Fleetwood RV Parts List and Catalog (Where To Buy Online)

It is not hard to find different parts through the company website. Just keep in mind that Fleetwood is no longer an independent company and is owned by REV Group.

The best place to look for a parts catalog would be the Fleetwood RV website. They have an owner's navigational button at the top of their web page which has a parts subsection. However, you will be taken to the REV parts website to look for needed parts.

To learn more about this topic and where to find a parts catalog, just continue to read our article. It explores the topic so you have the best information possible. Fleetwood has been around since 1957 so getting parts may not be that hard for recent models.

Where Can I Find Fleetwood RV Parts?


The best place to start would be the Fleetwood RV website. They have a REV parts navigational link on their parts page and you need to click that to get to the available parts.

Once you are moved to the new web page you have to click on the shop for parts link at the top of the page. That click will take you to the list of parts categories to make your shopping experience smoother.

Another place to shop for Fleetwood parts would be the self-proclaimed world’s largest RV parts outlet Visionerv. That link will take you to the Fleetwood parts page and the website has pictures of the Fleetwood units to help make your search a bit easier.

Just click on the picture to get to the list of parts for that specific model. You will find other parts and accessory outlets selling Fleetwood parts after doing a cursory search.

Fleetwood RV Parts Diagram

We checked the 2019 Discovery owner’s manual and what we found may be of some help to you. The company did place many individual diagrams throughout its pages for different parts.

The diagrams reflected the instructions on a given page in a specific category. This may be of some help to you as some of those diagrams show a lot of the key major parts but not the minor ones.

You may have to contact Fleetwood directly to get one or several of these diagrams. We do not trust the images that come up on a search engine’s image page. Most of what appeared when we searched were wiring diagrams and we cannot be sure if they are actually for a Fleetwood motorhome or not.

There may not be a parts diagram as many Fleetwood RVs, like the Bounder, have unique parts that are not even installed in other Bounder RVs.

Fleetwood RV Parts Catalog Online


The only parts catalog we came across online for a Fleetwood RV was the one at the REV parts library. We linked to it above and that will be your best source for finding any parts for your specific RV.

You may have to contact Fleetwood directly because specific RVs made by this company have unique parts you cannot find in the after-market marketplace. Going to the dealer may be a problem since the dealers may have changed when Fleetwood went bankrupt.

Here is what RV-Parts Plus has to say about the parts catalog: “Fleetwood RV made a crucial change to keep the flow of parts going and allow owners to obtain replacement parts. They opened their parts supply warehouse to retail RV owners as well as dealers. This is a ground-breaking change and commendable from a consumer perspective, and it makes good business sense. (source)”

Your best bet would be to go to the link we provided and search their website for the right part.

Fleetwood Bounder RV Parts List

Bounder owners should go to the Fleetwood website to get their parts. It seems that this is one of the models that Fleetwood made that had many unique to those coaches only and no equivalent is found in the after-market marketplace.

That makes shopping for parts a little difficult. You may find some universal parts on the Amazon marketplace but those may or may not fit your specific RV model.

We did not find a specific website offering any sort of parts list for the Bounder. It may be too old of an RV for one to still exist. Your best bet would be to contact Fleetwood directly and see what they say.

Since Bounder models are like any other RV model, there may be too many variations with custom features that make creating a list impossible. RVs are not cookie-cutter products as you find on an assembly line.

Fleetwood Discovery RV Parts List


We do know that the 2019 owner’s manual does not contain a parts list for this model of Fleetwood RV. We went through the entire 184 pages to find that out.

Everything we said about the Bounder in the previous section will apply here. You can check the Fleetwood dealers in your area to see if they have one but none are online that we have been able to find.

The Visionerv parts outlet may have a list but those are usually found behind the images on their Fleetwood web page. Those lists would only contain the parts that are still available.

That is what we are finding with several other Fleetwood RV parts outlets. You are only going to get a list of which parts are in stock, including the ones at the salvage yards. It is not going to be easy to get a parts list without going directly to Gleetwood.

Fleetwood Flair RV Parts List

Nothing changes with this RV model either. We did find one exploded parts diagram online for the rear slide and that was about it. The problem with that diagram is that it just lists model parts and does not have an accompanying legend identifying the different parts.

Again, and without trying to sound like a broken record, your best bet to find a parts list for your specific RV model would be to go to one of the many Fleetwood dealers or the company itself. Use the contact information on their web page to send in your request.

Fleetwood RV Interior Parts List


When you use the Fleetwood parts link we provided earlier, you will come to a web page, eventually, that lists different categories. Those categories cover the interior, exterior, electrical, and more sections of a Fleetwood RV.

To find a list of parts for the interior of a Fleetwood RV, you click on the appropriate category or just look to the left of the web page as you scroll down. All the interior parts categories are listed on the left-hand side. You just click on the section you want and go from there

We will warn you that those parts are not listed by model or make of an RV. They do have parts numbers but it takes a couple more clicks to get to that specific web page. If the parts numbers match, then you can order the part.

Where To Buy Fleetwood RV Parts Online

We provided a link earlier to one company that sells a massive amount of RV parts and not just for Fleetwood. They use images of the specific models they have in stock and then let you know which parts are still available from that RV.

Colaw RV Salvage may have some parts available. Their stock will depend on the model of RV they have and not all parts may be available. Of course, you can always go to the Fleetwood REV parts page and look for parts at their online store.

We cannot vouch for anything except what you see online on their web pages. Their stock may or may not be extensive. PDX RV LLC is another online location that seems to have a wide variety of RV parts for a Fleetwood RV.

How To Order Fleetwood RV Parts


Like any other parts store, you should have the make and model number of your RV as well as the parts number for the part you want to order. The process may be a bit different for different parts outlets.

Fleetwood does provide the part number for you so you can easily match them up before ordering. This company tells you how many parts are in stock and all you have to do is press the ‘add to cart’ button on the right to begin your ordering process.

Some Additional Words

It is hard for some RV companies to offer parts lists and catalogs. We give them the benefit of the doubt in most cases due to the sheer number of unique RVs they produce. Fleetwood is no exception to this situation.

As we have said throughout this article, the best place to get parts will be through the company’s website. They have done a good job so far in making parts available to retail customers.

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