would be one of Entegra’s dealers and you would have to go to the dealer locator web page to start your search. You have to input more personal information on this search form than we would be comfortable with. It is also a lot more than other companies ask.

This locator page will also help you find one of Entegra’s service centers. That would be the second place to go to find important parts for your RV. There is a complicated ownership structure involved with this company and it seems that Entegra is run by the CEO of Jayco.

There does not seem to be any real leadership structure in this company which explains its lack of customer service. The third best location to go to get parts would be one of the few approved parts outlets.

We will link to those at the end of this article.

Entegra Parts Diagram


We wish we could report some good news. We do not have any. We checked the Jayco website to double-check some information we came across and it seems that there are no manuals, no parts diagrams, or parts catalogs available for the luxury Entegra brand.

We checked the manuals page at Jayco to see what would turn up, we got no results. Just the message to contact them and they would email a manual to you. This may work for Entegra as well but it may not be a parts catalog or list.

The company has a toll-free phone number but no email address so you can talk to them directly and see what they say. Also, we checked image results for this company and nothing came up.

We did read that Jayco may be responsible for parts for Entegra but it is more likely that their dealers and service centers will have only access to the parts lists or catalogs.

Entegra Parts Catalog Online


This has not been found as of yet either. One of the things you have to be wary of is that Entegra is not just the name for an RV manufacturing company. It is used by different companies for different products so watch your search requests.

The company does have a contact us web page. It does allow you to send them a message and get more specific information concerning this topic and how to buy parts.

Do not be surprised if the company directs you to one of their dealers close to you or one of their service centers. From what we can find out, Jayco’s CEO is in charge of running all companies Jayco owned before the Thor take over.

However, some decisions and policies may come down from the Thor CEO that influences how Entegra handles parts. We did find out that their parts warehouse was not that large and there were long delays from order to reception of the needed part.

However, we also have read that Entegra got out of the parts business not too long ago. What we do know is that finding a parts list or catalog is like finding Santa Claus at the North Pole.

Entegra Insignia Parts List


What we are going to suggest is probably a common-sense solution. It seems that Entegra is an assembly type of manufacturer only. They do not manufacture parts for their RVs but contract out for them.

If you do not like talking to their dealers or paying the prices at their service centers, then talking to the components manufacturers is your only solution.

Their manuals should have parts diagrams as well as a way to get spare parts. Although not all components manufacturers have a license to sell directly to retail customers so getting spare parts may be relegated to service centers and authorized parts dealers.

Yes, we are giving a huge benefit of the doubt to Entegra and Jayco here. We find that even some outlets for Entegra RVs are as closed mouth about the parts they carry. They do not provide a list but want you to contact them first before you get to see any parts or prices.

You have to submit a parts request including the part number to get any information from this parts and sales outlet. You can read their web page at this link and then decide if you want to submit a request or not.

Entegra Anthem Parts List


The story will be the same for this Entegra model as well. There is one company that lists a few parts for this model. And when we say few we mean under 10.

Their parts list for the Anthem for 2009 and 2010 to 2013 consists of motor, arm, and blade. There are not that many results for this RV company. It may be that the dealer and the service centers are your best options at this time.

This is not the only company that has very few parts to sell. You can try Red Diamond but they are an after-market solution company and not a direct authorized Entegra parts outlet.

That would explain why they have so few parts available for this model. The story is the same for the Insignia model as well. We suggest that you either contact the company or one of their service centers to order your parts or at least ask a few questions about where to find parts for this RV model.

Where To Buy Entegra Parts Online


We have given you several options for this already. The best place outside of Entegra seems to be PDX RV LLC. We have linked to them several times already in other articles and their parts by the manufacturer make finding replacement parts easy.

While we have recommended that you contact and buy your parts through Entegra directly, that may not be such a good idea. The better option would be to contact the different component manufacturers and deal directly with them.

Here is one owner’s story about their experience with dealing with Entegra directly:

Since I end up calling Entegra about once a month to replace something else that doesn't work...I decided to start looking for other suppliers. Entegra Parts Dept-Daniel, specifically told me that the replacement circuit board for the motorized steps of my 2020 Aspire that failed, has to be ordered from Entegra because the manufacturer-Lippert, doesn't sell retail. I went to the Lippert website, was able to register a retail customer account, and saved 10% on my first order! Apparently, Lippert carries a lot of replacement parts for the junky original parts put in our Entegras.

Entegra was going to charge me $298 for this crap circuit board and then have it drop shipped from Lippert so it takes about a month to get. With my new Lippert customer discount, this same part was $188 directly from Lippert and is being sent by UPS Ground the same day ordered.” (source)

The moral of this example is to be careful about being overcharged. Dealing with the component manufacturer directly may be your best option when you are looking for parts.

If you get a components manual with your Entegra RV, do not lose it as that may have the parts list and catalog you will need at some date in the future.

Some Additional Words

When it comes to large and more famous RV makers, getting parts seem to be very difficult and expensive. At least for some companies like Entegra. But that could be due to a corporate head office decision or policy.

When these larger companies are owned by even larger companies getting great customer service or even parts becomes a trial that has to be endured. Just be careful where you shop as you do not want to be overcharged for a simple part that normally would cost less in a regular RV.



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